Lately I was wondering, when Jesus was on earth, there were already many sects of Jewish leaders that were taking care of the people. However, when Jesus was on earth, he was rebuking them a lot for being hypocrite, and oppressive to the general populace.

Sometimes I wonder, why would the Jewish people at the time of Jesus subject themselves to such people? My own feeling is, these religious leaders and sects did not started out being hypocritical and evil. I guess over time, the original mission and purpose was lost, and generations come and generations go, many traditions are slowly added and many people failed to see the purpose in what they do, this is similar to the story I mentioned in the post “What is the church and her objectives?

Over here, I decided to start doing a bit of my own research about the various sects, as I believe they must have started out with something good. This is meant to serve as a warning to Christians on how a good thing could potential be made bad over a long period of time.

In order to understand the life and times at that time, the following
major world events from the time of the Babylonian captivity till the time of Christ

1. After the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem, Ezra and Nehemiah
    came back to rebuilt the city of Jerusalem, the temple and restore
    the faith of the people
2.The Jews still have some form of religious freedom during the time of 
    Persians and Alexander the great
3. After Alexanders death, the Land of Israel is constantly the
     battleground between the Selucids and the Ptolemy Empire
4. Among the kings, there was a man Antiochus IV Epiphanes tortured
     the Jewish people very badly, even brought a pig to be sacrifice in
     the temple of God
5. Finally the jews rebelled, under the leadership of Judas Maccabbee
     they vowed to keep their Jewish traditions. Forming the Hasmonean 
6.  Many years later, Roman General Pompey the Great, attacked the
      Land of Judah making it part of the Roman Empire
7. Rome installed many puppet Kings (IE Herod), and the Jewish
     nation yearned for a Messiah even more

In the next few posts, I will be sharing about the Origins of the following Religious Sect
1. Pharisees
2. Sadducees
3. Essenes
4. Zealots
5. High Priest, Chief Priest, Priest and Levites
6. Scribes