I remember hearing this song when i was a kid, during that time, it was sang by Teresa Teng and recently when i check her discography, that tune was almost as old as me.

Yet later on in my teens I heard it sang by Faye Wong as a tribute to Teresa Teng.

As a teen, I actually did not do very well for my Chinese language and I couldn’t really under understand the lyrics very well. During that time I thought that it was meant to be a love song.

Later on as an adult I read it up and found a interesting information about the song.

Facts About Su Shi and The Song

The original lyrics dated to the song Dynasty by a man known as . I guess most Chinese would have known him as Su Dongpo out of which the famous dish 东坡肉 is named after.

He was a writer, poet, painter, calligrapher, pharmacologist, gastronome, and a statesman of the Song Dynasty. He was eventually exiled from office. The lyrics of the song known as 水调歌头 and it was a poem that was written to be sung with a melody.

However the melody was lost over time and in the 1980s there were some musicians that reconstructed a new tune for the poem. That is the tune that we are familiar with now.

However, the modern singers omitted the very first few lines of the poem. Later on in life I realised that the song was actually written by Su Shi for his brother 子由 (AKA 苏辙) at the time the poem was written the brothers had not met for 7 years.

My Recent Encounter With The Lyrics

Recently I came across the lyrics while preparing some notes and in it i quoted 2 lines from the poem


Translated :
Man would encounter  Sorrow and Joy, meeting and parting.
Just like the moon which could appear in clouds and clear, full or in crescent”

There are many changes in life and they bring a lot Indeed there are many things in life we encounter, there are joys, tears, happiness and sadness. Just as what King Solomon once shared at the end of his life

“To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven;

What profit has the worker from that in
which he labors?   I have seen the God-given
task with which the sons of men are to
be occupied.” – Solomon (Ecc 3:1, 9-10)

So how should Christians react to all these things that we have encounter? How can we find peace in the times of sorrow? King Solomon tells us that sometimes God allow us to encounter them to keep us occupied, so that we will understand that nothing on earth last forever.

That is why we ought to hold on to what is good and the thing that will never change. That is God.

But nonetheless. All I wanted to do is to share the lyrics. so here goes


Title : 但愿人长久
Artist: Teresa Teng, Faye Wong ,Jacky Chueng, China Flowers
Lyrics :苏轼

míng yuè jǐ shí yǒu
bǎ jiǔ wèn qīng tiān
bù zhī tiān shàng gōng què
jīn xī shì hé nián
wǒ yù chéng fēng guī qù
wéi kǒng qióng lóu yù yǔ
gāo chù bù shèng hán
qǐ wǔ nòng qīng yǐng
Hé sì zài rén jiān
zhuàn zhū gé
dī qǐ hù
zhào wú mián
bù yīng yǒu hèn
hé shì cháng xiàng bié shí yuán
rén yǒu bēi huān lí hé
yuè yǒu yīn qíng yuán quē
cǐ shì gǔ nán quán
dàn yuàn rén cháng jiǔ
qiān lǐ gòng chán juān
Repeat *


How frequent does the moon appears bright?
Raising my cup I asked the heavens.
Not knowing the grand palaces in heavens.
Which year is it tonight?

For I desire to return with the winds
But I fear for this jade palace which I dwell.
For it is lonely at the top
So I begin my dance with my clear shadow
Can anything on earth compare to that!

Twirling around the vermilion pavilion
Beneath the silk gate
shining through my sleeplessness
not having regrets
But why must the moon be full when we are parted?

For man encounters sorrow and joy, meeting and parting.
Like the moon appears in clouds and clear, full or in crescent
For this had never been perfect
I wish that that we will meet forever
For we share the moon even when miles apart

Personally with my low standard of Chinese  it would be impossible for me to translate the song fully. But I found a translation that i like from a YouTube clip but I reworded some of them on this blog.


This is the version I hear in my teens
This is the original clip sang by Teresa Teng