So far we have 2 articles written regarding the warriors of David

Part 1: Talks about why we should learn from the warriors of David
Part 2: Talks about the historical setting as well as Davids way of leading the nation

Today we would be talking about the common qualities that are present in the warriors of David. These are qualities that is required of modern Christians.

Summary of common qualities of the Warriors of David

1. They Followed David Not Out Of Personal Ambition But In Accordance To Gods Will

They believed in Gods word, and they are aware that God has anointed David to be the king of Israel. In the past some of them may have supported King Saul, but they are willing to correct their ways, put aside their ambitions and to put their trust in God. They followed Gods will to help David to established his kingdom. Christians being soldiers of Christ today, should follow the same faith like these warriors

2. They Believed God will grant David The Ultimate Victory

Although the situation looks very bad, and it appears as if David is not going to win easily, the warriors continue to stick by David.. believing that Gods will will be accomplished. They are willing to endure all hardships with David even when the situation seems dire for David.

Now let us look at these point in details.

1. They Followed David Not Out Of Personal Ambition But In Accordance To Gods Will

Lets take a look at how the 1 Chron 11 describes these warriors.

“Now these were the heads of the mighty men whom David had, who strengthened themselves with him in his kingdom, with all Israel, to make him king, according to the word of the LORD concerning Israel.” (1 Chron 11:10)

Here it indicated that the warriors joined themselves with David according to the word of the Lord. These warriors are very different from the warriors you read about in the Romance of 3 Kingdom.. or even the great generals like Hannibal and Julius Caesar. In our modern era, people join in to political organisation because they wanted a political change, or they believe in the leaders ability to run the country.

While at the same time people may align themselves with specific rulers and kings because there are opportunities for gaining fame and to have political influence.

But such is not the motivation of the warriors of David. They were well aware that God has rejected Saul as king and have anointed David as the next king of Israel.

These people joined David while he was at Ziklag and was still a fugitive from King Saul (1 chron 12:1)

Most of them did not join David because they wanted riches and fame. Although there are exceptions among Davids warriors. For example s Joab. the brother of Abishai (1 chron 11:20) and Asahel(1 chron 11:26). Joab is a general in Davids Army and David was pretty unhappy with many of things he did. But David wasn’t able to judge him then because of his influence in the army. David left an instruction to King Solomon to judge Joab before he died.

But besides Joab, most of the other warriors followed David because he was the anointed of God. their loyalty is toward God. In one of the studies we will see that some of these mighty man who lived passed David stood by King Solomon when they knew that he was appointed by God to be the next king of Israel

If we were to recall from Part 2, we will remember that when Saul died, the people were still unwilling to accept David to be king, so they appointed Ishbosheth the son of Saul as king over all Israel. At that time, the people has not obeyed God and choose leaders for themselves to lead them. This was against Gods will, and the irony was that they are the majority.

Only the tribe of Judah and these warriors supported David. and these warriors are willing to put aside their little differences and ambitions to follow the will of God to establish David as the king of Israel. Serving David with their skills of war.

Applying these to our lives

Although it is true that in our service to God, we may come across people who did not serve God with a pure intent, indeed the church of God can be an interesting power battlefield if abused. But we must constantly remind ourselves, that if we were to serve God because of our own desires, Gods kingdom will still be established and we will have no part in it. In order to be a good soldier of Christ, we will need to have the right faith. Just like these warriors who followed David because they understand the will of God.

If we serve God out of impure intents, many problems will arise within the church and it brings sorrows and worries many. Over here, we can see that although King Saul died in the battle of Gilboa, his political influence still remains. This is when people with selfish ambitions takes advantage of this situation to gain power among the kingdom of Israel. This same situation may happen in church as well, and such people often creates disunity within the church.

So what is the best way to remain united within the church? The people must be know the will of God and to understand that God has given everyone specific gifts to help establish the kingdom of God , Just like what Paul said

“And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ, till we all come to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the Son of God, to a perfect man, to the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ;” – Paul (Eph 4:11-13)

Taking the examples of the Warriors of David who helped David in accordance to the word of God. Let us learn to establish the kingdom of God, not our own little fiefdom. Let us remind ourselves that that God has given us different abilities not for us to compare or compete, but rather to compliement each other. Let us be matured soldiers of Christ and not like children. Let us take responsibilities in the house of God, to do our part to establish the body of Christ. Children will not know how to do this, only grown ups will. Only they can bear responsibilities like these warriors. Let us learn to Emulate them,.

2. They Believed God will grant David The Ultimate Victory

Let us read the declaration of one of these warriors Amasai

We are yours, O David;
We are on your side, O son of Jesse!
Peace, peace to you,
And peace to your helpers!
For your God helps you.” -Amasai

Amasai and his men used to serve the house of Saul, but they now believe that David will be victorious because God will help him. Although right now they are surrounded by their enemies. King Saul is still powerful, yet they have the faith that since David is anointed by God, God will help him to overcome his enemies and be victorious. These warriors joined David at Ziklag when he is still a fugitive. They can see that King Saul has disobeyed God and so they have stopped supporting King Saul, and band themselves with the fugitive David.

To many people in the modern world, that is a very foolish move, David is on the run and with not much troops with him. It will be dangerous to help him, they may lose their lives anytime. Yet the saw the other side of the deal. David is the anointed king by Gods will, and they now tell David, “We are your helpers, for your God helps you” Hence David made them his captains. In 1 Chron 12:21-22 They helped David against raiders and more and more started to join David, until it became a great army, like the army of God.

Over time more and more people joined in to David, they are not afraid of the current predicament that they are in.. They choose to stand where God stands, no matter how many enemies were lined up against them. can we be as brave as them?

“Now these were the numbers of the divisions that were equipped for war, and came to David at Hebron to turn over the kingdom of Saul to him, according to the word of the LORD:” (1 Chron 12:23)

Here you can see that the warriors are brave ad courageous, but their courage is not build upon their own strength but rather based upon the word of God. Human courage are limited, only courage that is built on faith toward God can last.

Applying these to our lives

“Sir, my concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right” – Abraham Lincoln

Does the army of God still have the same understanding like the warriors of David? Do we still believe that the Kingdom of Christ will ultimately be established? Although its true that there are many problems within the church, much more compared to other organisations on earth. There are even obstructions from the devil, there are times we feel disadvantaged, can we now pluck up the same courage as the warriors of David? Telling ourselves that God will eventually give us the victory?

Without such a thought, we can never persist to preach, in our walk of faith, we can see many who gave up their battle for Gods kingdom, as well as many who continue to persist and in the end, with Gods help, victory came.

“These things I have spoken to you, that in Me you may have peace. In the world you will[ have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” – Jesus (John 16:33)

Jesus knew the anxiety and fear in the disciples, but he assured them that he had overcome the world. At that time, the disciples cannot understand it, they cannot see what is coming on their way, that many will no longer follow Jesus, theres even one of them that will betray Jesus. People are ready to capture the Lord, and there will be no miracles from Jesus from then on. They are in a disadvantaged situation yet Jesus told them that in him they will have peace.

When Jesus resurrected, and the Holy Spirit descended on the day of Pentecost, these disciples became courageous, Peter bearing witness with the power of the Holy Spirit. (Acts 2), he testify that Jesus is the Christ, if there was no resurrection, how could the holy spirit descended? On that day 3000 Jews believed and were baptised, the church was established, at the same time, the Sanhedrin and the Jewish counsel started to persecute them, they are whipped and tortured, yet they continue to preach Jesus, to establish churches, people are added to them daily.

Isn’t this a beautiful parallel to how the armies of David grew? Christ has indeed overcome the world, hence we must also be strengthened with he same courage to establish the kingdom of God, Jesus will aid us through the holy spirit.. and this kingdom is very different from the world kingdom.

Where is the great Greek empire by Alexander? Where is the Roman Empire? Yet the kingdom of Jesus is still established throughout the world, this is the clear indication that this is the kingdom of God. We must take part in this work. Especially when we see the end times approaching, all the more we should take up this commission, to accomplish the work of Christ. We will face with many opposition, and satan’s work will grow stronger, but we must believe that god will help us, we must persist in this faith, we will be victorious, God will help us, this is the church of God, Gods kingdom and God will help his children establish it.

Paul is armed with that same idea, in 2 Tim 2:1-3 he encourages Timothy his son

“You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. And the things that you have heard from me among many witnesses, commit these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. You therefore must endure hardship as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.” – Paul

At that time Timothy had grown weak, he saw the situation turn from bad to worst. Paul is now captured and imprison, there are many problems in the church. Many had left the faith, some no longer believed. There are many heresy, people were indulging in the flesh, they are tired of listening to him, what can he do?

Yet Paul is tells him to be strong, but how can he be strong? What do we place our trust in?

Is it in big miracles that God has healed us? Is it in special graces received from God? Is it in visions and Revelations? Do we need to have them in order to be strong? What can we do if there are no visions, no miracles, yet problems remained unsolved, and persist? We need to follow Paul’s Instruction in verse 3, “must endure hardship as a good soldier of Christ ” When Paul says being strong in the grace, he isn’t refering to having constant visions and seeing miracles, these are all temporary and will be change, its regarding being strong int he salvation of the Lord Jesus, believing in his resurrection, believing the Christ will ultimately save us.. We believe that Jesus will call us on the last day to resurrection. This is real and trustworthy.. Can we continue to preach it until it is all accomplished?

Why must we do this? Paul explains in 2 Tim 2:8

“Remember that Jesus Christ, of the seed of David, was raised from the dead according to my gospel” – Paul

do we still believe that Jesus is the seed of David? Do we still believe in the salvation and resurrection of Christ? Whats the basis for our faith? Its in the prophecy of God, that Jesus is the seed of David, spoken off by the prophets of the old. History confirmed that Jesus is indeed the descendant of David, History confirmed that Gods prophecies are true. Jesus indeed rise from the dead, It is an historical fact that he was nailed and buried, his tomb was sealed, guarded by Roman soldiers. Angels appeared at the tomb, the soldiers grew frightened and ran away, the stone of the tomb was rolled away, and Jesus body was missing, only the grave clothes are left.

What actually happened? He was resurrected, he appeared to many people, his disciples, family, and unbelievers, James was one of them, initially he did not believe, later on he became one of the pillars in church.

This is the testimony of the scripture, historical facts to prove, and the Holy Spirit given as evidence, this are all in accordance to the gospel, true and trustworthy. If we were to think about it, we will regain our faith, thats why Paul’s tells us to constantly remind ourselves, readjust our faith. Is our faith according to the bible? Is it still in the truth? Is this church really the church of God. If we consider it and we still believe, we will have a faith that will persist to the end. Although many do not believe, but we still believe, that Christ will come again, and this kingdom of God will ultimately be established. This is God’s work, and God will let it come and complete it. He is coming soon, are we able to answer to God when he comes? We should constantly have these in our mind, then we will not be afraid and discouraged. WE should only be afraid of losing this faith.

Let us constantly remind ourselves of this saying

This is a faithful saying:

For if we died with Him,
We shall also live with Him.
If we endure,
We shall also reign with Him.
If we deny Him,
He also will deny us.
If we are faithless,
He remains faithful;
He cannot deny Himself.” – Paul (2 Tim 2:11-13)

This saying will help us remain strong in the grace of Jesus, they are faithful, Let us continue to remind ourselves of this faith. So that we can continue to fight as soldiers of Christ. to Encourage others as well as ourselves. Let us be faithful like the warriors of David