Today as I am returning from home, a thought suddenly dawn on me. What is true faith? Is faith mere belief? Most Christian groups teaches that if you believe in God all your heart, you are saved. You are save by grace through faith. Suddenly, i decided to look back into the bible for the verses which can let us understand what is faith.

Some of you may wander, why the sudden interest in the topic? Perhaps lately in the midst of all these fighting for useless prizes, it suddenly dawn unto me that that i should stop my footsteps and spend sometime to think about my faith.

 Why is faith important to a christian? And why should we be concern over the matters? Faith is important to a christian, because a christian without faith, can never be one that can please God (Heb 11:6). Faith is the basis of christian religion, and having faith is the beginning of a Christian’s walk in life.

 According to the author of Hebrews, faith is “is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb 11:1).  The entire chapter of Heb 11 is dedicated to definition of faith. In it contains many examples of the manifestation of faith. In the coming few entries, i will be using each of the examples in the chapter to help all of us understand faith.

After looking pondering through some of the examples in the list, my initial understanding is Faith is a rank higher then believe. Most Christians say that if you were to believe that there is God, that is faith. But even the demons believe God exist, (Jas 2:19). Such beliefs does no benefit to a person.

In most of the examples here, you can see that each character believed in God, and also have beliefs that are entrusted to them from God. These people went one step beyond mere believing, and their faith can be seen through the actions that they do.

 Some Christians may wonder, does this contradicts the idea that it is through faith that we are saved, not by mere performing of rituals. This is heavily emphasised by Paul in the book of Romans. But we must understand that the ancients saints never had this separation of faith and works as of now. The main reasons for the book of Roman is because the believers then believed that righteousness can be attained by keeping the laws of Moses, and they do not understand that one is justified by faith in God.

This entry seeks to define faith, and with the concept, we can understand the books of Romans better as well.

 I would be sharing about the first example, which is Abel in my next blog entry