This is one of the original hymn created by the church. In its original Chinese lyrics. It is saying that God wanted us to be like Jesus. To be merciful, holy, to be meek and humble just like Jesus. It reminded us to rely on the Spirit of God to submit to it for God wanted us to be just like Jesus.

But as the church progressed to have an English speaking congregation, the Chinese hymns had to be translated into English, and those who did such translations understands the trade-off between preserving the content of the lyrics while preserving the same number of notes per line. As a result, some of the hymn were re-written. This is of the hymns that was affected by this.

When I was younger I often sing this in Chinese, but recently the English version seems to speak out to me much recently.

For I am now living in a place where it is difficult to share the gospel. The issue I am facing is mainly a language barrier. It is difficult to master a new language plus the luxury of time to study isn’t there ever since paternity kicked in. In the day time we struggle to make a living and at the night time is spent taking care of children.

So in a prayer I was telling God that this is a helpless situation and it seem impossible for us to share the gospel here. No matter how hard we try, there seem to be no one.  Most of the time we are seekers of the seekers. Where most of our friends had other priorities and eternal life isn’t the biggest issue compare to the challenge of daily survival.

Interestingly, God responded. For in my life there were a few friends that I deemed as impossible to reconnect. The reason for this is because we lost contact when we are really young and during those days the only way to reach a friend is to make a phone call through the land line. (mobile phones were a luxury then). The chances of running into my friend in person is impossible as I am working in another country.

But despite the odds, God allowed me to run into my childhood friend. The circumstances how it happened was even more miraculous. For my childhood friend had randomly boarded a Grab car belonging to another church brother of mine. My church brother had no idea that the man he picked up was my childhood friend. As they were travelling together, my friend noticed some church tracts in my church brother car. As he read it, they ended up speaking to each other about God. That is when my childhood friend told him that he visited my church and it was me who brought him there.

It was through this chance encounter I managed to reconnect to a long lost friend. Which is someone whom I deem as impossible to meet again.

While this event reminded me that with God all things are possible. There still lingers within me the thought that it is impossible to share the word of God because of the language barrier.

That is when the English version of the lyrics keep reaching out to me. It is reminding me that those in the image of God will just shine. Through it God is reminding me just to try my best to live out my life for him. The action by itself will shine for God without me saying a word.

I remember the many times I feel helpless here, for even the simplest work of buying groceries and ordering food becomes a challenge when the menu and aisles are written in a language you cannot understand. Even though with God help over the years I can understand some of the text . It is still quite a challenge to do things that used to be without effort in the past. But we should not back down from trying, and we have to continue to live and shine.

And through this hymn God reminded me once again that our labor in him is not in vain. Even though great empires and great work can crumble, but those who shined for the Lord will always be remembered.

This is the reason why I felt so compelled to share this hymn with everyone.


Title: Those in His image shall shine
Author : Unknown

<<Stanza 1>>

O list to the voice of
the Prophet of old,
Proclaiming in language divine,
The wonderful,
wonderful message of truth
That “Those in His image shall shine.”

They shall shine as bright as stars
within Heaven jeweled with light;
And they that turn many
to His righteousness
As the stars eternally bright.

<<Stanza 2>>
Tho’ rugged the path
where our duty may lead,
Oh! Why should we ever repine?
When faithful and true
is the promise to all,
That “Those in His image shall shine.”
(Repeat Chorus)

<<Stanza 3>>
The grandeur of wealth,
and the temples of fame,
Where beauty and splendor combine,
Will perish, forgotten
and crumble to dust,
But “Those in His image shall shine.”
(Repeat Chorus)

<<Stanza 4>>
Then let us go forth
to the work yet to do,
With zeal that shall never decline,
Be strong in the Lord
and the promise believe
That “Those in His image shall shine.”