As mentioned above, a Spiritual Leader spends alot of his times serving the others. As he is always serving, never for once will he thinks that he is a very outstanding while everyone else is weak.

I would imagine him constantly reminding himself "we are unprofitable servants. We have done what was our duty to do.(Lk 17:10). He would always esteem others better than oneself . And will think not only of his interest but the interest of others as well (Php 2:1-4).

Given someone with such a mentality, he would never insist things like "Its either my way or the highway" and nor will he feels that everyone around him is weak in faith and is incapable of doing things. A spiritual leader will never berate an co-worker or look lightly upon the work done by others. He will try his best to leave peaceably with everyone around (Rom 12:18).

Whenever theres a dispute or contention among co-workers, a spiritual leader will always exhort with humility in mind and always be a peacemaker.

This quality is very important to spiritual leaders, as they will find themselves at the forefront of many church work, and one of the most dangerous crisis that can before a spiritual leader is the "Superman Syndrome" A state of mind where they feel that they are the only one that is good enough to handle the problem, and every of the co-workers cannot seems to match up to him. They may even reach the stage like the low point of Prophet Elijah, when he claims that he was the only one zealous for the Lord, and everyone else isn’t. (1 Kings 19:14)

Learning from Moses
When it comes to talking about Humility as a leader.. The name Moses seems to always come to my mind, especially with the story of Miriam and Aaron maligning Moses recorded in Num 12: 1-16

This is a very key moment as Moses, Miriam and Aaron are siblings and God has appointed them as leaders of the people at the very beginning of their journey from Egypt. At that time Miriam started to find fault with Moses about his Ethiopian wife, Miriam was reemphasising the fact that God has spoken to them also, and it was purely out of jealousy against Moses. Perhaps it was because Miriam was not appointed as one of the 70 elders who are ordain at Num 11:24-25.

Unfortunately, Miriam did not notice that it was God who did the choosing and not Moses, as God place the same spirit which is in Moses onto the 70 elders.. including g the 2 that was not among them in the tent of meeting.

It is evident that Miriam was the mastermind of the accusation to Moses in Num 12. She was instigating Aaron as well.. unfortunately, Aaron did not speak out for his brother, nor did he make a stand (that’s similar to the incident of the golden calf isn’t it?)

Here the bible testify of Moses humility in Num 12:3.

Moses kept quiet to their accusation and in the end, it was God who heard it and punished Miriam by causing her to be leprous.

i guess Moses must be very sad, as the people who speaks against him are actually his siblings, which i feel is a hurt worst than being attacked by any members of the community. But yet, Moses prayed and cried out to the Lord to have mercy on Miriam.

In the end, this incident clause the Israelites to stay in Hazeroth until Miriam is recovered.

In fact Moses had an intense love for the people around him, over here you can see his love for Miriam his sister, despite the hurt she had clause him. I remember one of the greatest show of love from Moses is at mount Sinai when he pleaded with God 40 days to forgive the people of their sin regarding the golden calf.. Moses went to the state to ask God to blot his name away from the book of life to save the people. (Ex 32:31-32, Deut 9:15-21)

This would lead to my next discussion, about the love of a Spiritual Leader