“Live as if you were to die tomorrow.
Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

We have discussed that there are many  things Christians ought to learn during their walk of faith.  So far we had covered the following lessons.

Lesson 1 : Learning To Fear God
Lesson 2: Learning To Do Good And Be Honest

Lesson 3: To Learn Righteousness

Let us continue to look at the 4th  Lesson

Lesson 4: Learning To Be A Good Samaritan

Jesus: “So which of these three do you
think was neighbour to him who
fell among the thieves?”

Lawyer: “He who showed mercy on him.”

Jesus: “Go and do likewise.”

The Samaritan encountered something that we would encounter often. Perhaps our encounter is less dramatic, but we do encounter people in trouble. When we encounter them will we choose to feel indignant and just do nothing? Or will we choose to be like the Samaritan to be moved with compassion to help?

Usually when we read the parable, we push the blame onto the Levites and the priest. We pointed out that they are people who understood the law of God yet they did not practice what they preach. For they saw a person in need and they pretended that he does not exist and they pass him by.

But if we were the ones at the scene, will we choose to do nothing just like the Levites and the priest? Therefore instead of being angry at them, let us learn to be moved by compassion just like the good Samaritan

Lk 10:33 tells us that the Samaritan is moved by compassion to help. He did not know the man and he is well aware that by helping the man he will need to delay his journey by at least a day. He is a on a trip and he is in a hurry to get to his destination.

Did the bible indicate that he is in a hurry?

In Lk 10:35 he left the man under the care of the innkeeper and went on his way. He could have left the man and declare “I have done all i can to help him” .  But he told the innkeeper

“Take care of him; and whatever more
you spend, when I come again, I will
repay you. “ Samaritan (Lk 10:35)

He did not perform this deed to get an award, but he did it out of his compassion for the man. When he witness an unfortunate event, and there was no one to help the man. He did not blame the others for their inaction, but rather he offered his help automatically.

That is why Jesus concluded the parable by saying “Go and Do Likewise”

A Story To Share

There was a shop that put up an advertisement saying “Puppies For Sale” There was a kid who went into the store and wanted to buy a puppy. So the shop keeper whistled and out came the puppies who came alongside with her mother.

Four of the puppies ran very fast, and there was one who lagged behind at the back.

The shopkeeper being a good businessman immediately said “He had been sent to the the vet, he is crippled and he will be lame for the rest of his life.”

but the child replied “I wanted that puppy”. The shopkeeper was surprised and he said
“You can have him for free”.  But the boy was angry, he said “I do not want him for free, this puppy is like any other, he is worth every penny” So he gave him 5 dollars and replied “I will pay up the remaining 5 dollars every week until I have paid up in full.”

The boss replied “That is not what i meant, I did not have a bad intention, it is just that the puppy cannot run with you and play with you. I meant well”

That is when the kid rolled up his trousers. it revealed an artificial limb. He replied. “I bought him because he cannot play like the other puppy, and I understand how he feels. He need someone who can understand and care for him”

This time, the shopkeeper with tears in his eyes said “I wish every dog would have a owner like you.”


The good Samaritan is just like this boy, he had compassion to empathise with others, he will always show compassion regardless of gender and race, he will help anyone who are in trouble.

For those who experience the love of God ,, we will know that he loved even those who are unworthy of his love. He continue to love us today, it is that love that move us.

Let us love each other with the same love that Jesus give us, let us not say that there is someone undeserving of our love and respect. Let us give them a chance of repent and help them change.

For if we are unwilling to do so, one day we will face the judgement of God. Jesus will ask  us “You have heard the story of the good Samaritan, have you understood what i am trying to say? I did not tell you the story to let you know that he is good, but I said “Go and do likewise”

Let us learn from the good Samaritan and let us show this love of God.