For those who are wondering what had happened to the Hesitant Prize Fighter for two months. There was many things that happened. There was much joyful events that happen,  But as the new life begins, there are much more things to watch out for and adjust, hence writing blog became a challenge for time.

During the free time, I was reading up the events in the book of Acts. So I decided to try to lay out the events of Acts by chronological order. The dates in the diagram are approximate but it serves as a good guide to those who are reading the book of acts.

At the same time as the diagram is being created. I was thinking, why not add in the approximate years where the book of the New Testament was written. However, it was only later when I discovered that dating of the New Testament books can be quite a challenge.

Hence I decided to plot in a conservative estimate of the time where the books are written as a rough guide. As these are based on personal research, the diagrams may be updated from time to time when new facts are confirmed.

But mean while, feel free to take a look at the diagram and give me some comments.

A timeline of the events recorded in the book of acts and their approximate dates