There was once i asked a group of children, what type of help would they expect from God? There was many strange suggestions from them, and they are always expecting something out of the ordinary.. like.. God speaking from heaven.. telling them what to do.. God answers their prayers (Irregardless of what they ask for).

But, does Gods help always come in such huge packages? It reminded me of 2 illustrations that i have heard before.

1. The Great flood
There was a Christian who stayed in the village and one day, there was a flash flood that hit the village. He was caught in the middle of it and was unable to escape.. so he climbed up a tree.. and prayed to God for deliverance.

Not long after that, there was the local police boat looking for survivors. The sheriff ask him to get on to the boat, he rejected, he said he is waiting for God to save him.. So after a long time, the sheriff gave up.. and left.. Onward came a civilian raft.. the man tried to persuade him to escape.. but he did not want.. saying God will deliver him.. Finally the floods got higher and higher.. he is almost drown.. Then onward came a fisherman with a boat.. He still held on to his faith, and refuse to get on… Finally, the Christian died in the flood.

When he got to heaven, he saw God on his throne.. He asked God, “Why did you not save me from the flood?”… God calmly replied “I did tried to save you. I sent 3 boats to you, but you did not wish to board it…”

2. The Mountain trekker.

There was a mountain trekker that wanted to climb the highest mountain.. and he willingly gave it his all.. and he put in all his effort to climb. It was getting dark, and he was halfway up the mountain.. at this time, he should have taken a rest, and continue in the next morning.. but he refuses.. and tried to move up in the darkness. Suddenly as he was climbing.. he slip and fell down.. his safety harness got hook onto a huge tree branch. He cling onto the harness with all his life… At this time, he started to pray, silently in his heart.. “Dear God, please help me… I do not want to die now”

This time, God spoke to him directly saying “Do you want me to save you?”, so the trekker replied “Yes my Lord” .. Then God replied “Cut your harness off” . But the trekker was stunned, God, I do not think This is a good idea, I am not sure what will happen if I cut it.. So.. he held on tightly and refuse to listen. Slowly, the coldness of the night sent shivers down him… and the blizzard took his life away.

The next day, there are some trekkers who found the body of the man.. and they came across a pretty unusual sight. There in front of them, is a man, who died holding on to the safety harness, And only 5 meters above ground… They are still wondering why didn’t the man cut his harness to get down.

The Lesson for us

Sometimes in our lives, we seems to hold on to many ideas, and we seems to only view the situation that we are in, and we forgot that God is actually above our problems.. Alot of times, we expect God to send in “divine intervention” like great miracles, or God speaking to us in person… This is actually nature.. Think about the time where Elijah was threatened by queen Jezebel.. (1 Kings 19:1-18).. when we are distressed.. we tend to just focus on our problem like how Elijah talks about the people rejecting God.. and only he alone is left.. and they wanted to kill him.. But remember.. God only spoke in a still small voice (1 Kings 19:11-12) .. The only question is can we hear it?

Gods still small voice came in many ways.. IT may come from a counsel from a concern brother (yes sometimes even from “Good advice from good brethren”) , a sermon that you have listen.. and also a hymn that you have sung… The H/S moves u to remember bible stories.. and also teachings from it… The H/S reminds u of words in the bible. The main factor behind how much we can hear, depends on our closeness to God.. and that Closeness is achieve by us learning the word of God and constantly mediating on it. (Ps 1:1-3, Jas 4:8)

Besides the story of Elijah, lets look at another interesting person that God helped. He is none other than Lot (Gen 19:1-29) .. This story happens just before God destroyed the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.
God listened to the prayer of Abraham, so being a just God that doesn’t allow the good to perish with the wicked.. he sent 2 angels to the city of Sodom.. Lot invited them to his home and took care of them.
Just when the people in the cities wanted to Sodomise the 2 angels.. They proclaimed the judgement of God onto the City, telling Lot to take his family to run (Gen 19:11-12) .. .Lot tried to talk to his sons in law, which did not believed him.. Lot did not listen to Gods speaking to him immediately… he tarried in the city, until the Angels need to drag them out (Gen 19:15-17) . I guess its kind of a interesting help God gave him.. when they are outside the city, the angels gave them specific instructions, Run for his lives, do not stay in the plains, go to the mountains.. Yet at that moment.. Lot tried to bargain ( Gen 19:18-21). finally, Lot wife became a pillar of salt when she disobeyed God again.

The reason why Lot failed to get help from God… was not a fault by our Lord.. He tried all he could to instruct and tell Lot.. but it was Lots worry for the things that he had .. the many concerns of his possession int he world.. that dulled his hearing to that still small voice of God.

On a final note.. sometimes we tend to rely on our own gut feel and reason.. to help ourselves.. that is when.. as a conclusion lets read (Prov 3:5) . ” Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding”. Sometimes when God gave us an order that seemingly doesn’t seems to be logical.. That is when we should consider the story of the mountain trekker… We should trust that God is ahead of our problems and he knows what its he best thing to do… All he needed was us to be willing to follow him.

I hope God will grant us all the wisdom to trust him.. and a sensitive ear to listen to his still small voice.. Let us continue to spiritual nurture ourselves, and let us be sensitive to Gods calling.. May God help us all.