This is one of the epic battles recorded in the story, “The Romance of 3 Kingdoms”. A frictional version of the official historical record of the 3 Kingdoms.

The author uses this battle to portray the change of fortune for Lord Liu Bei. If you were to remember, he had been defeated and seek refuge for alot of other nobles. This round he fled south to his relative Liu Biao and was given the town of Xin Ye. This is where he went to visit the strategist Zhuge Liang 3 times.

At the time of battle, Zhuge Liang had been in service. Cao Cao started to move his troops south to destroy the other feudal Lords of the south, namely Liu Bei and Sun Quan. He first sent troops to attack Xinye, as it is the nearest town to the north.

He dispatched one of his famous general, Xiahou Dun with a elite calvary of 10000 which is to lead way for Cao Cao’s main force.

Zhuge Liang was new to Liu Bei and his great generals Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Zhao Yun are doubtful of his ability to lead the force. Hence Zhuge Liang needs to gain their respect before they would be able to issue commands to them easily. (you can see that they are very doubtful of him)

As for the historical accuracy of this battle, there was a record of this battle, and the only difference between that record is, there was a officer called Xiahou Lan was captured by Zhao Yun. He pleaded with Liu Bei to spare him. At the battle site, there was many archaeological finds of broken Halberds and ashes of grain were found, which is determined to be from the 3 kingdoms period.

What we can learn from this battle is
1. Never underestimate the opponents you are dealing with, Xiahou Dun thinks Zhuge Liang and Liu Bei are weaklings. This lead to Zhuge Liang’s strategy of “Not to win, only lose” succeed in drawing his forces into the hilly area.
2. Over confidence is a problem that can lead to defeat.

I have attached 3 movies of the battle, it is an Drama based on the story of Romance of 3 Kingdom

Scene 1. The Scene with Cao Cao and his ministers and Xiahou Dun bragging that he will capture Liu Bei and Zhuge Liang
Scene 2: Zhuge Lian issuing the orders for battle, and the reaction of the generals
Scene 3: The Actual Battle itself
Scene 4: The generals returning triumphant. (Only the first 1 minute, the rest are other parts of the story)