I was reading around the internet, there was a clip recording of faking injuries in during a soccer match. From a blog that was talking about the benefits of faking injuries in a soccer match.

Generally, the players will attempt to fake a injury to fool the referee that they have been hit with a very bad foul. And this would help the team to secure a Penalty Kick (Which will secure most likely 1 score).

This is usually done after the team lose possession of the ball and scoring of goal is impossible, the players, in order to secure a chance at the goal, faked injury

Those who seen soccer matches before will know that a during a match, the score wil usually be 1-0. or 3-0.  Usually the team will score around 1-2 Goals each unless they met with a team which is much stronger then theirs.

Hence even in the world of sport, there are people who believed in the ends justify the means, and this attitude is also prevalent in the business word.

if we were to compare this to the business world, there are many fakes that can be found, and here are some examples

1. People faking their resume to make them look experinced
2. Companies who made their accounts looks bad so as to secure a Government grants.
3. Vendors writing flashy tender documents, talking about technologies that they have no experince in implementing
4. IT managers who claims to understand technology jargons because of their master degrees, yet thinks that “Global Catalog Server” in AD infrastructure is where the companies sales catalog are stored
5. Some management wanabe hired because of Sukhomlinov Effect sitting for a Project Management Certifications and thinks that he is a now a  Project Manager just because he is certified.
6. Singaporean company who called themselves “A Local Company with Global Presence” when their “Global Presence” just means, “I am a small and miserable enterprise with registered company name in ____ country”

I guess if I continue this list, it will be never ending. Hence, lets enjoy the video clip instead