Today morning as I log into my email account, I am surprised to receive a comment from dove124. Thank you for your comments, and your ponder points. Here are my response to it.

1) Can Faith save you ?
    Yes, As described in my previous post, having faith marks the beginning of a Christian’s walk in life.  A christian is saved by grace through faith, there’s no doubt about it, but my post is meant to help people define what is faith. Consider this, a christian who professed that God is his master, and continued in his ways of darkness, can such faith save him?

2) will you consider “work ” to be added to your faith ?
     That depends on what you mean by work. From my understanding,  if a person has faith in God, his faith is automatically reflected in his actions (“work”). My first example quoted here is Abel and Enoch.  Such acts of faith are complimentary to faith, and do not need to be “added”.

3) What else beside ” work” will save you? Do you know the answer?
   If you believe in what the bible teaches, you will observe the teachings of Christ in it, and if you do them according to his teachings, believing what he teaches about them, that would save you.  Take Naamans leprosy (2 Kings 5) as one example. if Naaman have not followed Elisha’s instruction, will he be healed? There are many of such examples in the bible. (Eg: Blind man in John 9:1-12). There are many things here that i can talk about, but i should not digress from my initial point, to define faith.

 4) Believe is the beginning of faith .  For,  how can you have faith if you don’t believe?       
  This is the reason why I said having faith is the beginning of a Christian’s walk with God. 🙂

The story of Abel is very short, (Gen 4). Abel was the brother to Cain, the son of Adam (who was created by God). At the time of Abel, sin has already crept into our world, and Man are starting to be disobedient to God. When Abel sacrificed his offering, God accepted his offering for his righteousness and good conduct. God rejected Cains offering as Cain has not done well. And Sin is awaiting for him (Gen 4:6-7). Out of Jealousy, Cain killed his brother Abel, and the first record of murder begins.  interesting fact is, Man only began to call on the name of God after the death of Abel (Gen 4:26) Hence , during Abel’s time, religion is not fully defined yet, yet Abel is able to have faith in God, and live a Godly life.

Abel’s faith is that he believed in God, and he backed his faith through his obedience to God. And when he is unjustly murdered, God avenged him by pronouncing his judgement on Cain.

Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam. He is the first person who never seen death, as God took him away, without him dying (Gen 5:1, Heb 11:5). The bible recorded that Enoch lived 65 years, and he had a son called Methuselah (meaning “when he dies, it will be sent”). After that, he walked with God for 300 years, and he lived 365 years. One could easily conclude that he walked with God after the birth of his son. God must have revealed to him that he intended to judge the world with the flood. And after the death of Methuselah, it will be done. Enoch had faith in what God said, he he resolved to walk with God all the days of his life.

 Lessons on faith learnt
Abel is able to have faith in God, and is able to make offerings pleasing to God. His faith is manifested in his good conduct.

 Enoch’s faith is that he believed in the judgement of God on evil. His faith is manifested when he resolved to walk with God.

Applying what we learn about faith that we must live this life of faith, by obeying God’s commandments, and keep a good conduct like Abel. Especially in the days where many humans have decided to chase God out of their life. (Eccl 12:13-14)

Like Enoch, God has revealed to us that one day he will come and judge the world (Heb 9:27, Rev 20:11-13) . If we truly believe in what God say, let us hold on to this faith, and resolve to walk in the way of the Lord, all the days of our lives. (Eph 5:8-13)

Authors Note:
There are books in the apocryphal that is suspected to be authored by Enoch, but i guess they are not canonised due to the fact that the origin of the books cannot be ascertained, and can be traced back to the inter testament period only. But i am not here to discuss about Canonisation of the old testament.