Gen 19
Background to Gen 19

Gen 19 records the destruction of the city of Sodom and Gomorrah; it could be broken up into 3 sections
Gen 19:1-11, describes the state of morality of the city of Sodom as they gathered themselves outside the house of Lot

Gen 19:12-29, describes the reluctance of Lot to leave the city of Sodom and Gods justice and compassion as he delivered the family of Lot from the impending destruction of Sodom

Gen 19:30-36, describes the effect of Sodom on the family of Lot, how the daughters committed sin with their father.


  1. Do the people of Sodom like the family of Lot?
  2. Why is Lot reluctant to leave the city of Sodom?
  3. What are the effects of Sodom on the life of the family of Lot? What warning does it serves for us today?

Answers and Thoughts

  1. The people of Sodom do not like the family of Lot, we can see this in their response to Lot in Gen 19:17. In fact they were not happy with the fact that Lot has a higher moral values compared to them and keeps being a judge among the people. They wanted to do harm to Lot as well.This reminded me of what Jesus said in Jn 15:17-19. The world does not like the believers of God because they are shunning away from the light and they do not want to know about the light in the word of God. However, the apostles had also encourage us to continue live peaceably with those around us (Rom 12:17-19)
  2. Lots reluctance to leave the city can be seen from the speed of his departure. He lingered in the city even after the angels told him to run (Gen 19:15-16). And they have to drag the hand of Lot, his wife and the two daughters out of the city in order to save them. Lots wife missed the city, turned back and became a pillar of salt (Gen 19:26)what is the thing in the world that takes our sight away from God? For Lot, it is the many processions that he had tied his heart to. Jesus once said, for where your treasure is, there your heart will be also (Matt 6:21). Like the city of Sodom, we all know that God would one day destroy and judge the world we are in, at the brink of Gods judgment, will we continue to linger in the city, or would we choose to follow God’s instruction and flee?

The effects of Sodom on the family of Lot can be seen in a few instances
a. Lots response to the demands of the people of Sodom (Gen 19:6)
b. The daughters idea of committing incest with their father came from “The custom of
all the world” which should come from Sodom (Gen 19:30)
Sometimes, we may unknowingly start to adopt the standards of the world into our lives. Just like Lot slowly finds shift his morality and his judgment and almost used a smaller sin to cover a bigger sin. As believers living in a world of sin, we must constantly remember that we are actually the people of God. Hence we should all learn not to love the world or to be part of the world