I was in Facebook when a friend of mine showed me this clip taken from “Chinas Got Talent” in 2011. It was featuring a 12 year old Mongolian boy. who was singing. Apparently it was a Mongolian folk song.

The boy’s written in Chinese as 乌达木 (Wū ​dá​ mù​) and personally i am very surprised at his maturity and his mannerism.

For the benefit of the non Chinese speaking audience, i will translate the conversation between the judges  and the boy here

As I am not sure who the celebrity judges are , I will call the 2 male judges as  JM1 and JM2 while the lady judge as JL.

Introduction :

B: My name is Wū ​dá​ mù​ , I came from  the great plains of Hulunbuir in inner Mongolia. I love singing since I was a young, at the grass plains we could just shout free freely without restriction, my mum wishes to see how I would look if I were to perform on the stage.

(Enters the stage)

JM1: You are really handsome.

B: Thank you

(returns back to interview)

B: Today on the stage I will perform using my utmost ability

(Back to stage:

JM1: whats your name?

B: I am Wū ​dá​ mù

JM1: From your costume I figured out that you are a Mongolian

B: Yes, I am a Mongolian

JM1: Which part of inner Mongolia were you from?

B: The great plains of Hulunbuir

JM1: The great plains of Hu Hulunbuir

B: Yes

JM1 :What is your aspiration?

B: My dream is to invent a type of magical ink, if one were to drop a drop of this ink unto the ground, it will turn the whole world into a beautiful grass plains.


JL : That’s a beautiful dream !

JM1 : What will you be performing for us today?

B: I will sing for you

JM1: What will you be singing?

B:  Alsad Suugaa Eej (The mother (Eej)  in my dream)

JM1: I know the words “Dream” but What is a Eej?

B: “Eej” is the Mongolian translation of “mother”

JM1: Why did you choose this song?

B: I would sing this whenever I miss my mother

JM1: Can you tell me where your mother is?

B: My mother is in heaven

JM1: How about your father?

B: My dad died in a traffic accident.

JM1: Would you sing for us first?

B: Alright

JM1: Thank you

(Singing, the lyrics and the translation is attached at the end of this blog post)

(As singing continues the host (H) speaks)

H: I believe you could feel what he is singing about even if you do not understand the lyrics.

(After Performance)

JM1: I need a moment , would you speak on my behalf for a while.

JL: dá​ mù, when you told us that you sang this whenever you are thinking of your mother,

B: Yes, that’s right

JL: Can you share with me, how you past the moments whenever you miss your mother?

B: I would dream at night, in those dream I will dream of my mother by my side.

JL: I would hope you would be able to treat everyone here as your mother, I am sure that all the mothers seating among us  would certainly love  a child like this. Am I right?

JM2 I feel that the mannerism portrayed by you is one liken a typical main character in the cartoons we used to watch when we are children

JL Do you know that he looks like this little prince found in the French comic?

JM2 Precisely, if you were to look at him, he will carry the mannerism that is similar to a little noble. Whenever he sees sufferings or sadness around him, he would sing a song similar to what he was singing earlier. They are just like that magical ink which you talk about earlier, it will turn the place into a big and beautiful and will bring turn never sad soul into a happy one.  This is the the imagination that was running through my mind during your performance.  I believe this is also the feeling that is shared by the entire audience. Please give a round of applause if you agree with me.

*Audience Applause

JL: Do you miss a hug from your mother?

B: Yes

JL: Alright, would you sing us an accapella? and may I give you a motherly hug on behalf of all the mothers seated here?  If you are willing to, you can call me “little aunt”.

B: Little aunt

Jm1: Will you please sing us a accapella

(the boy sings)

JL : I felt that dá​ mù  is a very nice boy and do you know that there are many who loves you?

B: Yes I know

JL: I am sure that you parents in heaven will watch over you , that you will grow up to be a great man. Will you like to say something to your parents in heaven?

(The boy paused a while)

B: Mother, I miss you very much

JL: You have to learn to cry when ever you feel like it? Alright? Just like me who like to cry so much. So when you feel like crying you must learn to cry alright? Only someone who knows how to cry will know how to laugh.

JM1: Ms Little auntie, Mongolian man had a very unique perspective about tears, it is very different from us Chinese,  It is really so. dá​ mù, you process a quality that is unique to the children of the great plains of Mongolia, the kids around you matured at a very young age, I hope that you would once again grace the stage of our show. Will you be willing to do so?

B: Yes I am willing

JM1: Uncle Bobo would like to give you a big YES

B:Thank you

JL: No matter what your story is, what is most important is that you can sing really well. I have never heard a kid with such a voice, that can sound as it can reach unto the heavens. So I would like to give you a yes as well.

B: Thank you

JM1: You little aunt gave you a yes what about you JM2

JM2: Just as you were starting to sing, I felt that this is beyond our comments, to judge if you have the mastered the techniques of singing. You already have the strength to pierce through the hearts of the audience, allowing everyone to be astounded by your singing. I feel that you should continue singing,  to use the same strength to affect everyone, I am supportive of your performance. Yes

B: Thank you

Quote “My dream is to invent a type of magical ink, if one were to drop a drop of this ink unto the ground, it will turn the whole world into a big grass plain.”

Actually i am sure a lot of you would be wondering what he was singing in Mongolian. Unfortunately I do not know the language, but I managed to find a translation of the song from the website here

I have reproduced it here

Title : Alsad Suugaa Eej

sumeih zeregleend gegee anirlaad

susuglehiin erhend eej mini bodogdana

huugee irene geed suugee orgood

huslee chiltel alsiig shirtee dee


alsad suuga eej mini

amin hairtai shuteen mini bileezadgai

tengerd uul ni zamharna

zalbirhiin erhend eej mini bodogdana

argaliin tsogond tsaigaa buliyeelj

anis’haa chiltel alsiig shirtee dee

alsad suuga eej mini

amin hairtai shuteen mini bileehuhereh

uuls’aas hoglerj haragdana

huugiin tani setgil gegelzeed baina

hunii zeregleend huu chini yavnaa

husliig tani nimgeleed yavaad ochina daa

*alsad suuga eej mini
amin hairtai shuteen mini bilee.*

Title: Mother In My Dreams

The first daylight appears in the hazy morning

At a devotional moment I recall my mother hoping her son will return

staring into the distance till her desire fatigue

My mother who lives in the distance
is my dearest conviction

In the boundless sky thin clouds are ethereal

At the moment I pray I think of my mother boiling tea on the stove

staring into the distance till her eyes fatigue

My mother who lives in the distance
is my dearest conviction

The range of mountains ah…so imposing

In my heart ah…. always with a lump in my throat

I hold myself together in this world
bear the weight of sustenance to seek my dream in the distance

*My mother who lives in the distance
is my dearest conviction*


I understand that the Post production team had dub the original voice for some reason. So here is the clip that contains the original voice of Uudam (I understand his English  name is Michael)


On the broadcast version, they seems to have dubbed the song with the same song sang by another. but for the sake of the Flim Sound and Media students, i think i will post the Broadcast version so that you can compare their singing.