The book tends to build one concept upon the other, the author started his work using Rectitude (Or justice) as the opening virtue.Rectitude, is the power of decided a certain course of conduct in accordance to a reason, without wavering; To die when it is right to die, to strike when to strike is right. This concept provides the bare structure of the warrior code. For a typical samurai warrior, he is unable to bear with underhand dealings and crooked undertaking, in my opinion the concept of right and wrong can varies from person to person, and as long as there is no particular standard of justice, anyone can decide on his path of actions according to his own reason.

As feudalism developed, when peace settled onto the civilization, the idea of rectitude are illustrated and dramatized , one of the more famous stories is the 47 gishi, or (47 Ronin). These stories are based on events that happened. For users who are interested in the story,

There is another concept called Giri, which is often mentioned with rectitude, Giri is a slight variation of rectitude. Giri directly translated is called “Right Reason”. It simple words, it is like a duty that must be performed. Examples of Giri are, what we owed to parents, to superiors, to society at large. It is Giri that is the motivating factor to steer a person towards rectitude. But one may argue that Giri can be a reason for cowardice. Only with Bushido’s emphasis on courage, prevent Giri from being the reason for Cowardice. I would be discussing Courage in the next post