Lately i was travelling down from a spiritual convocation, there was a sermon talking about the queen of Sheba and what modern Christians can learn from her.. Jesus commended her for that effort to come from the ends of the earth to listen to the wisdom of Solomon (Matt 12:42).. and Jesus himself is greater than Solomon

Before we start, maybe lets take a look at a few verses regarding where Sheba is, and what can we know about the place. We would also look more into the wisdom of Solomon

Kingdom of Sheba
The land of Sheba is only mentioned in a few documents, the Old Testament of the bible, the new testament (Referred to Jesus as “Queen of the south”) and Habeshan history. Generally the Hanbesha people are found mostly populating in Ethiopia. Possible location of the kingdom are Ethiopia or Yemen

According to the prophets in the old testament. The kingdom of Sheba is a wealthy merchant state and they deal with spices, precious stones and gold ( Eze 27:22) Other goods commonly associated with the kingdom are Incense (Is 60:6) and Frankincense (Jer 6:20). These makes the country a very rich and affluent state.

Wisdom of Solomon
Solomon’s wisdom is not like any to be found on earth, When Solomon became king, he requested it from God (1 Kings 3:1-15).. This wisdom from above is very different from the wisdom on earth (Jas 3:13-18)

Much of Solomons wisdom is written in the book of Proverb.. In that book, Wisdom seems to have a personality and is liken someone calling out to the reader. Lets look at how wisdom introduce himself in (Prov 8:22-36) from here we can gather
1. Wisdom was there with God in the beginning (Prov 8:22,27)
2. Wisdom created the world (Prov 8:30)

Now look at John 1:1-5, does that ring a bell too?

Such is the wisdom that the queen of Sheba seeks.

Qualities of the queen of Sheba

The queen of Sheba had many qualities that is applicable to Christian in the modern world, personally after reading her stories in 2 Chron 9:1-12 and 1 Kings 10:1-13. I can gather the following qualities

1. To be able to overcome all obstacles to seek for truth
2. A curious heart test the truth to be convinced.
3. A heart of praise for God

Seeking The Truth Despite Obstacles
Sometimes when we read the story of the old testament, we forgot that the trip from Yemen or Ethiopia is not as simple as air travel we had now… considering the fact that the queen of Sheba is a lady, and travelling with many precious stones, spice and gold (2 Chron 9:1)

Actually, if Sheba is a city of merchants, i can imagine that it is a very wealthy city, and queen Sheba would have a grand palace with all the comforts that she wanted.. Yet to seek the truth, she decided to travel a huge distance, enduring the roads of peril.. I guess her entourage would be the target of many highway robbers and raiders.

Sometimes, in our daily lives, we should access ourselves to see if we had the heart like Queen Sheba, do we seek the truth in the bible as diligently as her? Have we allowed many obstacles such as tiredness, boredom, hinder our quest to learn the truth in the bible?

Perhaps it is a time for us to emulate the heart to seek the truth from the queen of Sheba.. She was commended by Jesus for that as well. (Matt 12:42)

A Heart To Test The Truth
The queen of Sheba had heard many stories of Solomon (2 Chron 9:5) from her own land.. but she did not want to just believe it.. rather she came all the way to the land of Israel to test the truth for herself.

She actually prepared many question for Solomon before setting off (2 chron 9:1-2) and when she had a chance .

In our present world, Jesus has once told us, that there will be many false Christ and false teachers (Matt 24:4-6). Even while the apostles preach, they know that one day, salvage wolves will attack the flock of God, and hurt the flock (Acts 20:28-31).. Elder John also mentioned about Anti-Christ that are in the world (1 Jn 2:18-27)..

Therefore the defence for a Christian is to know the word of truth, and to be grounded firmly on the teaching of the bible. (2 Tim 3:16). And we are not to believe in everything thing spoken, we must test the word, and even the spirits to ensure that they are from God (Gal 1:6-10, 1 Jn 4:1-4)

This attitude of Queen Sheba is also found in the Bereans, who always examine what Paul preaches with great interest and search the scriptures to see if they are true (Acts 17:11)

A heart to Praise God
In 2 Chron 9:8, after examining and listening to the wisdom of King Solomon, the queen of Sheba understood that Solomons wisdom did not come from man.. And she knew that the source of Solomons wisdom comes from the Lord his God.. Therefore, she also praises God on her own.. There was a legend that is was because of that, the land of Ethiopia had many people who followed Judaism, and some even speculate that the Ethiopian Eunuch who serve under Candace the queen of the Ethiopians, is actually one of the descendant of early converts to Judaism, as he is definitely not a Jew.

But the praises for God from the queen of Sheba is a sincere admiration of God.. Christian of the present day should often ponder over the wisdom of God found in the bible and to praise God. Just like the queen of Sheba.

I guess my sharing about the queen of Sheba will end here, as a conclusion, maybe i would just like to get all of you to read this famous verse in Proverbs about relying on God and not our own wisdom

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.
Do not be wise in your own eyes;
Fear the LORD and depart from evil.
Prov 3:5-7