I was travelling around Singapore and I saw this poster of a girl who is all bashed up. On the advertisement, it reads “choose love not abuse”. Then I realised this is a campaign against dating violence and abuse.

As I was reading the site, I realise that there are many cases of couples bullying each other. I remember a friend of mine who is a wedding photographer, tells me how some of the couples whom approached him for wedding photograph, by the end of the day, before the photographs were developed, have already filed for their divorce .

There are also many horror stories of how scary the brides become and how the unreasonable people has become after they got married in a relationship. All these to me, voice down to one simple fact, whether people still honour their relationship with the people they love?  All these violence boils down to the fact that in the last days most human are selfish, thinking only about their own joy and neglecting the needs of others. So I decided to summarise an old sermon I heard from a preacher many years ago.  I must admit that these teachings from the bible are forgotten by many christians as we can even see christian couples divorcing each other.

The one verse that all christian must remember about marriage is found in Heb 13:4. Over here, we can see that relationship doesn’t concern only the 2 parties, but it concern God as well. Over here, God wanted Christians to honour marriage, as he first officiate the first wedding in the garden of Eden (Gen 2:21-24).

Therefore, if a christian dishonors a marriage, he is despising God and Gods will stop blessing him (1 Sam 2:30)

After that the preacher shared about 3 types of weddings in the animal kingdom
1. The marriage of the mouse
a. Scientist put 2 mice in a cage, initially the male mice showered lots of love to the female mice
b. Later on, when the female mice is pregnant, the male mice start to detest her and will bit her.
c. Now if you place a new female mice into the cage, the male will abandon his original spouse. Hence a mice marriage life is one where the male will abandon the old wife and find a new one.

2. Marriage of the swallows
a. Most scientist believe that birds practices monogamy, but test proves otherwise.
b. When the original mate is busy hatching her egg, the father swallow will try to court another female swallow.
c. Later on, when the other female swallow is busy hatching her eggs, the male swallow will abandon her, and fly back to her original mate.
d. Such a marriage life is one that is full of infidelity, where the partner pretends to return, only to repeat his infidelity.

Over here, we can see a similarity between marriages in among animals and humans. Despite the fact that  humans claimed to be the epitome of Gods creation.

True love requires sacrifices, and it is not about what you can receive from your partner. But rather  what you can give to your partner. After that he shared the story of the another form of love in the animal kingdom.

The marriage of lions
a. There was a wildlife documentary which shows a lion and a lioness lying in the grassland. They spotted 2 wild bulls from a distance
b. The lion and lioness slowly crept close, and the lion roared, and attacked the bulls.
c. The lioness attacked, and bit on the rear of on same wild bull that the lion attacked.
d. Then the second wild bull charged and used his horns and pierce through the lioness, but the lioness, fearing danger to her husband, bit on to her target, until blood was all over her, and she died
e. The lion overpowered the 2 bulls, and started to check on his lover. And he tried to use his paws to arouse her. When he realised she is dead, he roared in agony. the lion decided to stay beside the carcass of his lover
f. Soon, a huge herd of wild bulls appeared, and the lion, knowing the calamity of that would befall him, choose to stay beside the carcass of his lover.  He is looking for revenge for the death of his lover
g. Soon, the herd surrounded the lion, he fought gallantly against the herd of wild bulls, until finally, they manage overpower and trample upon him, and he died beside his lover. The wild bulls move away swiftly after the kill, leaving the 2 carcass in the grassland.

Sometimes if humans were to compare our form of love to these animals, we would find that our is very much more superficial compared to the animals in the animal kingdom. While humans are busy seeking gratifications in their relationship, we all tend to forget Gods purpose in marriage.

What is God’s purpose in marriage?
1. God’s purpose of marriage is to allow human beings to understand the love of God for the church (Eph 5:25-26)
2. Gods purpose of marriage is to demonstrate his purity. to help us understand that in Gods love there is no treachery or violence (Mal 2:13-16 )
3. God hope that through marriages, there will be the next generation of godly people, who would continue to worship him and to teach goodness. (Mal 2:15)

But the situation today is such that even within the church of God, there are many people who disregards marriages, dishonouring God.  Many of us claimed that as long as our hearts is happy, we are allowed to do whatever we like in a relationship. This is indeed a very frightening thought, if we were to read the following verses about the world before God destroyed the world with the flood in Noah’s time.

“Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them,  that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose.
And the LORD said, “My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”
(Gen 6:1-3).

The bible recorded that the fall of that world started with human beings being disrespectful to marriage, and they started to do whatever they like in the relationship, God has disputed with man regarding the matter for a long time (Which is what the word “Strive means) and God has decided to remain silent .  He has chosen not argue or dispute with man. But it is at that point when he decided to judge the world with the flood.

We know from Jesus christ that in the last days, before God judges the world the second time, the world will just be like the world of Noah (Matt 24:37-39)

Hence, failure of marriages is the reason for lawlessness in the world. The broken marriages give forth to a generation of people who do not understand love, and does everything that they think is right.

While human beings are busy blaming God for keeping silent, have we then been respecting God by respecting the marriage that he had instituted in the garden of Eden? Or do we expect the merciful God to continue to bless us for disrespecting him in the first place?

I leave my readers to come up with their own conclusion of this matter.