Sometimes in our daily walk of faith,it is inevitable that we will run into trials as well as temptation. Therefore it is important for Christians to understand trails and temptation and knowledge of it can give us the strength to overcome trials and temptation

The book of James contains important concept that a Christian need to know regarding trails and temptation, these series of blog entries will cover them bit by bit.

The Fundamental Difference Between Trials And Temptation

I believe that the first approach to the question is first to understand the fundamental difference between Trials and Temptation. From the bible,we could find  3 differences between Trials and Temptations. Let us take a look at them

1. Trials Are From God, Temptations are From the Devil

God had once spoken through Prophet Zechariah

“I will bring the one–third through the fire,
  Will refine them as silver is refined,
  And test them as gold is tested.
  They will call on My name,
  And I will answer them.
  I will say, ‘This is My people’;
  And each one will say, ‘The Lord is my God.’””-YHWH (Zech 13:9)

Over here God tells us that he will trial his people like a man refining silver and gold. Yet we see that temptation is clearly from the devil. 

Now when the tempter came to Him,
  he said, “If You are the Son of God,
  command that these stones become
  bread.”  – Matthew (Matt 4:1,3)

Here the tempter is obviously Satan and we need to differentiate between the two. Trials are from God and temptation is from the devil.

2. Trials Are Meant To Benefit While Temptations Are Meant To Stumble

Trials are meant to provide a good outcome, Trials are good because they originated from a God that is good. When God trial a person that trial was done out of a good intent. For God will not do it for the sake of torturing someone.

If we understood the fact that trials are good, we will subject ourselves under it, but if we think that God is sadistic and he wants to torture us, than we will not subject ourselves to it.  But yet sometime we wonder, even though Trials are good, but yet the suffering that comes with it are bad. How then can one see the benefits of it?

Let us consider an operation, it is indeed full of pain and suffering, at the same time it costs us an arm and a leg.  But yet man willingly go through the suffering for we know that the doctor did not perform the operation so as to be sadistic towards us. It is a type of bodily harm done so that our lives will be preserved.

We will even be willing to pay the price and suffer, at the end of it we would even give the doctor our gratitude for we know that the suffering is meant to help us. 

The same attitude must be adopted when Christian  undergo trials for we know that our God is good, he had a good intention to put us into trials, perhaps it is true that suffering comes alongside the trial but we know it is for our good, and our attitude towards it will be different.

Temptation on another hand, is meant to stumble us and to harm us. The devil had an ill intent when he temps us, he wanted us to doubt God and to leave him. He wanted us to go against God. That is why we should reject temptation

3. Trial produces faith and temptation destroys faith

God’s purpose is to trial his children so that he can produce believers that are perfect. He wanted these believers to be more matured with a complete faith. On the other hand the devil tempts us so that he can destroy the faith of the believers. It will make us disobey God and eventually to leave the faith. The end result of temptation is that our souls will be faced with judgement and it will perish eventually.

 A Short Conclusion

So far we have looked into the differences between Trials and Temptation. Before we start looking at the first concept on dealing with the issues of Trial and temptation I would like all the readers to consider a few question

1. Can Temptation Come In A Midst of a Trial? 
2. Can Trials come in the midst of temptation? ?

If we were to think about these two question, one will inevitably arrive at a difficulty. The 3rd question is for those who manage to go to that level.

3.So Does God collaborate with the devil to bring forth trials and temptation?