Recently I saw a video that is posted on face book

In it was a person called Michael Rood and he was talking about the book of Galatians

Here is a transcript of what he had said

“The Torah say will come upon if you don’t obey this
  Everyone who is outside of the works of the law is under a curse
  That’s what it says in Deuteronomy and that what it say in Galatians

  It quotes Deuteronomy right there But they mistranslated it 
  All those of the works of the law, no one is …
  All who are outside the words of the works of the law are under the curse
  Just like what it says””"

So out of curiosity I went to look for the verse that he was talking about it is Gal 3:10

“For as many as are of the works of the
  law are under the curse; for it is written,
  “Cursed is everyone who does not continue
  in all things which are written in the book
  of the law, to do them.”- Paul (Gal 3:10)

This the verse in Deut 27 : 26 reads

“Cursed is the one who does not confirm all
  the words of this law by observing them.’ … “- Moses (Deut 27:26)

According to Mr Rood, that means that those who do not observe the Law are cursed.  But did Paul misquote the verse? If not, what did Paul meant by the curse of the Law? When you read the verse in Deuteronomy , is it a true misquote? Or was it a misunderstanding of the words of Paul?

Initial Reaction

Mr Rood is not the only person on earth who can read Hebrew. I am sure Paul ability to use the Hebrew language when quoting scripture is not in anyway inferior to Mr Rood. Both Mr Rood and Paul are looking at the verse from 2 different perspective

1. It is true that whoever who is outside the law, is cursed. (Non Torah keepers)
2. Israelites who knows the law and fail to keep it, it cursed in the same way

Paul is not misquoting or mistranslating the scriptures. Anyone who read Deut 27 knows that Moses was addressing the Israelites and talking to them about the Law of God. Deut 27 contain curses that would befall Israel should they fail to keep the Law.

Understanding The Law Of Moses And Its Contents

When God gave the Law through Moses. The law is perfect. It illustrates the concept of morality that is expected of the people of God. The ten commandments contains the moral code and the spirit of the entire Law.

In those days, the Law also contains prophecies concerning the messiah found within the ordinances and statutes concerning the feast and sacrifices. The Spring Feast illustrate Gods salvation plan from Gods perspective where he had to be the Passover lamb, the first fruit of resurrection and to come and live among his believers from Pentecost onwards

The fall feast illustrate the salvation plan from believers perspective. Today believers must blow the trumpet to announce Gods ‘redemption method of forgiving sin through his blood. It is through his blood we enter into Gods presence through the veil that is Jesus. From now on believers had entered into the Holies Of Holies together with Christ into the presence of God. From now on the Spirit of God resides in our hearts, which is sprinkled with the blood of Christ. It is because of that we now dwell in booths, living with an attitude that we are pilgrims and sojourners until we finally enter rest in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Finally the law contains rules which is given by God as he  wanted his children to lead a life separate from the people of the world.  These law are given to separate Israel from the people of the world.

This is as spoken by God in the book of Leviticus 

“I am the Lord your God, who has
  separated you from the peoples. 
  You shall therefore distinguish
  between clean animals and unclean,
  between unclean birds and clean,
  and you shall not make yourselves
  abominable by beast or by bird, or by
  any kind of living thing that creeps on
  the ground, which I have separated
  from you as unclean.
  And you shall be holy to Me, for I the
  Lord am holy, and have separated you
  from the peoples, that you should be Mine.”- YHWH (Lev 20:24-26)

What Is The Curse Of The Law?

The Law Of Moses is a collection of blessings & curses. An example is found in Deut 27 , 28. Those who successfully manage to keep the law of Moses completely, would be blessed by God. Those who fail to keep it would be judged by God. They are cursed. Most of often than not, those who fail to keep the slightest of commandments are judged by God quickly and death would follow.

Let us consider a few practical example of this curse 
1. At Sinai, when Israel worshipped the Golden Calf, 3000 men were killed
2. Nadab and Abihu were killed for offering profane fire  before God
3. Eli and his sons were judged for failing their duties as Priest before God
4. The man who profane Sabbath in numbers was stone to death
5. Achan was judged when he disobeyed God and took the spoil of Jericho
6. The Benjamites were killed by Israel in the incident of the Levite and his wife
7. Korah and his gang were killed when the land swallowed them up
8.  The Kingdom of Israel and Judah were destroyed for failing to keep God Law
9. The entire generation of Israelites died in the wilderness for their unbelief

Was the Law To Be Blamed For These Calamities ?

These curse and judgment happen not because there is a flaw in the Law of God. But the curse came upon these people for they have failed to uphold the standards of the Law. The fault lies in the keepers  and not the law of God. God is executing fair judgement to the transgressors of his law

While some may called these transgressors as those outside the Law. But the fact is that all the transgressors here were descendant of Abraham. They were the Israelites bounded under the Mosaic Covenant. Circumcised with the mark of the Mosaic Covenant.

Just as Gentiles were punished by God for sinning and falling short of the standard of God. The same punishment is reserved for the children of Israel who failed to keep the Law which was given to them by God.

That is why both Jews and Gentiles require the salvation of Christ.

What Is To Come?

Now we have a better understanding of what Paul meant by the curse of the Law. Let us now examine another verse in the New Testament

“For if that first covenant had been faultless,
  then no place would have been sought for a
  second” – Author Of Hebrews (Heb 8:7)

On the surface, it appear as if the Mosaic Covenant is full of flaws. But is that what the Author of Hebrews really talking about? The curse of the Law is an example of this fault in the First Covenant. But is this fault a problem of God? Or the fault really lies in the keepers of the Torah?

Let us examine this deeper for only by understanding this correctly can one really appreciate the salvation which God had accomplished through Christ.