I wonder how much Christians still remember what is the Sabbath? Today I would just like to share about the Sabbath day and what it means to us Christians.

The Origin of Sabbath
The Sabbath was first instituted by God in the garden of Eden, (Gen 2:3-7). The bible story tells us that as God have finished creating humans on the 6th Day. He blessed and hallowed the seven day. He did it not because he needs a rest, it is because he wanted to set an example for men so that men will remember to rest from their work.

Later on, this God instructed Moses to place this into the 10 Commandments, sighting the same reason in Gen 2 (Exo 20 :8). In Deuteronomy, when Moses re-instructed the next generation of Israelite, he reminded them to keep the Sabbath so as to remember that they were slaves in Egypt. (Deut 5:12-15) This order do have special significance to Christians today which i would share later.

It is important for us to note that Sabbath is on a Saturday, as Sunday is the beginning of the week. A Day is count from evening to evening (Lev 23:32) Sunday is not Sabbath, and the use of Sunday as a day of worship is base on the council of Laodiciea

How God Esteems The Sabbath?
In fact, God esteems the Sabbath a lot, as it is a date that he had hallowed to bless men on the day. Through prophet Isaiah, he once said that these blessings are not targeted at Jews only. (Is 53:1-8).

In fact, God did not set this day to be one that is hard to bear, in fact, he wants all of us to call the Sabbath day a delight. A Delight because its a day of rest and for us to enjoy communion with God, and to worship an Honor him, God will bless him (Is 56:13-14)

However, man doesn’t want to do it. During the period of the kings of Israel, the people are profaning the Sabbath and working on Saturday, and that was the reason why God punished the kingdom of Israel and Judah (Neh 13:17, Jer 17:19-27). In fact God was very grief by it, and sent many prophets like Ezekiel, and Jeremiah to tell the people.

What happened to Sabbath after captivity ?
After Nehemiah’s reform, the people were keeping the Sabbath h once again, but during the Hasmonean dynasty, more and more rules are added by zealous Jews, and Pharisees. Hence by the time of Christ, Sabbath had become so burdensome. Nowadays, in Israel, on the Sabbath day there is a Sabbath lift, which opens on every level. This is to prevent the users from “Lighting a fire” by pressing the lift button. This are some examples of how modern Jews keep the Sabbath.

What is Jesus view over the Sabbath day?
is it abolished when Christ is crucified on the cross?

Jesus once said, he is not here to abolish the law, but to fulfill it (Matt 5:17-20). In fact, Jesus himself also ascertained that in order to achieve eternal life, we must keep the commandments (Matt 96:16-22). Remember that Sabbath is in the 10 commandments, hence it should be kept by Christians still.

How do we keep the Sabbath?
Today, we see some Christian’s keeping the Sabbath, such as the seventh day Adventist (Which followed the old testament way of keeping it) while there are some churches who change their man worship to Saturdays.

Lets take a look at the bible to see how God want us to keep the Sabbath
1, Put aside all secular activities Is 58:13.
2. Attend church services or gathering to remember God (Lev 23:3; Lk 4:16, Acts 13:44)
3. Perform Evangelical work (Mk 1:21; Acts 16:13. )
4. Do good work, heal the sick, take care of people (Mt 12:11-12, Mk 3:4-5)

May God help us to do this