So far we have 6 articles written regarding the warriors of David

Part 1: Talks about why we should learn from the warriors of David
Part 2: Talks about the historical setting as well as Davids way of leading the nation
Part 3: Talks about the common traits in the warriors of David
Part 4: Warriors who are not afraid of numbers as well as those who will not retreat.
Part 5: A Warrior With Incredible Faith, Benaiah
Part 6: The Warriors By The Well Of Bethlehem

Now we would continue to study the warriors of David. We have just finished the individual names. There are other groups of warriors mentioned from 1 Chron 12 onward. .

1. The Warriors From The Tribe Of Benjamin

1 Chron 12:1-2 talks about the warriors from the tribe of Benjamin, they are the brethren of King Saul (King Saul is a Benjamite by birth). But these brethren refused to stand by the side of Saul. Some of us may wonder whether these warriors have “Betrayed” their brethren in a way, but I dare say that they are a impartial lot of people. The Chinese like to use the term “Blood is thicker than water” but these man choose to stand on Gods side. They are well aware that Saul their brethren had went against God. and because of that, they would rather be branded as “traitor” but they would rather choose to help King David to establish the kingdom of Israel according to Gods will

1.1 Hurling stones with both hands and shooting arrows
The warriors of Benjamin had an ability to hurl stones and to launch arrows. They understood the techniques of ballistics and were skillful range fighters. The effectiveness of the soldiers lies not in numbers, but rather in knowledge of warfare and tactics. It also depends deeply on the skills of the soldier. A well trained army would be able to use weapons effectively. The warriors of Benjamin were able to operate them using either of their hands.

In order to establish the church, special skills and know-hows are necessary. This applies to all types of church work, from cleaning of the toilet to the cooking of love meals. In fact, church administration is a type of work that require specialised skill. (Ex 18:17-21). I would like to discuss on skills needed in church administration here, we will learn that the Christian view of the skill differs from the world view greatly.

1.2 An Example Of Specialised Skill : Biblical Leadership

All along in the book of Exodus, we can see that there are church work who are done single handedly (IE: Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses facing the Pharaoh) Those are work where Moses just need to rely on Gods help to accomplish the work. But the situation is very different after the red sea crossing. Now Moses is faced with many issues to resolve. Moses is loyal to his duty, he seat as the judge from morning till night. That is when Jethro his father in Law advised him to select loyal, capable man who feared God. Give them power over the people, Moses will only interfere if the people are unable to resolve the case.

Let us take a minute and be in the shoes of Moses, will we agree to it? will we be happy to oblige? Will we agree to move from a system that is autocratic and to distribute the power? If the power is distributed and is no longer concentrated at your end, will you be happy to oblige? Here we can see the greatness of Moses, he understood the will of God and he knows his strength is limited. He needed more to help him, and he accepted Jethro’s advice.

The Abilities needed to accomplish the work comprises of Leadership skills as well as Talents. If one does not have the skills, they will not be able to lead effectively. IT is easy to give a order and everyone just reply yes, but they may not do it. The question here is how to motivate the people to follow the order.

Organisation in the world uses rewards as the method. Whoever who reaches the target will be rewarded. If one desires the reward, he must finish the work. Thats why worldly organisation makes use of payment schemes such as overtime pay. Some company even create limited slots for overtime pay to “motivate” staff to take up the job. If rewards doesn’t work, there are some who would resort to using of power and authority to lead. In a company, you would follow the order even if you do not agree with the plan. The reason for its effectively is such, if you do obey, you will be fired and you will lose your pay packet. This is the way of the worldly leadership.

What about in the house of God? Can we afford to do this? How many will you excommunicate (AKA Fire)? There are already a shortage of workers in the house of God. and the church isn’t a company. We cannot just chase someone away just because we do not like him. We are one family in the eyes of God, therefore members of the house of God must understand the will of God. There are times we often like to quote Zechariah and say “Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit” (Zech 4:6). But that does not mean that might and power and not needed, it just reminded us that we do not rely on them to finish Gods work .

There are members who believe in the power of organisation too much and they only trust in it. It is not surprising because Christians spend our times in the workplace compared to church (it is a fact, and we have to live with it). Since we have already agreed that the church of God is not a company, does that mean we do away with leadership completely?

Often the church like a family business, successful family business also uses organisation skills, they divide up the responsibility among the family members. The same should apply to Gods house, we need the help of God, but at the same time we are required to organise ourselves within the house in order to accomplish Gods work.

In our present world there are often 2 extremes among Christians, one who concentrate on simple faith, zealousness, prayers and beliefs that they do not need to organised themselves. While on the other hand, we have people who focus all their attention on organisation methods, if you disobey them they will tell you “We have the authority because we are appointed by the church:” They trust their professional knowledge. The second group of Christians still prays, but their prayer became a mere standard operating procedure. Before their meeting, they will pray, but when they are in the midst of the meeting, they behave as if it is the office. When they make decision they will often say “this is decided by the executive committee. Please be submissive”

From the bible, we can see that spiritual leaders are far from these extremes, Moses is leaned in all the wisdom of the Egyptians,, he is mighty in speech, a potential king. He is trained to be the next Pharaoh, but he did not use his power and knowledge, he uses his pure faith in God, he rely on him, praying daily. He spoke to God face to face, yet at the same time, he did not neglect organisation, he is willing to let go of his power, and to distribute them, so he can get helpers to lead the people of God

1.3 The Qualities of The Spiritual Leader

Abilities to lead the house of God are listed clearly in Ex 18:21 they must be

a. God fearing
b. Man of Truth
c. Not Covetous

At the same time, Moses must teach them the laws of God so that they can judge the people themselves, bringing difficult cases to Moses only. This is not a simple task, the candidates need to know the truth, discern between right and wrong while not being covetous.

Learning to be not covetous will prevent the candidates from abusing their authority as the judge. This would root out corruption and maintain justice without partiality.

Honestly is an important virtue because a dishonest man will pervert justice. They must be honest enough to admit that there are cases that needs to be referred to Moses if they are unsure about its judgement. They needs to understand the truth behind the law of God and to make their judgement based on its principles.

The God fearing is the quality that helps a man to be truthful and not covetous. He needs to rely on God to do his duty and to follow Gods command,

Here you can see that a worker of God needs both the knowledge as well as the abilities to do his work. We often place emphasise on the former and not the latter. But that is not the case of Moses, he imparted the necessary skills to the people, equipping them with the statutes and the laws of God. They will need such “skills of battle” if they want to accomplish their duties.

Therefore we must emulate the warriors of Benjamin, to strive to be skillful in the work we are to accomplish while being God fearing and mindful of the will of God at all times. These warriors from Benjamin are able to hurl stones, and shoot arrows using both hands. Let us continue to improve ourselves, keep a desire to learn continuously, and devote ourselves in prayer, not for anyone else but for God.