Background to Gen 24

Gen 24 talks about how Abraham got a wife for Isaac. In this chapter, you can see that Abraham’s faith is not just passed to his family only, but it influence his servants as well.


  1. How can we see the faith of the servant of Abraham?
  2. How can we see the faith of Rebekah?

Answers and Thoughts

  1. When Abraham servant first receives the assignment, he was well aware of the many difficulties he would encounter. He asked Abraham questions such as “What if the woman refuse to follow him?” (Gen 24:5-6). When Abraham told him that God. When Abraham said God will send his angels before him. The servant believed and he got on with the business.Upon entering the city of Nahor, the very first thing he does was to pray. And God lead Rebekah to the servant.
  2. Rebekah must be the person that is taken by surprised in this chapter. As suddenly she was told that she would marry Isaac whom she had not met. She would also leave the city of Nahor and to stay with Isaac in the land of Canaan. The fact that Rebekah left her house was very surprising to me. Sometimes God would lead us to places that we may not know very well, would we have the courage to follow God? Abraham took that step when he first left Ur of the Chaldeans. Rebekah took her step when she left the city of Nahor. How about us?