This is a hymn that was inspired from the Battle of Allatoona in the American Civil War.
In that battle, the Union Garrison led by General John M Corse was attacked by Confederate
General Samuel G French. The reason for the attack is to cut the union supply lines.
The battle started with 2 hours of artillery barrage and a demand for surrender. The confederates started to attack the 2 redoubts defended by the Union forces. The redoubts are placed to protect the railroad between them.

For 2 Hours, the Union forces are pin down in the redoubt, and suffered heavy casualties. General Corse lost 1/3 of his men and he himself was wounded. He lost a cheek bone and a ear. The man in the redoubts were all pin down. The fighting went on for 2 hours, and the confederates were storming the redoubt in huge numbers. Just when they felt that all hope was lost, One of the union soldiers saw a banner waving from the distance in the mountain..

the banner reads
“Hold the fort; I am coming. W. T. Sher­man.”

The Confederate General French received a false report from his calvary. That a strong Union force is approaching Acworth.. hence he decided to withdrew from the area.

General WT Sherman denied this story, and that his relief troops only arrived to the Allatoona. after the Confederates withdrew. So… how did the banner get there… its still a mystery I guess.

Actually. as I was reading this part of history. I was thinking about.. what is the fort that a Christian is holding to today? Is our battle in life as tough as the time where the redoubt was attacked by the confederates?

This incident reminded me of Shammah,one of the warriors of David (2 Sam 23:11-12). He was in a battle where everyone was fleeing, and he chose to defend the field he was in from the Philistines. And God brought about a huge victory through him.

We now live in a world where all sorts of wickedness seems to be a way of life. Where man are lovers of themselves, lover of money (2 Tim 3:1-5). Because of all the wickedness and lawlessness , the love of many would grow cold. (Matt 24:11-12) . Nowadays, even in office, it is the people who practise imorality, play office politics win, and one by one the people who refuse to follow this tide of the world, get bullied and overworked, many are discouraged, or sacked. This clause even many Christians to fall, and to lose their faith in God.

It is in time like this God would want us to emulate the brave warriors of David, who would stand in the field and to hold the fort. To stand our ground, and continue to be persistent in our faith.

It is at times like this, we have to ask ourselves.. Do we have the strength to continue holding on to the fort of our faith? Or have we decided to open the gates of the fortress, and allow the world to overrun the fort? Can we still see the signal from our God in heaven, telling us to hold the fort, as he is coming soon?

“Be watchful, for the adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion.” (I Pet. 5:8)

With these question in our mind, let us ponder over the lyrics of this hymn.

Title: Hold The Fort
Lyrics: Philip P Bliss

Ho, my comrades! see the signal
Waving in the sky!
Reinforcements now appearing,
Victory is nigh.

See the mighty host advancing,
Satan leading on;
Mighty men around us falling,
Courage almost gone!

See the glorious banner waving!
Hear the trumpet blow!
In our Leader’s name we triumph
Over ev’ry foe.

Fierce and long the battle rages,
But our help is near,
Onward comes our great Commander,
Cheer, my comrades, cheer!

“Hold the fort, for I am coming,”
Jesus signals still;
Wave the answer back to heaven,
“By Thy grace we will.”

Actually to my brother and sisters who does not read the Chinese hymnbook., This hymn carries a different meaning in Chinese. Hence I am including the Chinese hymn lyrics

Title: 善恶对敌

shì ​jiān yuán shì​ liǎng jūn duì ​dí​,jí shì è​ yǔ​ shàn​
wǒ bì​ dìng yì​ shǔ wū yī ​biān,bù ​néng zhōng ​jiān zhàn。

wǒ bì rì ​rì yú​ dí​ zhēng ​zhàn, zǒng bù​ gǎn​ xiè ​dài​ ;
sī ​yù mí ​huo. è​ sú​ yǐn ​yòu​. mó ​guǐ​ cháng​ xiāng hài​

rén ​yì​、chéng ​shí shì​ wǒ​ kuī ​jiǎ, shèng dào shì bǎo ​jiàn​;
xìn dé​ shì​ wǒ jiān ​gù​ téng pái, néng yù​ mó​ guǐ jiàn。

cóng ​qián zhǔ Yē ​sū yǐ dé ​shèng, zhǔ shèng, wǒ bì shèng;
zhēng ​zhàn wán ​bì​, de​ lì zhǔ qián, róng miǎn zhǔ qīn​ zèng

wǒ shì Yē ​sū​ Jī ​dū jīng​ bīng​, bì gēn ​suí zhǔ shuài;​
dí suī xiōng ​’è​, kào zhǔ ​quán néng, bǎi zhàn bì bǎi ​shèng​

Its Translation is
Title: Confrontation Between Good And Evil

The world is a divided to 2 opposing forces, which
are the forces of good and evil.
I must belong to either side and cannot remain neutral.

I would diligently wage the war daily, never being slothful.
As my desires baffle, my bad habit tempting, and
the devil often tried to bring danger to me.

Benevolence, righteousness and truthfulness are my armour, the
word of God is my sword. Faith is my sturdy shield that
can defend me from the fiery darts of the evil one.

In the past my Lord Jesus lord and has been victorious, like him,
I will be victorious. When the war is over,
we could stand before the Lord and behold his glory.

I am an elite soldier for Jesus and I would follow my Lords commands
though the enemy may be ferocious, but we could overcome them with
the help of the Lord