Recently in a discussion, I shared with my friends regarding the fact that a Christian ought to rely on God, I was sharing at the fact that the word of God is the guide we need in our walk with life.

Just as Psalmist once wrote this

“Your word is a lamp to my feet
And a light to my path.” – Psalmist (Ps 119:105)

I do agree that sometimes in very critical moments in life, God may through the spirit tells us exactly what we should do, but I personally believe that is when the decision we make will affect the faith of many.

For example,  God moved Phillip The Evangelist to go to the desert to meet the Ethiopian Eunuch (Acts 8:26-40) , which results to Ethiopia being a Christian nation even now).

Another example,  God gave Moses direct instructions on what to say to Pharaoh and the Hebrews in Egypt (Ex 3:12-22) , that is because Moses action will affect the faith of Israel.

But many a times in life, for the small decisions in life, you will find that God doesn’t direct us telling us exactly what to do step by step. So I shared that God guides by giving us the directions to take in life. The bible principles are taught in the sermons, hymns and even our daily pondering in the word of God.

The word of God warns us of potential pit falls in life, and especially when its about sin, and our job as a Christian is to learn from it and avoid those pitfalls (Prov 4:10-12)

Then I compared life as walking through a minefield, and the word of God is a mine detector, if we choose to walk through the minefield anyway we like, the consequences is that we may just lose a limb or lose our lives.

But again, as I said that, I cant help but admit, in my own life, I am not sure how many mines I have step on so far. I know God has protected me even though his unsuspecting child keeps stepping on the mines.

Sometimes these pains clause us to suffer much, once I was sharing with a friend when he is driving me back, sometimes its hard for us not to feel sad or even question God why did bad event happens to our lives.

Ironically when God gave me the peace from my trouble, I start to worry that I am not moving the direction God wants me to go. It felt so ironic for I blame God when troubles appear and now when peace is present, I am afraid I am not moving forward. Sometimes when we look at our lives,  it feels like a mess that we can never comprehend.

But in my experience, at the end of the walk and we look back, we can see the beautiful handiwork God had made on our lives.

There was an old ancient Portuguese Proverb that caught my attention which reads

“Deus Escreve Direito Por Linhas Tortas” which is translated “God Writes Straight With Crooked Lines”

According to the article “The Literal Use Of A Proverb” by George Monteiro, he claimed that there were discussion that the origin of this proverb came from St Augustine (354 AD – 430 AD)

This is the same proverb that inspired Corinne May’s song “Crooked Lines” I find her chorus really touching. For I can relate many things in her song to my life.

I remember once I encountered a dark moment in my life, I prayed and God was silent, and I was so sad that I posted my msn status message as “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”  which is translated “My God,  My God, why have Thou forsaken me?”

Then I tried to search for the answers of my misfortune, and I was almost tempted to visit a numerologist and a geomancer, to see if I could change my fortune.

I still remember a few overly concerned brothers dragged me behind for “counseling”

But sometimes its hard for us to see why especially when misfortunes meet us. I told my friends that there are still times in my life when I was questioning God for some of the tough things that happen to my life. There are still times I find it hard to let go of it. 

So although we often say that we need to rely on God but we know how difficult it really is to apply it. That is when I find the song “Crooked Lines” really described how I feel when I need to hold on to Gods hand.

Sometimes I wonder why is my life so messed up, and why did God leads us through so much sufferings. But her song lyrics seems to answer it so perfectly

“ God writes straight with crooked lines
   He takes the mess we make in life
   turns our groaning into perfect rhyme
   hidden by the veil of time
   the wisdom of His love’s design
   God writes straight with crooked lines”

It is true that sometimes only at the end of our lives, when we have finished our walking through our veil of time, then we can see the wisdom of Gods design.

Just like what Jacob said as he blessed the children of Joseph

“ God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked,
   The God who has fed me all my life long to this day,
   The Angel who has redeemed me from all evil,
   Bless the lads…” – Jacob (Gen 48:15-16)

Let us remember that God is the shepherd who will take care of us, we have to trust and rely on his hands, he will guide us till we safely reach our home land shore. So when life seems like a mess, and we cannot see the hand of God. Let us keep that in our mind.

I guess Corinne Mays song “Crooked Lines” is the perfect summary of what I want to say so lets enjoy it.

Title : Crooked Lines
Compose and Lyrics by : Corrinne May

My daughter tries to draw a butterfly
with her crayons and crooked lines
and she’s crying ‘cause she just can’t get it right

So i wrap her tiny hand in mine
to guide her where her heart’s design
and she smiles as her dreams take flight

Perhaps it’s how it is on this labyrinth road
I just need to let Him guide my soul


God writes straight with crooked lines
He takes the mess we make in life
turns our groaning into perfect rhyme
hidden by the veil of time
the wisdom of His love’s design
God writes straight with crooked lines

I’ve had days as dark as smoke
when it hurt too much too hope
and it felt like the pain would never end

Oh, searching for answers but finding jokes
limping along the winding road
certain He left me all alone…

when it’s hard to trust that there is a greater plan,
like a child i’ve gotta just hold His hand

‘cause (Repeat Chorus)

it’s hard to see the picture when you’ve got your head to the ground
but the vision is perfect from heaven looking down
there’s a reason for every detour and every scar
His mercy has always been written in the stars

(Repeat Chorus)

God writes straight with crooked lines Ohh!
God writes straight with crooked lines