Sometime ago, I was publish a few timeline charts on this blog. So far there are the following entries

1. From Adam To Noah : Generations Before The Flood
2. The Timeline of the lives of Isaac, Jacob and Joseph
3. The Outline of Pentateuch books

Apparently some of you might have notice that one chart is missing, which is talking about the   timeline between Noah to Isaac.

Initially I was hesitant to attempt this due to the following reasons

1. The amount of calculations required  are very numerous and not straight forward
2. There’s a need to ascertain deaths, as there are patriarchs who are dead before their ancestors died

But there were some questions raised when i presented the outline of the Pentateuch books. The questions are usually asked on how do we know that death of Joseph = 2308 years after creation)

Therefore, this round i went through the calculation of the genealogy written in Gen 11 to come up with the chart that will link the 3 blog entries up.

I made use of Excel to help prevent calculation error, as the calculation required are so numerous, I would not be surprised if I made a mistake or two.

Generally the timeline between Noah to Isaac should look like this

Noah to Isaac

Here are some interesting facts I gathered while working on the chart.

1. Noah was in fact still alive when Abraham was born in Ur of the Chaldeans
2. When Abraham left Ur at the age of 75 (Gen 12:4) , Noah died  18 years earlier.
3. Shem is alive and well when Isaac was born
a. In fact, he is even alive when Esau and Jacob were born
b. Shem died 20 years before Jacob fled his house to stay with Laban
c. Shem was the last person who had seen the pre flood world.

Out of curiosity, I decided to include the birth of Joseph to the timeline to see if any of the pre-flood characters were still alive when Joseph is born, but the answer is a straight no.

Counting the time from Creation

Personally i am just compiling this time-line base on the assumption that the bible genealogies written in Genesis are complete and accurate, I am in no way suggesting that the reading i gathered here are absolute and can be scientifically proven.

However, we know that sometimes when the bible reports genealogies, there are records where names are left out or summarised. (For Example: The genealogy of Jesus in Lk 3:23-38 is an example of a Genealogy with names left out )

So I just urge readers to have a open mind when reading this.

1. From Adam to Noah entering the ark  = 1656 years from creation
2. After the flood, Noah lived for 350 years = 2006  years from creation
3. From Death of Noah to the Birth of Isaac 43 years = 2049 years from creation
4. From Birth of Isaac to the death of Joseph is 260 years = 2309 years from creation

Now assuming if the 430 years of Israel in Egypt (Ex 12:41)  started when Jacob moves to Egypt. we must take out 53 years

2309 –70 = 2239 years from creation

By the time the Israelites left Egypt it should be

2239+430 years  = 2669 years from creation

That will mean at the end of the 40 years in the wilderness its

2669 + 40 = 2709 years from creation

To those who are wondering why then is there a discrepancy of 1 year, that is because i am still unsure if the age of Shem is 102 or 103 when his son was born.

Hope it clarifies how the numbers are derived.