I remember I was working on an attachment in a DVD production house when I see this classic Arthurian show.

In this scene, you can see King Arthur’s meeting of Lancelot, Apparently according to Wikipedia, Lancelot was carried off by the lady of the Lake and raised in her magical kingdom. When Lancelot is of age, the Lady of the Lake sent him to Arthur. Here in this story, he was at the bridge, challenging all of Arthur’s knights for a duel.

Finally Arthur decided to meet him on one to one combat. But over here, we can see that Arthur had turn into a very haughty and full of pride.. and he really did not play fair to Lancelot in the duel.
Apparently Lancelot is a better fighter then Arthur, but Arthur uses the power of the Excalibur to hurt someone who practically isn’t his enemy over a something that is really insignificant.

What we can learn from Arthur this scene is, Sometimes when Pride and anger comes, we tend to get very unreasonable. And that would even make us lose our morality and sense of Justice.

Lancelot is very gentlemanly in this fight, (err.. although not so when he stole Arthur’s queen).

Meanwhile lets enjoy this fight scene together