Lately, I have been busy writing simple bible study notes for my church bible reading campaign. Actually its a very simple one.. And I decided to post them to my blog one by one too.

Gen 18
Background to Gen 18

Gen18:1-15 records of Abraham receiving the Lord and his angels while they were en route to judge the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. It was at the terebinth trees of Mamre. In the past, especially among the nomadic people, whenever there are travelers who passed the tents of nomads, they would invite them to rest and show hospitality to the travelers.

Here we can see how Abraham served the guest with enthusiasm and it is at this time, where he unknowingly attended to God, and there God blessed Abraham that he would have a son the next year. Initially Sarah did not believe and laughed.

Gen 8:16-22 talks about the time when God revealed to Abraham that he was about to judge the city of Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins, and Abraham interceded on behalf of the city. Here we can learn a lot about effective prayers.


1. Why did Sarah laugh when the travelers said “Sarah your wife will have a son”?

2. As Abraham pleaded with God for the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, why did he stop at 10 and not go down further, what can we learn from this?

1. Initially, when Sarah overheard the conversation between Abram and the travelers, she was away from them behind the tent door (Gen 18:10). She thinks that it is impossible for her to bear children as she sees the fact that both Abram and she was well advance in age. (Gen 18:11)
Sometimes in life, we tend to always focus on the current facts around us, and we tend to forget the promises that God had given us. If Sarah were to remember the promises made to Abram by the Lord in Gen 17:19, she would know that God is going to fulfill his promise and not laugh about it.
So in whatever situation we meet in life, we need to remember that we have a God who is almighty and there is nothing too difficult for God to do (Gen 18:13-14)

2. In fact, Abraham stopped at 10 because he knows that it is only reasonable. We have to recall that Abram is well aware that his nephew Lot is living in the city of Sodom, and Lot had many processions and servants too. (Gen 13:5-6). Let’s try to give a count to the existing family of Lot, Lot and his wife, his 2 daughter, 2 sons in law. Which would add up to 6, and I would believe Lot would have more than 4 servants, which will add up to around 10.

Abraham was successful in his interceding for the city because of a few reason,
1. He understand that God is a God of justice (Gen 18:24-25)
2. He knows that he is just a mere man and he is asking for Gods compassion (Gen 18:27-28)
3. He knows when to stop (Gen 18:32)
so in our prayers, we should learn to place our trust in the justice and compassion of our Lord. And as we pray, we should also remember that we should be asking for Gods will to be done.