Hmmm was really at all in the mood for a blog entry.. Just that as I need to return to work very soon.. and I need to catch a plane and to go somewhere else to work in a few hours time..

Am not sure why, but this little song that I used to sing during army days keep popping up in my mind.

I am sure many of the guys will have their own variation of this song over the years, as it has been used so often in the army here. But this is the version that I was taught by my sergeants.

Title: In The Early Morning Run
Lyrics: SAF

In the early morning run,
with a full pack on my back,
With an aching in my heart,
and my body full of sweat,
I am long long way from home
and I miss my lovers home,
in the early morning run,
as the cold wind blows…
as the cold wind blows…
as the cold wind blows…
as the cold wind blows…
as the cold wind blow
(Repeat until your song IC is bored and change a new song or resume chanting “Left Right,Left Right,Left Right,Left”)

Note: There is a Song IC for every platoon, and he is supposed to sing one line while the rest of the platoon will echo it. This is a simple 4/4 beat song to aid the soldiers to check their timing during marching, a left leg forward will begin the line and a right leg forward will end the line (So each line will go “-Left – Right – Left – Right” ).