This is a simple hymn that I used to hear the choir sing in many of the Evangelistic service. Recently I received a request from a friend to recommend a Chinese hymn about the peace of Jesus.

This hymn floated back to my mind immediately.

If the world we live in is a sea, the problems we encounter in life will be like the storms in the sea. This hymns assures us that Jesus is the harbor in the midst of life stormy seas.  The peace that he had given to us is not like what the world gives. It is given deep into our hearts, and it will never end.

As long as we are willing to submit to him, his peace will rule in our hearts

Title: 耶穌給你平安
Choir : 天韵




Repeat 1 X
Repeat Chorus


Title : Yē ​sū gěi nǐ​ píng​’ān​
Choir :tiān​ yùn​

zhè​ shì​ jiè​ suī​ yǒu​ kǔ ​nàn​
zhǔ​ Yē ​sū shì​ bì ​fēng ​gǎng wān​

tā​ yào​ gěi nǐ​
tā​ yào​ gěi nǐ​ píng​’ān​  ,
yuán​ yuán​ yǒng​ liú​ bù​ duàn​

Yē ​sū, Yē ​sū gěi nǐ​ píng​’ān​
Yē ​sū gěi nǐ zhēn​ zhèng píng​’ān
shēn​ shēn​ zài​ nǐ​ xīn ​li​
yuán​ yuán​ yǒng​ liú​ bù​ duàn
o​! Yē ​sū gěi nǐ​ píng​’ān​

Repeat 1 X
Repeat Chorus

Yē ​sū gěi nǐ​ píng​’ān​




English Translation

Title: Jesus gives you peace
Choir : Heavenly Melody

Though in this world there are storms
But Lord Jesus is that harbor by the bay

He will give you,
He will give you peace
One that flows on without stopping

Jesus ,Jesus gives you  peace 
Jesus gives you true peace
Deep within your heart
One that flows without stopping
Oh! Jesus gives your peace

Repeat 1 X
Repeat Chorus

Jesus gives your peace

In fact, I think I have shared two more hymns about peace . You can go for the lyrics here

Unfortunately, the second hymn is unique to my church, and its hard to find the tune