In our previous blog post, we have began our study of the sixth miracle of Jesus in the book of John. We have looked at the brave testimony from the blind man and we have also compared his testimony with the ones that are from his parents.

We have also learnt about the hard heartedness of the Pharisees and their unbelief even though they are aware of the miracles.  From there we discussed the importance of believing in Jesus and worshiping him. Let us now continue our study with 2 questions that may arise from this miracle.

Qns 1: Why did Jesus chose to heal him using such method?

It may be tempting to say that saliva, clay plus the water from the pool of Siloam is the secret to healing the blind. But we all know that it is not true. That is why we question “Why did Jesus make use of such methods to heal this man.

Throughout the bible, we have seen Jesus healing many blind men and the method he uses are different.

Case 1: Matt 9:28-30

Over here Jesus simply ask them “Do you believe that I am able to do this?” and he just touched their eyes and these man could see. There is no clay and saliva used in it.

Case 2: Mk 10:51-52

This is even simpler Jesus did not touch the man and he only said “Go your way; your faith has made you well.” and the man is healed instantaneously.

Case 3: Mk 8:22-25

This case is a bit special, the man wanted Jesus to touch him. That is probably due to the fact that he had heard how Jesus perform healing. So he begged Jesus to touch him. But this time Jesus chose a different method, he spat on his eyes, and put his hands on him. The man could see partially only.  Later on he touched his eyes again and his sight is restored. I believe that it happened not because Jesus was too tried or he was not powerful enough. But rather Jesus chose to do it deliberately.

Jesus used many different ways to heal the blind. Therefore the healing  lies not in the method used. The real question is about whether these man choose to believe in the words of Jesus. In another words “Are they willing to follow the instruction of Jesus?”

If they believe in Jesus and are willing to follow his instruction, they will be healed. But those who choose not to believe will not receive the grace of healing. If these men were doubtful, they will question “Why must i go through so much trouble to be healed? For Jesus had spoke and many received their sights” .  Some others will ask,  “Why must i go to the pool to wash my eyes?”. 

To the doubtful, they will take it that Jesus was trying to make life difficult for them.

But we see that this man having complete faith and followed all the instructions from Jesus. That is how he received this amazing grace of healing. 

The Question Of Obedience

If we continue in this train of thought. We will reach a conclusion that Jesus had different will for different people. Similarly, he wanted to test to see if they had faith and if they are obedient. Therefore regardless of which method that was chosen, we need to ask ourselves “Are we willing to believe in the words of Jesus?”

If we truly believe, we will be willing to follow his instructions, even though we may not understand why he had to put saliva on our eyes and why we need to go to the pool of Siloam to clean our eyes. We will gladly do it for we know that it is beneficial to us. A person with that attitude will accept his instruction when no one else can. For he will view it as a test from Jesus to see if he have faith and if he is willing obey him.

On the other hand,  It is easy to use logic to deny the Lord. Such logic often make us question God by asking “Why is it that you just spoke to him and yet you give me so much trouble”

Sometimes Christians fell for the same doubt, especially when we see others around us having an easier life of faith. That will lead us to think “We are all believers of Christ, but why did God make life easy for him and difficult for me? Why do I need to go through so much tribulation and why is my way so hard? Did Jesus love him more than me?“  Thoughts like this lead us to doubt God and murmur. That will prevent us from accepting, enduring and to remain prayerful in our life of faith. 

But if we recognise the fact that God had different ways for us to tread, and that our encounters in life will be different. We will know that God wills for us to believe and be obedient to him.  If we adjust our perspective,  we can tread better in this journey of faith 

Qns 2: “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

The disciples asked an interesting question. A question that sometimes we would ask as well.

“Rabbi, who sinned, this man or
  his parents, that he was born
  blind?”- Disciples (Jn 9:2)

Since ancient times, man had often struggled with question why are there suffering in this world. Every philosopher and every religion strive to give us answer, but be it eastern or western philosophy, people tend to think that suffering is a result of sin.

Many believe that bad events are retribution for our sins and we ought to suffer through it. The Jews had an similar concept. This is why the disciples felt that it was either the man or his parents who had sin.

The Answer Of Jesus

But Jesus corrected their concept that all illness is a result of sin. Therefore he answered

“Neither this man nor his parents sinned,
  but that the works of God should be
  revealed in him.” – Jesus (Jn 9:3)

There are some skeptics who misused this verse to claim that God allowed the man to be born blind so that God can manifest his power through him.

But how could man worship a God that is so cruel? A God who disable us for the sake of his glory. That would mean God created man as a tool to glorify himself. If it is true, than our God is unfair and unjust.  

So what does Jesus actually meant?

This man had encountered a great misfortune, but he could rely on God and God can perform a miracle for him. Even though it is not a guaranty that God will heal him. But God will be able to help him in ways that we would not expect.

Therefore instead of asking “Who sinned and brought this misfortune?” we should ask “How can we rely on God to overcome difficulty”?

If we readjust our attitude, it will allow the words of Jesus can bring comfort to those who are suffering. For when one encounters a misfortune, it is a reminder for the to return to God. It is an opportunity for them to learn to rely on God and to receive his grace.

This would result to the power of God being manifested and it can bring benefits to our lives. 

The Blind Choir

There is a blind choir that went around to sing, they spend their days testifying about Christ the saviour. They bore witness about how Jesus had manifested his power among these blind men and how he saved them so that they can join the choir and travel around preaching the gospel of Jesus.

Once there is a reporter who asked “You claimed that Jesus had saved you, but you are still blind and he had not healed your sight.”

But the choir replied “He did not open our eyes, but he opened our heart. He allowed us to see that he is truly the saviour and he can forgive our sins. As the result we will not face judgement in the future. We see how he had given us eternal hope and we can enter heaven in the future”

“We are all blind but you can also see our attitude in life, the peace that we have, compared to those who can see but are without the hope of eternal life, compared to those who only had emptiness and the despair of facing death, we are more fortunate and blessed”


Today when we encounter suffering, let us not cry and ask God why it happened. Let us dry our tears and ask “How can I rely on you to overcome this suffering? How can I preserve my faith so that others can see and give glory to God?”

Let us ask God to help us so that our faith will not fall and allow his name to be shamed. this is what we ought to learn whenever we encounter suffering. We need to believe that Jesus will help us not to be overcome by our suffering but be victorious over them. He will do it so that we can stand up and worship him even in the midst of suffering.

“For I know that this will turn out for
  my deliverance through your prayer
  and the supply of the Spirit of Jesus
  Christ, according to my earnest
  expectation and hope that in nothing
  I shall be ashamed, but with all boldness,
  as always, so now also Christ will be
  magnified in my body, whether by
  life or by death. “- Paul (Php 1:19-20)

Paul was preaching the gospel and he was thrown into prison by those who opposed him. He may be released or he may be executed. But even as he is facing life and death, he believed that if God is willing, God will save him and he will be free. But if not he may be dead. But he said “Be in by life or by death, God will be magnified in my body”

Some version said “I will use my body to glorify God in life or in death”

Paul went on to say if he was released, he can continue to preach and it is good for the church if he were to die and he return back to the Lord it is far better. He understood that believing in Jesus is good beyond compare for he can forgive our sins so that we will not face the judgement in the future.

For Jesus had given us eternal life and we can enter the kingdom of God. So we can give thanks in life and we can do the same in death. So we can magnified Christ both in life or in death.

May God help us so that we can know him and believe in him so that we can remain as his faithful disciples.