King David is also a king of Israel. His life is mainly recorded in the book of 1-2 Samuel, and the Chronicles. Our bible called this man “A Man after God’s heart”

The two test I will be sharing on came to King David when he was still a fugitive and not the king yet.

Most readers who are familiar with the bible will know that King David had many test, but over hear I would share on two of his test only

Davids test are
1. In the strong hold of En Gedi (1 Sam 24)
2. In the Sauls camp (1 Sam 26)

Some background to understand
1. King Saul was the king of Israel then in these story. He knew that God has abandoned him, and was jealous of King David. Especially after Kings David’s victory over Goliath the Giant from the land of Philistines

2. Many occasion, because of this, Saul tried to kill David. But Saul’s son Jonathan helped David to escape… that is how King David manage to flee to En Gedi.

1. In the strong hold of En Gedi (1 Sam 24)
After David escaped from the hand of King Saul, there was someone who came to Saul, telling him that David was hiding in the wilderness of En Gedi.

Knowing this, King Saul gathered 3000 from his army, and went on to pursue David. They reach a place called the Rocks of the wild Goat. Saul needed to relieve himself, and went into one of the caves that David and his men were hiding.

In this test, God has delivered the enemy of David right before him. Most of the David’s men urged him to kill Saul on the stop, then his problems will go away. However,  David decided to cut a corner of Sauls garment with his knife, and replied to his men

“The LORD forbid that I should do this thing to my master, the LORD’s anointed, to stretch out my hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the LORD.” (1 Sam 24:6)

So over here, God tests David how he would treat his enemy, we all remember Gods standard that was spoken of by Jesus ” You shall love your enemies and pray for those who persecuted you” (Matt 5:43-44)

Therefore, David passed the test, although he did not kill Saul here, but his actions help him to convince Saul not to persue him further. David cutting of Sauls garment is to tell him the following facts
1. While he is relieving himself, David was in the cave
2. He is armed (Because he can cut his garment)
3. But he choose not to, because Saul was God’s anionted too.

But again, I believe some skeptics may think, David did this because, if he were to kill Saul in the cave, they will not be able to get out of this alive. (Well… unless they are like the Generals in the Dynasty warrior games, which can kill 2000 soldiers one single battle)

But later on in his life, God gave David a even harder test.

2. In the Sauls camp (1 Sam 26)
After the incident at En Gedi, Saul went back with his army for a short while. Later on there were Ziphites who reported to Saul that David was hiding in the hill of Hachilah.

This time Saul came down to the Wilderness of Ziph, with an army of 3000 soldiers. David sent scouts to check out the area and decided to sneak into the camp of King Saul together with Abishai one of his mighty men.

So this time, God intervene, and allowed the entire camp to be unguarded, deep sleep fell among all the guards (1 Sam 26:12).

Abishai was trying to convince David that this was the best time to extract revenge and to get away unharmed. They were looking at King Saul sleeping, with his spear beside him. Normal human logic will prove that, if David were to use Sauls spear, and thrust it through his head, this would be the end of Davids life as a fugitive.

However, this round David choose not to kill KIng Saul again, stating the same reason as his first test, (1 Sam 26:9). But Davids rationale later really warn my respect (1 Sam 26:10). He felt that, if God wanted to punish Saul, he will allow King Saul to fall in battle (which if you read the story on, it is indeed true) and he felt that the judgement should come from God, and not from can see how well he understood the intention of God, which really tells you that DAvid is indeed a man after the heart of God

 Therefore, he choose the similar solution.
1. Take the jug of water by the head of King Saul
2. Take his spear (This is to prove that he can choose to kill him)
3. Walk a distance from the camp, and call out to King Saul.

From the 4 stories we had shared, we can draw the following facts about God trials for every christian

1. The purpose of God trial is to allow us to understand what is in our heart and mind better
2. Depending on our result, God will modify his test accordingly,
            a. When King Saul showed sign of weakness in face of pressure, God allow him a second test, this time with complete victory
             b. Since David passed his first test, God increased the difficulty, and now makes it even more enticing for David to kill King Saul

God’s test and trials for us are always fair, and he knows how much we can bear, God test are not made in such a way that we would always fail, this is similar to what Apostle Paul shared in 1 Cor 10:13

Now, for us who are constantly being test by God, I hope that this sharing will benefit all of us, and May God continue to guide all of us in our journey back to God.