So far we have studied 3 of the last will of King David.

1. The 1st will is to be strong and keep Gods commandment
2. The 2nd will is to judge and execute Joab the commander
3. The 3rd will is to show kindness to the sons of Barzillai (Part 3, Part 4)
4. The 4th  will is to judge and execute Shimei the Benjamite (Part 5)

In part 5, we have studied the character of Shimei. We talk about  how he is a man who bullies those who are in trouble. We have studied the sins of Shimei and understood that his sin was because he had cursed the Lords anointed.

After that we went on to discuss David’s responses to the curse of Shimei. We understood the need to confess our sins and to face the consequences that resulted from our sin. 

Now let us look deeper into the wrongs of Shimei and why he must be judged.

Shimei Distorts The Truth As He Cursed David

Let us consider the curse of Shimei.

“Come out! Come out! You bloodthirsty
  man, you rogue!  The Lord has brought
  upon you all the blood of the house of Saul,
  in whose place you have reigned; and the
  Lord has delivered the kingdom into the
  hand of Absalom your son. So now you are
in your own evil, because you are a
  bloodthirsty man!”- Shimei (2 Sam 16:17-18)

From here we can read of how Shimei distorts the truth. He had turn what is good into something bad. Shimei have treated what is bad as good. He accused David of being a bloodthirsty man.

He accused David of shedding the blood of Saul and claimed that God had judged him for that sin and gave his kingdom away. He claimed that David is caught in his own evil. His words appears true on the surface.

For it is fact that Saul had died and David became the king of Israel. It is also the fact that Absalom rebelled against him. There were many who supported the rebellion of Absalom. On the surface it appears as if David had killed Saul and had usurped his throne. It appears that Absalom is doing the same to David. 

But anyone familiar with the stories in 1 Samuel will know that it was Saul who disobeyed God. God rejected Saul as the king and during that time David had not came into the picture yet.

Saul Lost his throne because of God’s judgement and God had chosen David to be King in his place. When Saul knew that David will eventually replace him, he sought to kill David. By doing so, Saul had went against the will of God once again.

Even though David had the chance to kill Saul twice, David spared him again and again, Saul was eventually killed at Mount Gilboa in a battle against the Philistines. Even after his death, David did not take revenge on the house of Saul.

The bible recorded that David was King of Judah for 7 years, and he ruled Israel for 33 years. After the death of Saul there are many tribes who still supported the house of Saul. They rebelled against King David and refuse to acknowledge him as king. David did not assert his authority as the Lords anointed nor did he use his power to subdue the house of Saul. It took another 7 years before the other tribes understood the will of God and made David King.

David is not a man who lusted for political power, he did not force the people to support his claim to the throne. He gave them time to accept him.

There are all facts known by Israel but here we see Shimei twisting these facts. He accused David of shedding Saul’s blood and he even used the name of God as he distort the truth.

Understanding David’s Rationale For Judging Shimei

In the previous post, we saw David enduring the cursing from Shimei, and he did not put up a defence before him.  For he know that the facts could speak for itself and the truth cannot be hidden.

“You can fool all the people
  some of the time, and some
  of the people all the time, but
  you cannot fool all the people
  all the time." -Abraham Lincoln

Even though one could distort the truth, but the truth will be revealed in the end.

For we know that David eventually returns to Jerusalem to reclaim his throne. We have also seen that Shimei was eventually judged by God. For Shimei was executed by King Solomon. The bible gave an interesting narrative about the execution of Shimei.

“You know, as your heart acknowledges,  
  all the wickedness that you did to my 
  father David; therefore the Lord will 
  return your wickedness on your own 
  head.  But King Solomon shall be blessed, 
  and the throne of David shall be established 
  before the Lord forever.” – Solomon (1 King 2:44-45)

“So the king commanded Benaiah the 
  son of Jehoiada; and he went out and 
  struck him down, and he died. Thus 
  the kingdom was established in the 
  hand of Solomon.” – Author Of The Book Of Kings (1 King 2:46)

Shimei was killed according to his own sin. After his death, the kingdom was established in the hand of Solomon.

Shimei is a man who distorts the truth and can bring damage to his country. If a nation is filled with people who distorts the truth, there can be no peace. His words can spark of rebellion and civil war creating unrest among the people.

David’s command to execute Shimei is not  a mere pursuit of vendetta against Shimei. For the existence of  Shimei will undermine the security of the kingdom of Israel. He is someone who will not help build up a nation but will be a threat to the peace and security of the country.

Concluding The Study Of Shimei The Benjamite

Shimei is a man who set his heart to follow King Saul. Even though Saul was dead, he continues to follow blindly and continued in his hatred for King David. His support for Saul was so great that he even went to the extent of distorting the truth about David.

He disregarded the fact that it was Saul who went against the commands of the Lord, he disregards the fact that God had chosen David as King over Israel. He did not think about the damage that the house of Saul had did to Israel.

He choose to follow Saul blindly and went against King David, even if it means going against the will of God.

That is why David have to execute him , for there will be no security with him around. It was only after his death that the kingdom of Solomon was established.

Today we are like King David. We have our weakness and we sin against God. But we must emulate David to confess his sin and repent before God. When David repented and return to God, God gave him peace. This is the reason why we continue to respect King David as a man after God’s heart 

Let us not be like Shimei who followed blindly  and distorts the truth. For men like Shimei  will bring harm upon the kingdom of God. We know that he was eventually judged by God and was executed by King Solomon.

Let us learn to respect and emulate a man like David, let us learn to respect God and be loyal to the house of God. Let us be weary of a people like Shimei. Let us not be the Shimei within our own church and our own community.

Concluding The Series Of Study

I hope that this series will change how we read 1 Kings 2:1-9. It will help us  understand the will of David better. 

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