So far we have 5 articles written regarding the warriors of David

Part 1: Talks about why we should learn from the warriors of David
Part 2: Talks about the historical setting as well as Davids way of leading the nation
Part 3: Talks about the common traits in the warriors of David
Part 4: Warriors who are not afraid of numbers as well as those who will not retreat.
Part 5: A Warrior With Incredible Faith, Benaiah

As I was reading through the feats of the mighty warriors of David, there were one of the group of 3 that did something that leave a deep impression in David as well as the rest of the warriors. If you were to picture yourself as one of the warriors, would you have done the same? Sometimes as I read that feat I tend to asking these questions within myself

1. Are these warriors wise or foolish?
2. Is it done out of pure implus or done with serious considerations
3. Is that feat worthwhile and necessary?

Let us read about the feat in 1 Chron 11:15-19. It happened at the battle at the Valley of Rephiam. The Philistines held the town of Bethlehem under their control and David said with longing. “”Oh, that someone would give me a drink of water from the well of Bethlehem, which is by the gate!” Then 3 men from the camp of David broke into the camp of the enemeies, took some water from the well brought it to David. The bible did not specifically said whether the 3 man need to fight their way out or did they sneak out from the camp of the philistines.. nonetheless, when they took it to David, David did not dare to drink it, but poured it out to the Lord.

When these man found out that David wanted to drink from the well, they made a resolve to fulfilled that wish. They are willing to do it at all cost, as they need to sneak it, get the water, sneak out, if the enemies are alerted, you may need to fight your way out. Even if you successful get the water, how would you be able to escape? they put their lives into jeapardy for David, just to satisfy his thirst. is it worthwhile? They have thieir own water sources so that act is strictly unnecssary. At the very end, David did nto drink it and pour it to the ground. What are our thoughts when we read of it?

Why David did not drink the the water?

David explained clearly why he refuse to drink the water which his warrior brought back to him,
“Far be it from me, O my God, that I should do this! Shall I drink the blood of these men who have put their lives in jeopardy? For at the risk of their lives they brought it.” – David 1 Chron 11:1eis 9

I would imagine that if they need to fight their way out, the water would have been stained by the blood of the enemies. But I think its fairer to think that David did not drink it because the man had risked their lives to bring in the water, and by so doing, the water is liken to be like their blood. I am sure David was moved by their actions, but out of his respect for the lives of his warriors, he did not drink it. He treasured them greatly. These warriors never fall back and all of them are willing to risk their lives for DAvid.

Today as soldier of Christ, we must emulate, that faithfulness shown by the warriors of David. We must be faithful to Jesus even unto death. We must know the wish and desire of our Lord, and we must be always willing to fulfill our masters wishes. Jesus wanted his disciples to be loyal and faithful to him. Sometimes we may ask among ourselves, whether God would accept our work? Especially when we feel that our duties are minor compared to many others

Parable Of The Talents

Jesus once spoke the Parable of the Talents in Matt 25:14-30. I am sure we know the parable, so I would not attempt to tell the story, let us look at the masters reactions to the servant with 5 talents

“Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.” Matt 25:21.

Note that he said the same thing to tthe servant with 2 talents (Matt 25:23)

Jesus does not quantify results, some of us may feel that the servant with 5 talents is more capable then the one with 2 talents. But the master knew that the first servant was able to bring in 5 talents because he was given 5. He did not expect the second servant to do the same. Similary, God has given each of us different talents and ablities. God requirements is only that we were to do our part in the ministry. We need not compare among ourselves or try to match up with what others can provide. We only need to do our part for the kingdom.

Why did the master scold the servant with one talent? It was because he was unwilling to work, he is not even willing to walk out to the banker and deposit the one talent and get back interest. That is not a loyal servant, he had not serve God with his one talents. God wanted us to be faithful and serve him with what we have.

Let us not talk about doing greating things like sacrificing our lives to the Lord, are we even willing to sacrifice some of our time to worship God, have we put in effort to read through the bible to see the will of God? HAve we tried to lead anyone to God? Are we willing to spend sometime to pray for the truthseekers and the members who are suffering? These work does not require special talents, it only require us to have a heart of love and faithfulness. God requres warriors such as this.

The Warriors Loyalty Towards David.

Sometimes I wonder if I were one of the warriors how would I have felt when David took that water which i defended with my life and poured it to the Lord. This is times where people will think that it is a foolish thing to do. Though we have read of what soldiers did to accomplish their mission, no matter how minor is the mission objective.

Why did these warriors protect and support David? They beleived that David is the annointed one of God, they are willing to support DAvid and protection him in accordance to the will of God. Their loyalty towards David also reflects their loyalty towards God. they are willing to fulfill the wishes of God’s annoited , even if David did not appreciate it, they are sure God would.

Is our loyaty to God or to man? Sometimes in our service to the Lord, we worked with people whom we like, and we tend not to corporate with those whom we do not like. Sometimes this reflects where our loyaty lies, which is the reason why sometimes our service failed to please God. We can have people whom we respect and like, but we must know that our loyalty lies to God. Just like what Paul said

“Bondservants, obey in all things your masters according to the flesh, not with eyeservice, as men-pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing God. And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for you serve the Lord Christ.” – Paul Col 3:22-24

There are many appointments within the church, some are apostles, teachers and prophets, they look after the house of God. We would need to work with them and submit to them, as they are all Gods annoited. They are given a responsiblities to manage the household of God. Let us assist them not as man pleasers. Let us all serve with sincererity, doing it onto the Lord and not to man.

But what should we do if they are not people who follows the will of God? What if they are like the church in corinth? what if they played office politics within the church? Do we still serve them? If we do so we are serving man and are not loyal towards God. Let us learn to be clear on whom we are serving, only by so doing God will be pleased and would bless our work

Why Did David Pour The Waters Onto The Lord?

Some of us may wonder, why did David pour out the waters completely? Since they have brought the waters to him, perhaps he may drink some of it and pour the remainder onto the Lord, this would make the sacrifice of the man worthwhile.

Personally I feel that David has a God fearing heart, he understood the will of God. He poured out the water because he knew he was unworthy to drink it. He knew very well that these warriors were doing this not because they are loyal to him, but rather its because of their love for God. They are willing to risk their lives for him because he is Gods anointed..

I believe that this incident would have left a deep impression in David, I am sure that he did not expect that his simple little comment would have made these warriors risked their lives. David knew that he is unworthy of their devotion, so he would offer them up all to God. This act I believe also left a deep impression to those warriors, they would respect David even more, because David is aware that he is a servant of God just like them. David knew that God has entrust his kingdom to him, and he is a servant of God, accept his appointment was to be the king of Israel. He does not use his authority as a king to demand people respect or obediance.

David felt that the man’s sacrafice is because of their devotion to God, he decided to give all glory and praises to God. He is truly Gods annointed. He is a great contrast compared to king Saul, David respected Saul as God annointd, despite all the evil he had done, looking at the both of them, we can easily conclude that David is more humble and is truely a King appointed by God.

In fact, the present christians all anointed by God, but we must all remind ourselves that we are anointed as a servant, to serve the church and all the bretherns in it. We cannot idolize fellow servant or allow others to Idolize us. In REv 22:8-9 John made a big mistake, because the angel that showed him the version look so glories and powerful, he wanted to kneel down and worship. The angel refuse his worship saying

“See that you do not do that. For I am your fellow servant, and of your brethren the prophets, and of those who keep the words of this book. Worship God.” angel in Rev 22:9.

this is a concept we as warriors of Christ must always rememeber, that our master is Jesus and not any other person in church. The warriors of David understood that, and more importantly even King David realise that, which is the reason why they are able to work together to establish the kingdom of David.