Today I was just thinking about this song as I was watching through some of the videos of the Singapore National Day 2015. One of the video post was done using the tune of the song as the background.

I am sure many of my friends would have sang that at some point of their school life. So I decided to find out more about it.

The song was the work of Dr Liang Wern Fock, he is a Singaporean writer, musician. He was one of the pioneering figure of the Xinyao movement during the 80s and 90s. 新谣(Xin Yao) is the term used for  Singaporean Chinese Folk Song. This song was voted one of the best xinyao song.

I find the lyrics really beautiful. The song often reminds me of my friends in school which i have not met for a long time. Today since it is the 50th year of my country. I would like to share the lyrics on my blog.

Apparently the pioneer generation had a higher standard of Mandarin compared to me. As the original lyrics is very poetic and expressive, it is difficult to translate that into English. But i would try my best in this case.

Title: 细水长流 (The Tiny Stream That Flows Forever AKA “Friendship Forever” )
Lyrics :梁文福

无意之中 你将心愿透露
nian shao shi hou Shui mei you meng
wu yi zhi zhong ni jiang xin yuan tou lou
jiu zai ni sheng ri de shi hou
wo qiang xiao xiao kou qin song
zui nan wang ji ni de xiao rong
(Chorus 1)
(Chorus 1)
you qing de xi shui man man liu
liu jin le ni wo de xin zhong
ceng zai qiu chang bian wei ni huan hu
ni die shang wo bei fu
ye li liu xing fei du
xiang xiang Ta ri de lu tu
wan feng ting wo men zhuang zhi wu shu
nian shao shi hou shui mei you chou
man qiang fen gai wei you ni neng ting de dong
mei dang wo shi yi de shi hou
ni jiang na shou ge chui zou
qin sheng you you jie wo ging you
(Chorus 2)
成败不论 切莫将昔日遗忘
(Chorus 2)
sui yue de xi shui man man liu
liu dao le bie li de shi hou
qing pai ni de jian
ting wo shuo peng you bu yao tai chou chang
ni hong zong ran zai xiao zhang
wo men de bu lu you fang xiang
cheng bai bu lun qie mo xi ri yi wang
是否依旧 是否依旧
duo nian yi hou you zai xiang feng
wo men dou you le pi juan de xiao rong
wen yi sheng wo de peng you
he shi zai wei wo chui zou
shi fou yi jiu Shi fou yi jiu
After the music interlude
(Repeat Chorus 2, #3)
(# 4)
人愿长久 水愿长流
(# 4)
ren sheng de ji yu qian bai zhong
dan you zhi xin chang xiang zhong
ren yuan chang jiu  shui yuan chang liu
nian shao shi hou

When in our youth, we had  our aspirations.
Once you divulge your aspiration to me unknowingly
So on your birthday, I presented you a little harmonica
And how can I not forget that smile on your face?

(Chorus 1)
As the streams of friendship tickles over time
It flows into the our hearts continuously
As I cheered for you at the stadium
When you fell I carried you on my back
As we watch the stars and thought of our future in life
As the night breezes heard our countless aspiration

When in our youth, we had  our worries
Only you could understand my joys and my sadness
Whenever I am feeling disappointed
You would play that tune on that harmonica
That echoes through time, reliving my sadness

(Chorus 2)
As time tickles slowly like tiny streams ,
We reach the time to part our ways
I patted your shoulder
saying “Friend, lets not be sad”
For the rainbow will continue to be there
And we have our directions in life
No matter success or failure, lets not forget our time together

After many years, we met once again
We all had that same smile of weariness
So let me ask you my friend
When will you play that tune once again
Will it sound the same as the past?
Will it sound the same as the past?

There are thousands of up and down in life
Only the best confidantes meet forever
For their friendship is forever, like water flowing from its source
When we were young.

I found an video containing a lot of sights that will be familiar to any Singaporean who are born in the 80s

This is the MTV that i believe most of my peers will remember