So far we have covered

1. My preliminary response to the sermon by the Pastor
2. My thoughts on the Magi Gifts To Jesus
3. Millionaire Supporters Of The “Sophisticated Travelling Ministry”
4. Jesus Providence To The Disciples
5. Jesus ministry to the poor
6. Demystifying Judas, The Property Tycoon Wannabe and Treasurer
7. Demystifying Insulas and the housing at Jesus time.

Finally we have reach the last point, which is just as hilarious as the previous post

Pt 9: Jesus wore good clothes

John 19:23-24 : The soldiers were casting lots for the clothes of Jesus. As the video of his sermon ended, I was unable to hear this point. So I did a little research over the internet, and I realized, the main argument for claiming that Jesus was wearing designer wear, lies behind the fact that the soldiers cast lots for his tunic, and it was describe as a “Seamless woven” from top throughout.

Some claims that the Roman soldiers would not argue over a worthless clothing.

The Truth About Dressing In The Time Of Jesus

According to the time of Christ the people’s clothing have 5 components. I managed to find this from a website

1.  A head piece, some type of turban or cloth about the head
2. Sandals, a type of walking shoe
3. An undergarment
4. An outer robe hanging loosely usually all the way down to the ankles
5. A belt or sash called a girdle which held up the outer garment

Jn 19:23 tells us that the soldiers took 4 of the parts, and divided among themselves. and there was a 5th part known in Greek as “χιτων” (Chiton) that was the so called “Designer piece” that Jesus was wearing.

There are many legends surround this piece of clothing, you can see them  here.

It is most likely a coat

While we think that the soldiers are arguing over a expensive piece of Garments. The same words Chiton is also found in Lk 9:3. And here Jesus told them not to bring more than 1 when they travel.

The ancient people do not have wardrobes of clothes to wear in their time. Even on a journey, they only wore the one that they have. (In the case of Jesus) . Therefore, to own a second piece of garment is a big bonus. Hence it Is not surprising the soldiers would fight for the clothes.

Therefore it cannot be used as an evidence to prove that the Chiton  wore by Jesus are “designer wear”.

The Jewish Tunic

If we were to recall the story of Dorcas, she made many Chitons for the widows and Orphan (Acts 9:39) and if the one wore by Jesus was the outer garment.

Jewish woman made Chitons for their children when they grow up and have reach manhood. Hence this “designer fabric” designer could jolly well be Mary the mother of Jesus.

While I believe clothes like this has semimetal  values,  I do not think one could compare this to designer clothes today.

Why Then Did The Soldiers Bid For It?

Bear in mind a coat is useful for the wearer especially in the cold winters time. In fact, in ancient time, the coat could even be used as a pledge for loan (Deut 24:10-13)

In Deut 24, God instructed the people to return to the pledge items (clothes) back to the people so they will be able to keep warm at night. This was Gods law regarding lending to the poor.

Hence there are many reasons why the Soldiers would want to bid for the garment. It is valuable and useful, but most people would have at least one. Although an addition coat like that would always be useful in time of cold weather.

I guess it is up to you to decide if that is indeed “an expensive designer apparel” as the prosperity teachers believe  it to be.


I hope that this series will shed light into the time of Christ and help readers to read in context of the life and times of the bible. It has allowed me to relook once again into the the life and times Of Jesus and it has also challenged me to rethink about some of my previous understanding of the bible stories.

Before I close off, I would like to close off with Paul’s words

“ For you know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that though He was rich, yet for your sakes He became poor, that you through His poverty might become rich.” – Paul (2 Cor 8:9)

The riches mentioned by Paul here is talking about the fact that we could inherit eternal life. This could only be accomplish when Jesus sacrifice himself for us on Calvary.

To degrade the salvation grace of God into a “quest to get material blessing from God” is just like the days when the Israelites build a golden calf and said

“This is your god, O Israel, that brought you out of the land of Egypt!" – Israelites (Ex 32:4)

In fact, Aaron said this that angered God even more

“Tomorrow is a feast to the Lord.” – Aaron (Ex 32:5)

The Israelites then did not deny the fact that the Lord brought them out from Egypt, they just made a golden calf and called him “The god who brought you out of Egypt”.

We all know what happened at the end of the story, it resulted to the death of 3000 men.

Let us be careful when we interpret scriptures, and let us not make the same mistakes the Israelites of those days did.