November 2017


The bible uses different titles to describe a believer of Christ. Many thinks that the titles are like ranks, one is higher than the other. But the fact is, these titles are used simultaneously. Each of these titles had a different significance  Each significance tells us of the virtues a believer ought to have.

That is why we ought to examines these titles and examine our faith with them. Are we living up to the expectation of these titles? or are we fake believers who does not live up to its standards?

The first and the most common title of a Christian is a believer. Even though it is common, but the significance behind the title is extraordinary. For a believer is one who had faith and believe in the word of God.

Faith is the beginning of our spiritual life. It is the most fundamental quality that God is pleased with.

Understanding what basic faith is about

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him,
for he who comes to God must believe that He is,
  and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently
  seek Him.”- Author of Hebrews (Heb 11:6)

This verse will be a great fit if everyone who comes before God believe in him. But the fact is that there are also people who comes before God and does not believe. Would it be unfair to expect these people to have faith?  This verse tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Is that a reasonable demand? If yes, what is the definition of faith over here?

The author said “"Believe that He is”. It is a faith that believe in the existence of God. God will reward those who hold such faith. The most basic faith is a faith that believe in the existence of God. Such faith will be rewarded by God, the faith mentioned by the author of Hebrews is not so much about believing in Jesus or the salvation of Christ. He is talking about the simple faith that believe that God is there in the first place. That belief is part of the nature of man. For God had place this nature into all man to seek him.

because what may be known of God
  is manifest in them, for God has shown
  it to them. For since the creation of the
  world His invisible attributes are clearly
  seen, being understood by the things
  that are made, even His eternal power
  and Godhead, so that they are without
  excuse,”- Paul (Rom 1:19-20)

Paul tell us that the works of God is seen clearly in the hearts of man. Have we wonder why every culture and every race had a concept of a God even though they have never seen him? That is because God had place that concept into the very nature of man.

This is done so that man will know that there is a God, for within him he knows that there is a creator.  That creator created the entire universe. This is so from ancient time even till now. Man had the heart to seek and worship God, it is often express through  his action. Even Atheist when force to desperation hope of a miracle or some unknown intervention.

This is a trait not seen in animals, for animals do not  have a nature to worship God. This is only seen in man. Whenever a man seeks for God, God will be pleased. God will see his heart and move him and guide him to understand.  Eventually he will find God and understood the word of God.

Reasons for unbelief

Today if one comes before God without faith, he comes before God believing in himself only. It is difficult for a man with such an attitude to be moved or guided by God. He may be a scholar in Greek and Hebrew, he may be able to read the bible in its original language from cover to cover. But he will read it and not understand, for he did not allow the word of God to dwell in him, he had rejected God upfront. He had denied the nature that God had placed in his heart. For he trust only in his own rational mind and his ability as a scholar.

A man with such attitude will make statements like “I will only accept if I can rationalise this in my mind. I will only believe if I see with my own eyes”. On the surface that sound reasonable. But if we take a step back and ask, does he only believe when he sees? That may not be the case all the time.

He had never seen his forefathers, but he know they exist, for he heard his grandfather talks about his own grandfather. At the same time he reads of books and historical character that they have not met. But yet he believe that they exist.  But ironically when he read about God in the bible, he finds it hard to believe. 

Others tend to say “I will only believe if my mind can accept and understand it”. This statement sounds fair, but is that what they do strictly? No, for they do no understand a lot of the components they see on their food labels, but they have the courage to eat the food . They are unable to understand how a mobile phone works, but they use them nonetheless.  Most of them are willing to use it because they can see the benefits from using it.

Others says “I will believe only when i see the proof of God”. That appears reasonable, but yet they are often seen using things that are unproven. When they get onto the cab, they did not demand a proof from the driver that he is a good man. They used his services in good faith believing that he is a gentleman. The proof will only be there when they complete the trip unscathed.  

Being a True believer

The truth is that, we do believe in things that cannot be seen , proven or understood. But yet when it comes to faith, we demand the strictest evidence. Is there a need for such evidence? We feel that there is a need because we do not have a heart to believe. We want to believe in ourselves and what we experience.

One day God will ask “"If we can believe in so many things, why not believe in me?”

God had place that nature to seek him in the heart of man, but we often choose to reject it. He place that nature within us because of his love, he took the first step to manifest himself before us. But not everyone is willing to follow and believe and that is the problem.

Many thinks that God choose not to reveal himself to us, and it is his fault but God had already taken that first step to allow us to believe in his existence, but we are the ones who choose to  reject and deny him.  We choose to believe and rely on ourselves, is it fair for us to push that blame to God?

That is why the bible gives us a definition of faith

“Now faith is the substance of things
  hoped for, the evidence of things not
  seen.”- Author of Hebrews (Heb 11:1)

Faith is something that we hope for, it is about believing what we did not see. If faith is not a result of us examining the evidence. There is only so much evidence we can gather, there is just so much knowledge we can accumulate. But faith is believing in something that is not seen. Faith is not a result of seeing, and Christians need to rely on faith to please God.  That is why they are rewarded when they seek God.

Today we can use this same faith to know God and believe in him. IF we are able to do so, we have become a believer. A believer is someone who believe in the Lord. But let us go one step deeper into this understanding.

What does it mean to be a believer? What is expected from a believer?  Are we a true believer?  That is a question that Jesus ask all of us.

“But there are some of you who do not believe.”
  For Jesus knew from the beginning who they
  were who did not believe, and who would
  betray Him.”- John (Jn 6:64)

Jesus already knew who would believe and who would not. He even know who will betray him.
What does the title of believer signifies? Let us examine a few points here.

Pt 1: A believer to truly believe in the word of the Lord

Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your son lives.”
  So the man believed the word that Jesus spoke
  to him, and he went his way. And as he was now
  going down, his servants met him and told him,
saying, “Your son lives!” – John (Jn 4:50-51)

The nobleman son is sick to the point of dying. The noble came to Jesus and pleaded with him to come to Capernaum to heal his son. But Jesus did not accede to that request. Jesus told him simply  “Go your way; your son lives.”. 

How would we have responded? Jesus did not grant our request, can my son be healed?  Sometimes we doubt, but the nobleman is a true believer, he truly believe in the words of Jesus. He place his trust in Jesus and headed back.

Today there were many words spoken by Jesus which we no longer believe, even if we do believe, we have our doubts over it. But if we are unable to believe in the words of Jesus, are we still believers?

“Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives,
  the disciples came to Him privately, saying,
   “Tell us, when will these things be? And
    what will be the sign of Your coming,
    and of the end of the age?””= Mathew (Matt 24:3)

The disciples believed that Jesus will come again and when it happens it would be the end of the world. This is something many Christians do not believe today. But these was spoken by Jesus. The disciples believed, that is why they asked about the sign of his coming. Those who do not believe will not ask such question. They will treat this as a threat, a fairy tale or a story

But those who truly believe in the words of Jesus, will make preparations for his second coming. It is a pity that after Jesus ascended to heaven, many Christians stopped believing in this. Peter wrote about people who mock and scorn at the second coming of Christ. For many years have past and Jesus had not come. The word continues to go on and the world continue to progress. How could the world be destroyed?

As the result many stop believing in his second coming.

 The state of many churches today

When Peter wrote about people who stopped believing in the second coming of Jesus, it should be between the period of 30 CE-70CE.  40 years have barely past and the people had stop believing. How more now in year 2017, two thousand years away from Christ.

That is why many Christians no longer believe in the second coming.  The churches are no longer in use, and many of these buildings were sold. Sometimes my church would purchase these buildings. When we encounter the members of the previous church that gathered. Sometimes they will find it amusing why we wanted to purchase their building. For they themselves have already stopped going to church and have decided to sell the building off.

What is sadder is when some of the church buildings are converted into bars and people make a mockery out of the phrase “Lets go to the church”. It seems that many Christians have stopped gathering in churches.

Yet we know of Christians who choose to gather to worship at all times. Even though they have no church building, they will gather in each others house.

From here we can see that different believers have different levels of faith. But let us not examine others but ourselves. Do we truly believe in the words of Jesus? If we do, we should be prepared for his second coming. We may not be rich on earth but we will never be without God. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, for we know that life on earth is short and all will come to nothing in the end.

We will be satisfied with God, and find peace and joy in the midst of our difficulties. We will not be like the rich fool. The rich fool only believe when he sees God, but it was too late for him. 

 Pt 2: To believe is to have a living faith accompanied with works

“You believe that there is one God.
  You do well. Even the demons believe
  —and tremble! But do you want to know,
   O foolish man, that faith without works
  is dead?”- James (Jas 2:19-20)

Interestingly, the demons sometimes have more faith than man. While many on earth choose not to believe in God, but the devil knew and believe God exist. While many on earth forget that Jesus will return to the world as a judge, the devil believes in the judgement of God, he trembles at the thought of it.

The devil have faith, but can such a faith save him?  James tells us that they believe and they tremble, but their belief is one without action, it is faith without works. He believe in God but not worship God, he believe in God’s judgement, but there is no repentance. that is a faith without works, it is  a dead faith.

Today many of us believe that Jesus is our saviour, we believe he will come again. But is our faith one with works? Have we truly repented from our sin and ask God for forgiveness? Are we willing to keep his words and do all that he had commanded. If we believe but refuses to draw near to God. If we believe in the judgement of God yet continue to sin. Can such a faith save us?

That type  of faith is no different then a faith of a demon. We need to have faith and we need to accompany faith with works. then that is a true faith, a faith that can save. It is a faith that will follow the command of God.

If not, Jesus will ask us “Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” We need to repent be zealous so God will truly love us. God does not want to judge us, he will that all man be saved. But the day of judgement is set, for God is just and we need to judge man for the things they do. That is why we need to obey the words of God.

There are many things that we need to be serious about on earth. We need to put in our effort in  order to gain the reward. That is why we study and work heart, we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of result. But why is it that we are not willing to do so with regards to faith?

Pt 3: To believe is to have God in our hearts

It is our choice if we want to believe in God or not. It is our choice to be serious in our faith. I hope that each and everyone of us will make the right choice.

“As many as I love, I rebuke
  and chasten. Therefore be zealous
  and repent. Behold, I stand at the
  door and knock. If anyone hears
  My voice and opens the door, I will
  come in to him and dine with him,
  and he with Me.”- Jesus (Rev 3:19-20)

Jesus rebuked the church of Laodicea. They appear as good before the eyes of man. They are zealous in their service and they offered much and preached the gospel. The church appeared prosperous and good, lacking nothing. They called Jesus Lord and are pious in their worship of God.

But God does not judge by their external experience, God look into their heart. Their heart is without God and that is something that shock people. For these Christians are zealous yet without God in their heart. They called Jesus Lord with their lips, but there is no Lord in their heart, there is no fear of God, can external faithfulness save a person?

The Pharisees are serious in their worship, but their external faithfulness save them? They appear perfect, but Jesus called them whitewashed tombs. For there tombs look beautiful but within them are dead mans bones.

Faith is not an external show for others to see, it is about having God in our hearts and being a true believers. That is why Jesus rebuked these men, they need to repent and be zealous for God. They need to open the door of their hearts so that Christ can enter them. they need to allow Christ to be their king and to rule over their hearts. then they will be a true believer with a faith that saves.   

The Umbrella Illustration

There was a merchant who often goes to the native village to do businesses.  Whenever he arrives at the village, he will carry an umbrella with him, and the natives find it strange. they have never seen an umbrella and wonder what it does. But they figured that since the merchant carry it all the times, it must be something important.

One day the chief asked the merchant. “What is this umbrella for? Why did you carry it?”
The merchant replied, “The umbrella is useful, especially when it rains. You will not get wet in the rain if you carry the umbrella with you. If you would like, I can sell my umbrella to you.”

So the chief bought the umbrella and he waited for rain, finally one day it started to rain. Everyone in the village gathered at the chief house, they wanted to see him use the umbrella. However the chief took the umbrella with him  and he was wet. The tribes man thought he was using the umbrella incorrectly. They advice him to hold it with both hands. But no matter how he hold it, he was still wet.

So everyone in the village thought that the merchant had cheated them. When the merchant arrives at the village again, they scolded him and call him a cheat.

“Didn’t you say that if i carry the umbrella I won’t get wet? Why am I drenched?” The chief asked.

So the merchant asked “How did you hold it?”

The chief replied “ I held it with both hands, a single hand, and even strapping it on my back”

The merchant asked “ did you open the umbrella?”

that is when the merchant opened the umbrella. From then on the chief knew that he would not get wet if he opens the umbrella.

It is good for us to be Christians and it is good for us to believe in Jesus.  But if we refuse to open our hearts, if we refuse to fear God and to allow God to rule in our hearts. What is the use of holding on to faith?

Jesus wanted to come into our hearts, and he want to dine together with us. May everyone open their hearts tot he Lord. May God be in our hearts always. May we learn to worship him with our hearts, for such a man is a true believer.


So far, we have studied the following

1. The Holy Spirit Is Here To Lead Us Into All Truth  (Part 1, Part 2)
     a. Aspect 1: To lead individuals to develop a relationship with the Truth 
     b. Aspect 2: To lead the church into all Truth 

Now after having the understanding of Entering Into The Truth. Lets move from individual into the church.

Pt 1.2: The H/S Is here to Lead The Church Into All Truth

The Holy Spirit is here to guide the church into all truth. That is to develop a deeper understanding of the truth. This is best seen in how they understood and explain the scriptures. In this example, we will look at how they explain the prophecy regarding the rebuilding of the temple.

“After this I will return
  And will rebuild the tabernacle
  of David, which has fallen down;
  I will rebuild its ruins,
  And I will set it up;
   So that the rest of mankind may
  seek the Lord,
  Even all the Gentiles who are called
  by My name,
  Says the Lord who does all these things.’”
  Known to God from eternity are all His works.
  Therefore I judge that we should not
  trouble those from among the Gentiles
  who are turning to God, “- James (Acts 15:16-19)

James was quoting the old testament scriptures and during the discussion about circumcision  during the counsel at Jerusalem. James quoted the scriptures regarding the rebuilding of the temple. His usage of the prophecy tells us that the apostles viewed the rebuilding of the temple to be more than a physical event. It also concern the establishment of the church.

Today many non believing or half believing Christian will discredit the new testament by accusing the apostles of quoting the scriptures out of context. But many of them do so because they were unable to understand how the Apostles was lead to the truth.

Let us examine how the apostles explained the prophecy of rebuilding the tent of David.

The basic textual understanding and the truth led by the Spirit

In its raw form, the prophecy was made by Amos. In its context, Amos was talking about the time after the first temple was destroyed. God was prophesying that the temple will be rebuilt. As far as the textual fulfilment of this prophecy, it is already fulfilled.

For we know as a historical fact of how God led the Jews to return from the Babylonian captivity.  Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah return to Jerusalem and the temple was rebuilt.

But the Holy Spirit lead the disciples to look at this prophecy at a deeper level. The Apostles saw a dimension into the truth regarding the prophecy. the prophecy is also about rebuilding of the temple in the latter days. That is the apostolic church built by the Holy Spirit.

For the old prophecy of Amos contains something else which was unfulfilled. That prophecy talks about the Gentiles coming in to the temple to worship God after it is rebuilt.

The fact is that after the Jews rebuilt the temple, there are not a lot of gentiles coming to follow the Lord. That part of the prophecy was not fulfilled. It is only fulfilled after the apostolic church is established by Jesus.

For God said he will rebuild the fallen tent of David, and this rebuilt tent is the Church. Through the church, God will save Israel as well as the gentiles. When Peter first  preached to the gentiles, he understood it, the apostles understood that as well. That is why they quoted the prophecy about rebuilding the fallen tent of David.

There understand that the gentiles who will enter the rebuilt tabernacle of David (that is the church). That understanding is not created out of thin air, they did not come up with the concept because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed . They took that understanding from the words of Jesus.

“Destroy this temple, and in
  three days I will raise it up.”- Jesus (Jn 2:19)

Initially the disciples did not understand what Jesus meant. Especially about the part that he will raise the temple. As far as they know, the temple was ready rebuilt. They extended the temple later and it took 46 years to complete that extension. How could the temple be destroyed and rebuilt in 3 days?

At that point of time, they are unable to understand or link that to the prophecy on Amos. 
But after  Jesus ascended to heaven, and poured the Holy Spirit onto the first Christian. Not long later the gospel is preached to the gentiles and the Holy Spirit fell on them even though they did not keep the Law of Moses. They finally understood and believed the scriptures.

For now indeed the gentiles are able to call onto the name of Jesus and be saved just like the Jews. That is when they understood what Jesus meant.  That is why John wrote this in his gospel. 

“But He was speaking of the
  temple of His body.  Therefore,
  when He had risen from the dead,
  His disciples remembered that He
  had said this to them; and they
  believed the Scripture and the word
  which Jesus had said.”- John (Jn 2:21-22)

At point of time, the scriptures referred to the old testament. These Christians believed in the scriptures as well as the words of Jesus. That is why you see them arriving at this understanding of the prophecy of Amos. 

 Was The Apostles Understanding Wrong?

So now we understand that Jesus was raising a spiritual temple which is the church. Today it is through the church God will save all of mankind. The Church must be built on the truth an dthe Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to both Jews and gentiles who did not follow the Mosaic covenant. The church is the body of Christ. These are all basic understanding  that the early Christians had as they preached the gospel.

Today many feel that this prophecy concerns us in the last days. But how do we fit into these prophecies?

We know as the matter of fact, the Apostolic Church did not last beyond the first century. By the beginning of the second century, the church had already departed from the truth.  Heresy had already crept in even at the time of Paul. And today anyone who believes in prophecies understood that the temple must be rebuilt before Christ will come. 

But now Jesus had not come, yet the temple was no longer true, so are the disciples wrong?

The Early Church And Her Belief About The End Times

To understand this, we need to consider another prophecy quoted by the Apostles.

“But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
  ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
   That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
   Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
   Your young men shall see visions,
   Your old men shall dream dreams.
    And on My menservants and on My maidservants
   I will pour out My Spirit in those days;
  And they shall prophesy.” – Peter (Acts 2:16-18)

When The Holy Spirit first came on Pentecost, Peter quoted Prophet Joel. He claimed that the prophecy was fulfilled on the church. For in the end days, God will pour his Spirit onto his children. When that happens than the great and awesome day of the Lord will come.

At that point of time, the disciples felt that last days were close at hand, for the Holy Spirit had established the church. God is able to saved those who believe and they believed that the judgement day will come soon.

This is especially so as they have experienced the Holy Spirit that was given to them on Pentecost.  When Peter shared the prophecy, the Jews were cut to their heart,  they understood the prophecy and they saw the Holy Spirit poured down fulfilling that prophecy. They believed  that the great and awesome day of the Lord is at hand.

That is why in Acts we see them repenting, selling their earthly procession and went out to preach. For they believe that since the Holy Spirit is here, and the end of the world is coming. They wanted others to repent and believe in Jesus .

But today we know, the end of the world had not come, close to millennial had past, and Christ is not here yet. Who would have expected that the prophecy will span 2 millennial and still unfulfilled.

So is the prophecy Wrong? Are their understanding incorrect?

We know that the prophecy are true, but its just that they have not entered into that truth yet. Even at the time of Peter they have not entered into that level.

The Deeper Understanding Of The Descent Of The Holy Spirit

The deeper aspect that they have not seen, is the fact that the Holy Spirit will come in 2 periods. The first was at the time of the apostles, and the second time that is close to the end of time.

Why do I have the audacity to make such a proclamation? 

Let us go back to the Prophecy of Joel.

“Be glad then, you children of Zion,
  And rejoice in the Lord your God;
  For He has given you the former rain faithfully,
  And He will cause the rain to come down for you—
  The former rain, And the latter rain in the first month.” – Joel  (Joel 2:23)

Joel talks about the 2 periods of rain. The Autumn rain starts from October to November, it is the time for sowing. After that comes the Spring rain which is March to April and its called the latter rain.

Joel is not talking about ordinary rain, for we know that as long as the earth moves, the rain will always come on time. There is little need to be joyful. But why did the prophecy say that they will rejoice?

Joel is not referring to the blessing of rain, but the Holy Spirit being poured out.  They will receive spiritual life.  Joel 2:28 was used by Peter in his sermon.  It says in Joel 2:31 the sun will be darkened, and the moon will be as blood  Then the great and awesome day of the Lord will come.

That is why we know that there are 2 period of rain, it will come, and the spiritual temple will be rebuilt. It will save those in the last days, then the great and awesome day of the Lord will come.

The Prophecy And Us Today

In our modern Era there are many churches, many of them teaches from the scriptures. their belief were all different, and they are all taken from the bible. How do we know if we are really in the right church?

Only by comparing our belief with the teaching of the apostles can we find the right church. Only if we open our hearts to God then the Holy Spirit can lead us to enter into the truth. On the personal level, we ought to esteem the leading of the Holy Spirit and continue to seek the truth. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and to compare the teaching of the church to see if what she teaches is according to the words of God.

But Will There Be Another Revival And Another Descent Of the Holy Spirit?

Some who are reading my point here will wonder, will there be a 3rd descent of the Holy Spirit? What if we are wrong? how can we be sure? If the revival is now, why is it that the churches are not perfect?

I am personally certain that there will not be a 3rd aspect. For so far I have based all my belief of the Old Testament prophecy based on the explanation of the apostles. So far we know that the apostles regarded the temple as the church. And Prophet Joel’s rain refer to the down pouring of the Holy Spirit.

We know as a matter of fact, there are 2 temples. One built in the time of  Solomon and one built in the time of Zerubbabel,. This is similar to the fact that Joel only mentioned 2 periods of rain. One was during the Apostolic Era (Autumn Rain) and today we are in the spring rain.

The Parallel In The Story Of Noahs Ark

Interestingly, there is a similar typology given in the story of Noah. Personally I do not believe in using prefiguration often. For I understand how prefiguration can be abused by men to push incorrect teaching. Before I share this I would like to emphasise this.

Prefigurations or typology should never be used to define belief or doctrines. Prefiguration must not be a result of imagination, it should be base according to the words of Jesus.  

With that understanding, let us examine the story of Noah.  

In Gen 8 Noah sent out the dove to check if the waters had resided. The order in which the animals were sent out coincides with the 3 period of times where the Holy Spirit work on the earth.

The dove is often used to refer to the Holy Spirit (Matt 3:16, Mk 1:10,Luke 3:22, John 1:32).

Jesus himself once said.

But as the days of Noah were,
  so also will the coming of the
  Son of Man be.”- Jesus (Matt 24:37)

It seem that the story of Noah had a deep connection with the last days. For in those day the people was evil and God had to judge the world. To save Noah, Noah had to build an ark according to the dimension and specification given to him by God. The ark is also a prefiguration of the salvation of God, and the need to adhere to the command and instruction of God for salvation.

As the story unfurled, Noah released the Dove 3 times.

On the first time, the waters were not cleared (Sin was still present) The dove was unable to find a place to rest. This is referring to the time of the Old Testament under the Mosaic covenant. The water had not resided, God salvation is not established fully and sin was not forgiven. The Dove was able to fly around but was unable to rest on anything. It could fly around but eventually it had to return to the ark.

The second time, the waters had partially resided, that coincides with the apostolic era. At that point of time the work of salvation is completed. The dove is able to bring back an olive branch, but yet it returned to the ark. This is similar to the Holy Spirit bringing the first fruits back to heaven. These are the first believers 

Now the third time, the dove is released, this time it did not return.  It will continue to work until the plan of salvation is complete. 


Usually i would choose not to share prefiguration’s, but I decided to share this today as i find that the typology matches the entire study that we have seen. I hope that readers will understand that my understanding is not built base on the prefiguration.

My understanding is first built on the words of Jesus and the apostles as well as the understanding of the prophet. When everything ties together,then it could be tied to a prefiguration.

In this case, it is the apostles who linked Joel with the pouring of the Holy Spirit, they were the ones who link the rebuilding of the temple to the church.  The link between Noah to the end days comes from Christ and if we believe in the words of Christ, we know that everything will happen according to what he had said. 

  Jesus once tell us

“Now learn this parable from the fig tree:
  When its branch has already become tender     
  and puts forth leaves, you know that summer
  is near. So you also, when you see all these things,
   know that it is near—at the doors!”-Jesus (Matt 24:32-33)

Jesus was talking about a geographical fact, that if the fig tree ripens, than summer is near. But what are the signs he is referring to?  He was referring to the signs of the end days which he had shared from Matt 24:1 onwards. If we really look at the signs we know that the time is near.

Revelations tell us that Jesus is at the door knocking and the time is running out. We need to open our hearts to God and allow him to lead us. Let us all prepare , and allow the Spirit of God to guide us. Let us pursue spiritual growth.

May God help us.