Lately there had been many discussion about the God of The Old Testament and their treatment to non Jews (AKA Gentiles). There was many people who viewed that the God of the Old Testament only showed mercy to the Israelites, and could not care less of the other races. There are also some who claimed that in the Old Testament Salvation is only and strictly for the Jews.

This prompted me to start to read through the old testament and the law of Moses, to see if the statement that “Old Testament Salvation Is Strictly For Israelites” is indeed true.

In the midst of reading through the Torah, we can conclude that Judaism is not a religion where missionaries are sent to various countries to convert people to Judaism, but interestingly, God of the Old Testament did not really forbid strangers and foreigners from getting close to him. I found that the Old Testament scriptures in fact contains many laws that protects non Israelites living among them. There are also many rites and part of their religion that foreigners are allowed to participate.

In fact, God promise to the non Israelites can be seen in his declaration made through Prophet Isaiah.

” Do not let the son of the foreigner
Who has joined himself to the LORD
Speak, saying,
” The LORD has utterly separated me from His people”;
Nor let the eunuch say,
” Here I am, a dry tree.”

For thus says the LORD:
” To the eunuchs who keep My Sabbaths,
And choose what pleases Me,
And hold fast My covenant,
Even to them I will give in My house
And within My walls a place and a name
Better than that of sons and daughters;
I will give theman everlasting name
That shall not be cut off.
” Also the sons of the foreigner
Who join themselves to the LORD, to serve Him,
And to love the name of the LORD, to be His servants-
Everyone who keeps from defiling the Sabbath,
And holds fast My covenant-
Even them I will bring to My holy mountain,
And make them joyful in My house of prayer.
Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices
Will be accepted on My altar;
For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” YHWH – Isaiah 56:3-7

In fact, the bible had many records of God showing mercies to many non Israelites. Rahab, and Ruth were all ancestors of Jesus, Naaman the Syrian was healed of his leprosy. Among the Warriors of David we have a few warriors who are definitely non Jews, I can single out 2 of them, Uriah the Hittites (Hittites came from Turkey) and Zelek the Ammonites (Ammonites are the descendant of Lot, and lived around modern day Jordan) . At the same time, God also sent Jonah the prophet to the city of Nineveh to preach against it. We can safely say that there are indeed strangers living among the Israelites and some of them became converts to Judaism as well.

Gods Purpose Of Giving The Holy Land To the Israelites

I was watching the focus on family series by Ray Vander Laan, and one thing I really agree with him, is the fact that God has placed the Israelites in a very important spot in the ancient world. small strip of land in which is known as Israel is actually at the crossroads of the world. Where 2 of the major ancient trades routes that pry between Mesopotamia and Egypt converge. They are known as the Via Maris (the way of the sea) and the kings highway.

God intended that his Laws and Statues to be followed and kept by the Israelites. God wanted his name to be spread far and wide, just like the study of the 10 plagues we did earlier, God said that he wanted his name to be spread to the entire world. So although God has not officially opened the door of Salvation to the gentiles, he allowed Gentiles who wanted to worship and join him to live among the Israelites. Many of them later on became servants of God as well.

The Very First Sign That God Wanted To Save Gentiles

I remember when I was reading the covenant of Abraham in Gen 17. God set circumcision as the sign of the old covenant of salvation (Gen 17:10-14). In fact, when Abraham was circumcised, according to Gods instruction, he circumcised all the male servants of his house, and including his son Ishmael ( Gen 17:23-27) . These male servants are definitely not Israelites, (as the only qualified Israelites should be Abraham and his wife Sarah). Sometimes I would like to call them the first gentiles who made a covenant with God.

Coming Up

Actually I have not thought fully about how many blog entries are needed to cover this topic. I was thinking of sharing with everyone regarding the Laws concerning Non Jews according to the Mosaic Law, Gods mercy to the Moabites, Ammonites and the Edomites, and also the stories of various converts to the Israelites religion based on the bible. But I have not fully planned out how it works as of now.