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So far, we have studied the following


1. The Holy Spirit Is Here To Lead Us Into All Truth  (Part 1, Part 2)
     a. Aspect 1: To lead individuals to develop a relationship with the Truth 
     b. Aspect 2: To lead the church into all Truth 
2. The Holy Spirit is here to lead the church into all truth (Part 3)

We have taken a detailed look on how the Holy Spirit is able to lead us into truth. Now it is time for us to examine the second point of the Pneumatology of Christ

Pt 2: Holy Spirit  will not go against Word of God

Let us examine the words of Christ again

“However, when He, the Spirit of truth,
  has come, He will guide you into all truth;
  for He will not speak on His own authority,
  but whatever He hears He will speak;
  and He will tell you things to come.”- Jesus (Jn 16:13)

Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit will not speak on his own authority. He will only tell us what he heard  from God. Jesus continues tells us
 He will glorify Me, for He will take of what
   is Mine and declare it to you” – Jesus (Jn 16:14)

The Holy Spirit will not tell you that which does not belong to Christ. He will never go beyond the words of God or speak against it. This is an important concept that we must understand, for it will affect how we discern the truth.

The modern Christendom is full of people who claims to be moved by the Spirit. But if any of them spoke against the word of God. Then he is speaking on his own authority and is not led by the Holy Spirit

Misconception 3.  Must we listen everything revealed by the Spirit?

Today are many religion including Christianity believes in the inspiration and revelation of a Spirit. But ironically, many of these inspired word from the Spirit goes against the truth from the Bible. These inspiration were not the words of Jesus.

That is why it is so important for Christians to learn to discern. There are some who feels, that since the Holy Spirit is here to lead us into all truth. Therefore, whatever the Spirit said must be right and should be accepted.

But is this the right concept to hold? Jesus tell us that the Holy Spirit will never speak on his own. He will only tell you what he had heard, he will only take what belongs to Jesus and declare them to us. That is the right understanding we ought to have.

What are “Things To Come” in John 16:13?

But when we read John 16:13, we understood that the Holy Spirit will tell Christians about the things to come. But what is it referring to? Those things to come concern the death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. Those are things that had yet to happen at the point of John 16:13.

Why must Jesus die? How will he resurrected? Why must he ascend to heaven?  What does all these have to do with our faith as a Christian? Those are questions that the apostles are still unable to understand at the point of time.

When the Spirit came, he lead them into all truth, they have wrote their understanding in Greek for the sake of the wider audience  and today these writings form the New Testament that we read. These words they wrote are based on the words of Jesus, not revelations from Spirits. The Holy Spirit allowed them to recall the words of Jesus, when they entered into all truth, they are able to understand its spirit and its meaning.

As Christians we ought to understand that the Holy Spirit will never go against the truth. Why is it so? Let us examine the reasons behind it.

Reason #1 : The Holy Spirit Is The Truth, Just like Jesus

One of the simplest and the most important reason is the fact that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth.  We know that Jesus is the truth. How can the Spirit of Truth go against the Truth of Jesus?

But where in the bible tells us that the Holy Spirit is Truth? 

“This is He who came by water and blood—
  Jesus Christ; not only by water, but by
  water and blood. And it is the Spirit who
  bears witness, because the Spirit is truth
  For there are three that bear witness in
  heaven: the Father, the Word, and the
  Holy Spirit; and these three are one.”- John (1 Jn 5:6-7) 

John explains why the testimony of the Holy Spirit is authoritative. That is because the Holy Spirit is truth. The same John wrote in the gospel that Jesus is the truth. Can there be two truth? no, for the Truth is only one. By calling the Holy Spirit truth, he implying that the Holy Spirit is one with Jesus.

Just as Jesus is one with the father, and the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Jesus, that makes him the truth.  So how do we know that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus? 

“Now when they had gone through Phrygia
  and the region of Galatia, they were forbidden
  by the Holy Spirit to preach the word in Asia. 7
After they had come to Mysia, they tried to go
  into Bithynia, but the Spirit[ did not permit them.” –Luke (Acts 16:6-7)

Luke was narrating about the missionary journey of Paul. Here the Holy Spirit stopped them in Asia and they went to Bithynia, now the Spirit did not permit them. Some  translation included the text “Spirit Of Jesus”

The Apostles uses the term Holy Spirit and Jesus interchangeably as if they are the same.  Interestingly, these are concepts that most in Christendom cannot accept. There are some who even thinks that the Holy Spirit is merely the power of God. Others believed in the Trinity where God is 3 distinct and separate being yet are one. People with such belief will not regard the Holy Spirit to be the same as  Jesus. 

But the Apostles through the guidance of the Holy Spirit came to this understanding. The Holy Spirit is one with Jesus, just like Jesus is one with the father. John called the Holy Spirit the truth, and Luke called the Holy Spirit the spirit of Jesus. 

The Disciples Only Understood This After Receiving The Holy Spirit

This understanding is not something they have at the beginning when they followed Christ. They understood it only on Pentecost. Perhaps some will wonder how I came to this conclusion?

“A  little while, and you will not see Me; 
   and again a little while, and you will
   see Me, because I go to the Father.”- Jesus (Jn 16;16)

This words are spoken very soon after Jesus talked about the Holy Spirit. The disciples was very puzzled about what Jesus was saying at that point of time.  They did not know what Jesus meant. Where is Jesus going? will he return tomorrow? Will they ever get to see him again?

They were wondering among themselves

“What is this that He says to us, ‘A little
  while, and you will not see Me; and again
  a little while, and you will see Me’; and,
  ‘because I go to the Father’?”  – Disciples (Jn 16:17)

Jesus was saying that he will go to the Father. This seem to suggest that the disciples did not see him for he will die. But yet Jesus said “A Little while later you will see me.”

Jesus went on to tell the disciples

“Therefore you now have sorrow;
  but I will see you again and your
  heart will rejoice, and your joy
  no one will take from you.

  And in that day you will ask Me    
  nothing. Most assuredly, I say to you,
  whatever you ask the Father in My
  name He will give you.” – Jesus (Jn 16:22-23)

Jesus was in fact talking about what will happen after his resurrection.  He will come and he will see them, and their hearts will rejoice.   The joy they will receive is not a normal joy,it is a joy that will never be taken away from them.

He also said that when he comes again, they will not need to ask anymore. For they will understand all things. When that happen, they can ask from the father and he will grant you.  This is something the disciples cannot understand initially, they understood only later.

For after Jesus had died, resurrected and appeared to them again. They are able to experience the joy of seeing Jesus again. This joy happen even when they are living in fear.When Jesus appeared them in Jn 20:19. When Jesus come and said “Peace be with you” when he show them his hand and his sides. That is when they rejoice. That is the point of time where they understood what he meant. For a little while they will see him.

Indeed when they see Jesus after his death, they were full of Joy. But how long did that joy last? We know that Jesus later ascended to heaven. Did their joy depart because Jesus had ascended to heaven?

Keeping Difficult Sayings Of Jesus In Our Heart

But Jesus promised them that he will see them forever,they will dwell together.

“I will not leave you orphans; I will come to you. 
  A little while longer and the world will see Me
  no more, but you will see Me. Because I live,
  you will live also.  At that day you will know
  that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and
  I in you.”- Jesus (Jn 14:18-20)

“And I will pray the Father, and He will give
   you another Helper, that He may abide with
  you forever—”- Jesus (Jn 14:16)

Jesus  promised that he will not leave his disciples, and he will come to them. A little while longer the world will see Jesus no more. But his disciples will see him. They will not just see him but they will know that Jesus is in the father, and they are in him and he is in them.

These are things they cannot understand at that point of time. When Jesus spoke these words, he was standing before them, they have seen him eating and drinking just like a human. How can Jesus be in them and how can they be in Jesus?  This is  something that they cannot understand how it works.

There was another occasion where Jesus said that one need to eat his flesh and drink his blood to have life. (Jn 6). These are things they are unable to understand, how can a man say this? This is a hard saying, but it is an important saying, for it concern salvation and life.

The 2 points above are different form stories about miracles of  casting demons and healing of the sick. Stories about miracles are easy to understand, but they are unable to cleanse a person of sin. It cannot bring about salvation. Even today we have many who received miracles from Jesus and were unable to find faith. That is why many departed from Jesus  just because

This is different from stories of casting out demons and healing the sick. Those are stories that are easy to understand. But they are unable to cleanse one from sin. It cannot bring salvation.  Today there are many who received miracles and are unable to believe. Many departed from Jesus after they heard the hard teaching.

Only those who really believe that the words of Christ are life. Only those who believe that his words are truth that can cleanse us from sin, to lead us to God and save us. Then the words of Jesus will be important to us.

The Holy Spirit is here to help us understand these truth spoken by Jesus. These words have life and are able to save us. We need to remember them. Even if we do not understand them, we need to keep them close to our hearts. When we hear someone explaining it, the Holy Spirit will guide us to understand it. That is the point of time when we enter into the truth and have a relationship with God.

Building Your Faith Upon The Word Of God

When our lives developed a relationship with Christ, That relationship is not built upon a mere rational understanding of God. It is a faith built upon the words of God.

Before the arrival of the Holy Spirit, the disciples were unable to understand many things. But the day will come when they could understand it. When Jesus ascended to heaven, they prayed for another 10 days until the day of Pentecost. When the Holy Spirit finally came they understood and experienced joy. That is a joy that no one can take away from them.

The facts speaks for themselves. the apostles are thrown into prison and whipped. They did not complain against God. They did not expect the Holy Spirit to come and protect them so that they will not feel any hurt or pain. They are willing to be flogged and they did not complain. Instead they were filled with joy and the joy cannot be taken away.

For the Holy Spirit had proven that the things they know, and their belief is true. For Jesus is indeed God and saviour. He did not leave them as often. He dwells with them through the Holy Spirit, bringing them peace, joy in their heart. 

The Holy spirit is not just a witness to our faith, he is able to lead us to peace and joy. The peace and joy that comes from the Holy Spirit cannot be understood by others. It is amazing, especially to those who were looking at the disciples.  Their actions amazed the officers, scribes and the Pharisees.

What is most important is that the Holy Spirit allowed the disciples to understand the words of Jesus.

“And in that day you will ask
  Me nothing. Most assuredly,
  I say to you, whatever you ask
  the Father in My name He will
  give you”- Jesus (Jn 16:23)

For the Holy Spirit will lead them from then on. Today the Holy Sprit is still the as the Holy Spirit of the Apostolic Church. The promise of Jesus is not restricted to the disciples, it is given to us as well. For God will not leave us as orphans. The Holy Spirit is a precious promise.. It is a promise from Jesus never to leave us as orphans.  It is through the moving of the Holy Spirit we know that our faith is true.

The Importance Of Submitting To The Holy Spirit

Today it is important for us to submit to the moving of the Holy Spirit. I am not referring to just about marriage or work or  matters concerning our lives on earth. We need to submit to the Holy Spirit to allow him to guide you to that truth that save our souls. Only then can we really fulfil that commission given to us by Jesus, to preach to our friends and relatives.

Then our direction in life will become intertwined with the salvation plan of God. Then our lives will truly be of value. All work on earth must come to an end, but only the work of God had eternal value. This work is not reserved for ministers but it is entrusted to all disciples of Christ.

The Holy Spirit is not a mere guarantee it is not given just for the sake of assurance of our heavenly inheritance. Man often mistaken that that is the sole purpose of the Hoy Spirit, but it is not his only work. The Holy Spirit spoken off by Christ is more than that. Jesus had mentioned it in the gospel.

If we take heed and learn about the Pneumatology of Christ, than when he arrives he will guide you into all truth. But the question is whether we would be willing to listen and submit to the truth. The Holy Spirit will help us achieve a life of righteousness and be a new man. He will also want to propagate the gospel through us. We will examine this a while later

Now let us look at some common misconception that will arise with this aspect

Misconception 4 : Holy Spirit Will Reveal The Date Of 2nd Coming

There are some in Christendom that believes that the Holy Spirit will reveal the date of the second coming of Christ. But now we understand that the Holy Spirit will never go against the teaching of Christ. He will only speak according to the word of God and never go against it.

Let us examine a practical example that demonstrate this. So that we can understand the work of the Holy Spirit fully. There are some Christians who quote the words of Paul

“But God has revealed them to
  us through His Spirit. For the
  Spirit searches all things, yes,
  the deep things of God. 
  For what man knows the things
  of a man except the spirit of the
  man which is in him? Even so no
  one knows the things of God except
  the Spirit of God.”’ – Paul (1 Cor 2:10-11 )

Then they conclude saying that since the Holy Spirit searches all things including the deep things of God. Therefore they say that the Holy Spirit will reveal certain spiritual mysteries to man. So today, if someone who claims “I know when will Christ will come again” Should you believed in his words?

Definitely not, for Jesus once said

“But of that day and hour no one knows,
  not even the angels of heaven, but My
  Father only.”- Jesus (Matt 24:36 )

These are the words of Jesus. no one knows the day and the time, not even the angels of heaven. Only the father knows it. It is from this verse we know that what he said was wrong. But what if he claims “This is revealed by the Holy Spirit who searches the deep things of God.”Now he claims that it is God who had revealed this to him. should we believe in him?

If we remember the pneumatology  of Christ. If we allow the Holy Spirit to lead us to the truth. Then we will understand that the Holy Spirit will never speak against the word of Christ. The Holy spirit is the spirit of Truth, he is the truth and he is Jesus.

Misconception 5 : Will God Change His mind And Reveal It through The Spirit?

There are also some in Christendom who thinks, perhaps in the past God would not want to reveal it but now he changed his mind. But when you question him further why he thought so he simply says. “The Holy Spirit said it, so now I am telling you”. This appears to be logical. But that is base on the teaching of man.

What did Jesus tell us about the Holy Spirit? Is truth relative? Can truth change suddenly?

Paul gave us an important principle when it comes to discerning the truth

“But as God is faithful, our word to you
  was not Yes and No. For the Son of God,
  Jesus Christ, who was preached among
  you by us—by me, Silvanus, and Timothy—
  was not Yes and No, but in Him was Yes.” – Paul (2 Cor 1:18-19)

There is only one Truth and the Truth is unchanging. That should be the basis of faith. A truth that changes over time, that is relative only to the era is an incomplete truth. If a truth needs to be supplemented, how can this truth be complete, how can it be used as a foundation and the basis of faith?

Knowledge that belongs to man can change over time. That is because our understanding may not be perfect. That is why there are new discoveries, and why we need to add supplements to our knowledge. That result to a more complete and a more correct understanding.

But that cannot apply to the truth of God, we cannot say that the truth of God was imperfect. If it is true that the Holy Spirit need to make supplements to itself, so that the truth will be perfect. What shall we do if the Holy Spirit comes back next year with a new truth?

A truth that changes over time is not the truth. They are not truth but the precepts of man. But the Truth from God is absolute, Paul tell us that all in God is yes. God will never say “Yes and no” especially when it concerning salvation.

The Truth of salvation is given once and for all to the saints. That is why Paul remind us that the things he teach is not “Yes and no”. It is given one and for all to the saints. The Truth is not revealed over time, it is given as one complete package. It is complete, and all the components are presents. there is no need for supplements to be sent to it.

that is why Christians ought to contend for the truth that is given to us.

Conclusion : Discerning The Word Of God

Jesus once said

“Heaven and earth will pass away,
  but my words will not pass away” – Jesus (Matt 24:35)

Jesus will never change his truth, nor will he need to supplement to it. There will be not be corrections. This is something we need to understand. The Holy Spirit is here to help us understand the truth and to built our faith upon Jesus

We need to use the word of God as the yardstick to help us discern what we hear. This is important especially in the last days where there are many false prophets and false price. They will talk of marvellous things, things too good to be true. They will even back up their claim by saying that this is a revelation of the Holy Sprit. They will even appear with the power and authority of God. They will perform many miracles, they can cast out the demons and heal diseases. they will appear to have come from God.

If we use miracles to testify and judge the truth. We will be at risk of being deceived. We need to compare their words to see if it is truly from God. We need to check if what they speak is in accordance to the truth. We need to judge if he had went beyond the truth

May God help us to understand and discern the teaching of the Holy spirit. May it preserve our faith and help us in discerning the truth.



The bible uses different titles to describe a believer of Christ. Many thinks that the titles are like ranks, one is higher than the other. But the fact is, these titles are used simultaneously. Each of these titles had a different significance  Each significance tells us of the virtues a believer ought to have.

That is why we ought to examines these titles and examine our faith with them. Are we living up to the expectation of these titles? or are we fake believers who does not live up to its standards?

The first and the most common title of a Christian is a believer. Even though it is common, but the significance behind the title is extraordinary. For a believer is one who had faith and believe in the word of God.

Faith is the beginning of our spiritual life. It is the most fundamental quality that God is pleased with.

Understanding what basic faith is about

“But without faith it is impossible to please Him,
for he who comes to God must believe that He is,
  and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently
  seek Him.”- Author of Hebrews (Heb 11:6)

This verse will be a great fit if everyone who comes before God believe in him. But the fact is that there are also people who comes before God and does not believe. Would it be unfair to expect these people to have faith?  This verse tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Is that a reasonable demand? If yes, what is the definition of faith over here?

The author said “"Believe that He is”. It is a faith that believe in the existence of God. God will reward those who hold such faith. The most basic faith is a faith that believe in the existence of God. Such faith will be rewarded by God, the faith mentioned by the author of Hebrews is not so much about believing in Jesus or the salvation of Christ. He is talking about the simple faith that believe that God is there in the first place. That belief is part of the nature of man. For God had place this nature into all man to seek him.

because what may be known of God
  is manifest in them, for God has shown
  it to them. For since the creation of the
  world His invisible attributes are clearly
  seen, being understood by the things
  that are made, even His eternal power
  and Godhead, so that they are without
  excuse,”- Paul (Rom 1:19-20)

Paul tell us that the works of God is seen clearly in the hearts of man. Have we wonder why every culture and every race had a concept of a God even though they have never seen him? That is because God had place that concept into the very nature of man.

This is done so that man will know that there is a God, for within him he knows that there is a creator.  That creator created the entire universe. This is so from ancient time even till now. Man had the heart to seek and worship God, it is often express through  his action. Even Atheist when force to desperation hope of a miracle or some unknown intervention.

This is a trait not seen in animals, for animals do not  have a nature to worship God. This is only seen in man. Whenever a man seeks for God, God will be pleased. God will see his heart and move him and guide him to understand.  Eventually he will find God and understood the word of God.

Reasons for unbelief

Today if one comes before God without faith, he comes before God believing in himself only. It is difficult for a man with such an attitude to be moved or guided by God. He may be a scholar in Greek and Hebrew, he may be able to read the bible in its original language from cover to cover. But he will read it and not understand, for he did not allow the word of God to dwell in him, he had rejected God upfront. He had denied the nature that God had placed in his heart. For he trust only in his own rational mind and his ability as a scholar.

A man with such attitude will make statements like “I will only accept if I can rationalise this in my mind. I will only believe if I see with my own eyes”. On the surface that sound reasonable. But if we take a step back and ask, does he only believe when he sees? That may not be the case all the time.

He had never seen his forefathers, but he know they exist, for he heard his grandfather talks about his own grandfather. At the same time he reads of books and historical character that they have not met. But yet he believe that they exist.  But ironically when he read about God in the bible, he finds it hard to believe. 

Others tend to say “I will only believe if my mind can accept and understand it”. This statement sounds fair, but is that what they do strictly? No, for they do no understand a lot of the components they see on their food labels, but they have the courage to eat the food . They are unable to understand how a mobile phone works, but they use them nonetheless.  Most of them are willing to use it because they can see the benefits from using it.

Others says “I will believe only when i see the proof of God”. That appears reasonable, but yet they are often seen using things that are unproven. When they get onto the cab, they did not demand a proof from the driver that he is a good man. They used his services in good faith believing that he is a gentleman. The proof will only be there when they complete the trip unscathed.  

Being a True believer

The truth is that, we do believe in things that cannot be seen , proven or understood. But yet when it comes to faith, we demand the strictest evidence. Is there a need for such evidence? We feel that there is a need because we do not have a heart to believe. We want to believe in ourselves and what we experience.

One day God will ask “"If we can believe in so many things, why not believe in me?”

God had place that nature to seek him in the heart of man, but we often choose to reject it. He place that nature within us because of his love, he took the first step to manifest himself before us. But not everyone is willing to follow and believe and that is the problem.

Many thinks that God choose not to reveal himself to us, and it is his fault but God had already taken that first step to allow us to believe in his existence, but we are the ones who choose to  reject and deny him.  We choose to believe and rely on ourselves, is it fair for us to push that blame to God?

That is why the bible gives us a definition of faith

“Now faith is the substance of things
  hoped for, the evidence of things not
  seen.”- Author of Hebrews (Heb 11:1)

Faith is something that we hope for, it is about believing what we did not see. If faith is not a result of us examining the evidence. There is only so much evidence we can gather, there is just so much knowledge we can accumulate. But faith is believing in something that is not seen. Faith is not a result of seeing, and Christians need to rely on faith to please God.  That is why they are rewarded when they seek God.

Today we can use this same faith to know God and believe in him. IF we are able to do so, we have become a believer. A believer is someone who believe in the Lord. But let us go one step deeper into this understanding.

What does it mean to be a believer? What is expected from a believer?  Are we a true believer?  That is a question that Jesus ask all of us.

“But there are some of you who do not believe.”
  For Jesus knew from the beginning who they
  were who did not believe, and who would
  betray Him.”- John (Jn 6:64)

Jesus already knew who would believe and who would not. He even know who will betray him.
What does the title of believer signifies? Let us examine a few points here.

Pt 1: A believer to truly believe in the word of the Lord

Jesus said to him, “Go your way; your son lives.”
  So the man believed the word that Jesus spoke
  to him, and he went his way. And as he was now
  going down, his servants met him and told him,
saying, “Your son lives!” – John (Jn 4:50-51)

The nobleman son is sick to the point of dying. The noble came to Jesus and pleaded with him to come to Capernaum to heal his son. But Jesus did not accede to that request. Jesus told him simply  “Go your way; your son lives.”. 

How would we have responded? Jesus did not grant our request, can my son be healed?  Sometimes we doubt, but the nobleman is a true believer, he truly believe in the words of Jesus. He place his trust in Jesus and headed back.

Today there were many words spoken by Jesus which we no longer believe, even if we do believe, we have our doubts over it. But if we are unable to believe in the words of Jesus, are we still believers?

“Now as He sat on the Mount of Olives,
  the disciples came to Him privately, saying,
   “Tell us, when will these things be? And
    what will be the sign of Your coming,
    and of the end of the age?””= Mathew (Matt 24:3)

The disciples believed that Jesus will come again and when it happens it would be the end of the world. This is something many Christians do not believe today. But these was spoken by Jesus. The disciples believed, that is why they asked about the sign of his coming. Those who do not believe will not ask such question. They will treat this as a threat, a fairy tale or a story

But those who truly believe in the words of Jesus, will make preparations for his second coming. It is a pity that after Jesus ascended to heaven, many Christians stopped believing in this. Peter wrote about people who mock and scorn at the second coming of Christ. For many years have past and Jesus had not come. The word continues to go on and the world continue to progress. How could the world be destroyed?

As the result many stop believing in his second coming.

 The state of many churches today

When Peter wrote about people who stopped believing in the second coming of Jesus, it should be between the period of 30 CE-70CE.  40 years have barely past and the people had stop believing. How more now in year 2017, two thousand years away from Christ.

That is why many Christians no longer believe in the second coming.  The churches are no longer in use, and many of these buildings were sold. Sometimes my church would purchase these buildings. When we encounter the members of the previous church that gathered. Sometimes they will find it amusing why we wanted to purchase their building. For they themselves have already stopped going to church and have decided to sell the building off.

What is sadder is when some of the church buildings are converted into bars and people make a mockery out of the phrase “Lets go to the church”. It seems that many Christians have stopped gathering in churches.

Yet we know of Christians who choose to gather to worship at all times. Even though they have no church building, they will gather in each others house.

From here we can see that different believers have different levels of faith. But let us not examine others but ourselves. Do we truly believe in the words of Jesus? If we do, we should be prepared for his second coming. We may not be rich on earth but we will never be without God. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor, for we know that life on earth is short and all will come to nothing in the end.

We will be satisfied with God, and find peace and joy in the midst of our difficulties. We will not be like the rich fool. The rich fool only believe when he sees God, but it was too late for him. 

 Pt 2: To believe is to have a living faith accompanied with works

“You believe that there is one God.
  You do well. Even the demons believe
  —and tremble! But do you want to know,
   O foolish man, that faith without works
  is dead?”- James (Jas 2:19-20)

Interestingly, the demons sometimes have more faith than man. While many on earth choose not to believe in God, but the devil knew and believe God exist. While many on earth forget that Jesus will return to the world as a judge, the devil believes in the judgement of God, he trembles at the thought of it.

The devil have faith, but can such a faith save him?  James tells us that they believe and they tremble, but their belief is one without action, it is faith without works. He believe in God but not worship God, he believe in God’s judgement, but there is no repentance. that is a faith without works, it is  a dead faith.

Today many of us believe that Jesus is our saviour, we believe he will come again. But is our faith one with works? Have we truly repented from our sin and ask God for forgiveness? Are we willing to keep his words and do all that he had commanded. If we believe but refuses to draw near to God. If we believe in the judgement of God yet continue to sin. Can such a faith save us?

That type  of faith is no different then a faith of a demon. We need to have faith and we need to accompany faith with works. then that is a true faith, a faith that can save. It is a faith that will follow the command of God.

If not, Jesus will ask us “Why do you call me Lord and not do as I say?” We need to repent be zealous so God will truly love us. God does not want to judge us, he will that all man be saved. But the day of judgement is set, for God is just and we need to judge man for the things they do. That is why we need to obey the words of God.

There are many things that we need to be serious about on earth. We need to put in our effort in  order to gain the reward. That is why we study and work heart, we are willing to sacrifice for the sake of result. But why is it that we are not willing to do so with regards to faith?

Pt 3: To believe is to have God in our hearts

It is our choice if we want to believe in God or not. It is our choice to be serious in our faith. I hope that each and everyone of us will make the right choice.

“As many as I love, I rebuke
  and chasten. Therefore be zealous
  and repent. Behold, I stand at the
  door and knock. If anyone hears
  My voice and opens the door, I will
  come in to him and dine with him,
  and he with Me.”- Jesus (Rev 3:19-20)

Jesus rebuked the church of Laodicea. They appear as good before the eyes of man. They are zealous in their service and they offered much and preached the gospel. The church appeared prosperous and good, lacking nothing. They called Jesus Lord and are pious in their worship of God.

But God does not judge by their external experience, God look into their heart. Their heart is without God and that is something that shock people. For these Christians are zealous yet without God in their heart. They called Jesus Lord with their lips, but there is no Lord in their heart, there is no fear of God, can external faithfulness save a person?

The Pharisees are serious in their worship, but their external faithfulness save them? They appear perfect, but Jesus called them whitewashed tombs. For there tombs look beautiful but within them are dead mans bones.

Faith is not an external show for others to see, it is about having God in our hearts and being a true believers. That is why Jesus rebuked these men, they need to repent and be zealous for God. They need to open the door of their hearts so that Christ can enter them. they need to allow Christ to be their king and to rule over their hearts. then they will be a true believer with a faith that saves.   

The Umbrella Illustration

There was a merchant who often goes to the native village to do businesses.  Whenever he arrives at the village, he will carry an umbrella with him, and the natives find it strange. they have never seen an umbrella and wonder what it does. But they figured that since the merchant carry it all the times, it must be something important.

One day the chief asked the merchant. “What is this umbrella for? Why did you carry it?”
The merchant replied, “The umbrella is useful, especially when it rains. You will not get wet in the rain if you carry the umbrella with you. If you would like, I can sell my umbrella to you.”

So the chief bought the umbrella and he waited for rain, finally one day it started to rain. Everyone in the village gathered at the chief house, they wanted to see him use the umbrella. However the chief took the umbrella with him  and he was wet. The tribes man thought he was using the umbrella incorrectly. They advice him to hold it with both hands. But no matter how he hold it, he was still wet.

So everyone in the village thought that the merchant had cheated them. When the merchant arrives at the village again, they scolded him and call him a cheat.

“Didn’t you say that if i carry the umbrella I won’t get wet? Why am I drenched?” The chief asked.

So the merchant asked “How did you hold it?”

The chief replied “ I held it with both hands, a single hand, and even strapping it on my back”

The merchant asked “ did you open the umbrella?”

that is when the merchant opened the umbrella. From then on the chief knew that he would not get wet if he opens the umbrella.

It is good for us to be Christians and it is good for us to believe in Jesus.  But if we refuse to open our hearts, if we refuse to fear God and to allow God to rule in our hearts. What is the use of holding on to faith?

Jesus wanted to come into our hearts, and he want to dine together with us. May everyone open their hearts tot he Lord. May God be in our hearts always. May we learn to worship him with our hearts, for such a man is a true believer.


So far, we have studied the following

1. The Holy Spirit Is Here To Lead Us Into All Truth  (Part 1, Part 2)
     a. Aspect 1: To lead individuals to develop a relationship with the Truth 
     b. Aspect 2: To lead the church into all Truth 

Now after having the understanding of Entering Into The Truth. Lets move from individual into the church.

Pt 1.2: The H/S Is here to Lead The Church Into All Truth

The Holy Spirit is here to guide the church into all truth. That is to develop a deeper understanding of the truth. This is best seen in how they understood and explain the scriptures. In this example, we will look at how they explain the prophecy regarding the rebuilding of the temple.

“After this I will return
  And will rebuild the tabernacle
  of David, which has fallen down;
  I will rebuild its ruins,
  And I will set it up;
   So that the rest of mankind may
  seek the Lord,
  Even all the Gentiles who are called
  by My name,
  Says the Lord who does all these things.’”
  Known to God from eternity are all His works.
  Therefore I judge that we should not
  trouble those from among the Gentiles
  who are turning to God, “- James (Acts 15:16-19)

James was quoting the old testament scriptures and during the discussion about circumcision  during the counsel at Jerusalem. James quoted the scriptures regarding the rebuilding of the temple. His usage of the prophecy tells us that the apostles viewed the rebuilding of the temple to be more than a physical event. It also concern the establishment of the church.

Today many non believing or half believing Christian will discredit the new testament by accusing the apostles of quoting the scriptures out of context. But many of them do so because they were unable to understand how the Apostles was lead to the truth.

Let us examine how the apostles explained the prophecy of rebuilding the tent of David.

The basic textual understanding and the truth led by the Spirit

In its raw form, the prophecy was made by Amos. In its context, Amos was talking about the time after the first temple was destroyed. God was prophesying that the temple will be rebuilt. As far as the textual fulfilment of this prophecy, it is already fulfilled.

For we know as a historical fact of how God led the Jews to return from the Babylonian captivity.  Zerubbabel, Ezra and Nehemiah return to Jerusalem and the temple was rebuilt.

But the Holy Spirit lead the disciples to look at this prophecy at a deeper level. The Apostles saw a dimension into the truth regarding the prophecy. the prophecy is also about rebuilding of the temple in the latter days. That is the apostolic church built by the Holy Spirit.

For the old prophecy of Amos contains something else which was unfulfilled. That prophecy talks about the Gentiles coming in to the temple to worship God after it is rebuilt.

The fact is that after the Jews rebuilt the temple, there are not a lot of gentiles coming to follow the Lord. That part of the prophecy was not fulfilled. It is only fulfilled after the apostolic church is established by Jesus.

For God said he will rebuild the fallen tent of David, and this rebuilt tent is the Church. Through the church, God will save Israel as well as the gentiles. When Peter first  preached to the gentiles, he understood it, the apostles understood that as well. That is why they quoted the prophecy about rebuilding the fallen tent of David.

There understand that the gentiles who will enter the rebuilt tabernacle of David (that is the church). That understanding is not created out of thin air, they did not come up with the concept because they woke up on the wrong side of the bed . They took that understanding from the words of Jesus.

“Destroy this temple, and in
  three days I will raise it up.”- Jesus (Jn 2:19)

Initially the disciples did not understand what Jesus meant. Especially about the part that he will raise the temple. As far as they know, the temple was ready rebuilt. They extended the temple later and it took 46 years to complete that extension. How could the temple be destroyed and rebuilt in 3 days?

At that point of time, they are unable to understand or link that to the prophecy on Amos. 
But after  Jesus ascended to heaven, and poured the Holy Spirit onto the first Christian. Not long later the gospel is preached to the gentiles and the Holy Spirit fell on them even though they did not keep the Law of Moses. They finally understood and believed the scriptures.

For now indeed the gentiles are able to call onto the name of Jesus and be saved just like the Jews. That is when they understood what Jesus meant.  That is why John wrote this in his gospel. 

“But He was speaking of the
  temple of His body.  Therefore,
  when He had risen from the dead,
  His disciples remembered that He
  had said this to them; and they
  believed the Scripture and the word
  which Jesus had said.”- John (Jn 2:21-22)

At point of time, the scriptures referred to the old testament. These Christians believed in the scriptures as well as the words of Jesus. That is why you see them arriving at this understanding of the prophecy of Amos. 

 Was The Apostles Understanding Wrong?

So now we understand that Jesus was raising a spiritual temple which is the church. Today it is through the church God will save all of mankind. The Church must be built on the truth an dthe Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is given to both Jews and gentiles who did not follow the Mosaic covenant. The church is the body of Christ. These are all basic understanding  that the early Christians had as they preached the gospel.

Today many feel that this prophecy concerns us in the last days. But how do we fit into these prophecies?

We know as the matter of fact, the Apostolic Church did not last beyond the first century. By the beginning of the second century, the church had already departed from the truth.  Heresy had already crept in even at the time of Paul. And today anyone who believes in prophecies understood that the temple must be rebuilt before Christ will come. 

But now Jesus had not come, yet the temple was no longer true, so are the disciples wrong?

The Early Church And Her Belief About The End Times

To understand this, we need to consider another prophecy quoted by the Apostles.

“But this is what was spoken by the prophet Joel:
  ‘And it shall come to pass in the last days, says God,
   That I will pour out of My Spirit on all flesh;
   Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,
   Your young men shall see visions,
   Your old men shall dream dreams.
    And on My menservants and on My maidservants
   I will pour out My Spirit in those days;
  And they shall prophesy.” – Peter (Acts 2:16-18)

When The Holy Spirit first came on Pentecost, Peter quoted Prophet Joel. He claimed that the prophecy was fulfilled on the church. For in the end days, God will pour his Spirit onto his children. When that happens than the great and awesome day of the Lord will come.

At that point of time, the disciples felt that last days were close at hand, for the Holy Spirit had established the church. God is able to saved those who believe and they believed that the judgement day will come soon.

This is especially so as they have experienced the Holy Spirit that was given to them on Pentecost.  When Peter shared the prophecy, the Jews were cut to their heart,  they understood the prophecy and they saw the Holy Spirit poured down fulfilling that prophecy. They believed  that the great and awesome day of the Lord is at hand.

That is why in Acts we see them repenting, selling their earthly procession and went out to preach. For they believe that since the Holy Spirit is here, and the end of the world is coming. They wanted others to repent and believe in Jesus .

But today we know, the end of the world had not come, close to millennial had past, and Christ is not here yet. Who would have expected that the prophecy will span 2 millennial and still unfulfilled.

So is the prophecy Wrong? Are their understanding incorrect?

We know that the prophecy are true, but its just that they have not entered into that truth yet. Even at the time of Peter they have not entered into that level.

The Deeper Understanding Of The Descent Of The Holy Spirit

The deeper aspect that they have not seen, is the fact that the Holy Spirit will come in 2 periods. The first was at the time of the apostles, and the second time that is close to the end of time.

Why do I have the audacity to make such a proclamation? 

Let us go back to the Prophecy of Joel.

“Be glad then, you children of Zion,
  And rejoice in the Lord your God;
  For He has given you the former rain faithfully,
  And He will cause the rain to come down for you—
  The former rain, And the latter rain in the first month.” – Joel  (Joel 2:23)

Joel talks about the 2 periods of rain. The Autumn rain starts from October to November, it is the time for sowing. After that comes the Spring rain which is March to April and its called the latter rain.

Joel is not talking about ordinary rain, for we know that as long as the earth moves, the rain will always come on time. There is little need to be joyful. But why did the prophecy say that they will rejoice?

Joel is not referring to the blessing of rain, but the Holy Spirit being poured out.  They will receive spiritual life.  Joel 2:28 was used by Peter in his sermon.  It says in Joel 2:31 the sun will be darkened, and the moon will be as blood  Then the great and awesome day of the Lord will come.

That is why we know that there are 2 period of rain, it will come, and the spiritual temple will be rebuilt. It will save those in the last days, then the great and awesome day of the Lord will come.

The Prophecy And Us Today

In our modern Era there are many churches, many of them teaches from the scriptures. their belief were all different, and they are all taken from the bible. How do we know if we are really in the right church?

Only by comparing our belief with the teaching of the apostles can we find the right church. Only if we open our hearts to God then the Holy Spirit can lead us to enter into the truth. On the personal level, we ought to esteem the leading of the Holy Spirit and continue to seek the truth. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us and to compare the teaching of the church to see if what she teaches is according to the words of God.

But Will There Be Another Revival And Another Descent Of the Holy Spirit?

Some who are reading my point here will wonder, will there be a 3rd descent of the Holy Spirit? What if we are wrong? how can we be sure? If the revival is now, why is it that the churches are not perfect?

I am personally certain that there will not be a 3rd aspect. For so far I have based all my belief of the Old Testament prophecy based on the explanation of the apostles. So far we know that the apostles regarded the temple as the church. And Prophet Joel’s rain refer to the down pouring of the Holy Spirit.

We know as a matter of fact, there are 2 temples. One built in the time of  Solomon and one built in the time of Zerubbabel,. This is similar to the fact that Joel only mentioned 2 periods of rain. One was during the Apostolic Era (Autumn Rain) and today we are in the spring rain.

The Parallel In The Story Of Noahs Ark

Interestingly, there is a similar typology given in the story of Noah. Personally I do not believe in using prefiguration often. For I understand how prefiguration can be abused by men to push incorrect teaching. Before I share this I would like to emphasise this.

Prefigurations or typology should never be used to define belief or doctrines. Prefiguration must not be a result of imagination, it should be base according to the words of Jesus.  

With that understanding, let us examine the story of Noah.  

In Gen 8 Noah sent out the dove to check if the waters had resided. The order in which the animals were sent out coincides with the 3 period of times where the Holy Spirit work on the earth.

The dove is often used to refer to the Holy Spirit (Matt 3:16, Mk 1:10,Luke 3:22, John 1:32).

Jesus himself once said.

But as the days of Noah were,
  so also will the coming of the
  Son of Man be.”- Jesus (Matt 24:37)

It seem that the story of Noah had a deep connection with the last days. For in those day the people was evil and God had to judge the world. To save Noah, Noah had to build an ark according to the dimension and specification given to him by God. The ark is also a prefiguration of the salvation of God, and the need to adhere to the command and instruction of God for salvation.

As the story unfurled, Noah released the Dove 3 times.

On the first time, the waters were not cleared (Sin was still present) The dove was unable to find a place to rest. This is referring to the time of the Old Testament under the Mosaic covenant. The water had not resided, God salvation is not established fully and sin was not forgiven. The Dove was able to fly around but was unable to rest on anything. It could fly around but eventually it had to return to the ark.

The second time, the waters had partially resided, that coincides with the apostolic era. At that point of time the work of salvation is completed. The dove is able to bring back an olive branch, but yet it returned to the ark. This is similar to the Holy Spirit bringing the first fruits back to heaven. These are the first believers 

Now the third time, the dove is released, this time it did not return.  It will continue to work until the plan of salvation is complete. 


Usually i would choose not to share prefiguration’s, but I decided to share this today as i find that the typology matches the entire study that we have seen. I hope that readers will understand that my understanding is not built base on the prefiguration.

My understanding is first built on the words of Jesus and the apostles as well as the understanding of the prophet. When everything ties together,then it could be tied to a prefiguration.

In this case, it is the apostles who linked Joel with the pouring of the Holy Spirit, they were the ones who link the rebuilding of the temple to the church.  The link between Noah to the end days comes from Christ and if we believe in the words of Christ, we know that everything will happen according to what he had said. 

  Jesus once tell us

“Now learn this parable from the fig tree:
  When its branch has already become tender     
  and puts forth leaves, you know that summer
  is near. So you also, when you see all these things,
   know that it is near—at the doors!”-Jesus (Matt 24:32-33)

Jesus was talking about a geographical fact, that if the fig tree ripens, than summer is near. But what are the signs he is referring to?  He was referring to the signs of the end days which he had shared from Matt 24:1 onwards. If we really look at the signs we know that the time is near.

Revelations tell us that Jesus is at the door knocking and the time is running out. We need to open our hearts to God and allow him to lead us. Let us all prepare , and allow the Spirit of God to guide us. Let us pursue spiritual growth.

May God help us.


“And truly Jesus did many other signs
  in the presence of His disciples, which
  are not written in this book; but these
  are written that you may believe that
  Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and
  that believing you may have life
  in His name.”- John (Jn 20:30-31)

John tells us that there are many miracles performed by Jesus which were not recorded in the gospel. He had specially chosen 7 for us to read. He did that so that we can believe that Jesus is indeed the Christ and we can have life through his name.

So far we have taken a look at these miracles

1. Jesus turning water into wine (Part 1, Part 2)
2. Jesus Healing The Nobleman’s son (Part 3, Part 4)
3. Jesus Healing By The Pool Of Bethesda (Part 5, Part 6)
4. Jesus feeding 5000 with 5 loaves and 2 Fishes (Part 7 , Part 8)
5. Jesus Walking on Water (Part 9, Part 10)
6. Jesus Healing A Blind Man (Part 11, Part 12)
7. Raising Lazarus (Part 13)

This is the last blog post of this series in the previous blog post, we learnt that Jesus intentionally came late to Lazarus. So that he will die  and Jesus will be able to resurrect him.

Now let us look at the other lessons that we can learn from this miracle.

Lord, behold, he whom You love is sick.

“Lord, behold, he whom
  You love is sick.”- Mary and Marta (Jn 11:3)

Jesus love Lazarus and he is sick. Sometimes we think that people who are loved by God will receive special grace. Most Christians will define this special grace as “"No disasters and no trouble”

To many in the world, grace means having no problems, no sickness and no pain. This is something we desire. That is why when we see people in trouble our first reaction is “Why the grace of God is not given to him? Why would God allow the ones he love to suffer?”

But that is the thinking of man and not what the bible tells us. The bible records that those who are loved by God will still fall sick. Elisha was a great prophet, full of great miracles and he healed many sick. He is loved by God and God used him mightily. Yet the bible records that Elisha died of illness.

Those who are loved by God will still fall sick and will still die. The only difference is that they pass away with a heart full of joy and peace of the Lord. For they know that God loved them and had brought them back to heaven for an eternal rest.

That is the difference between a someone whom the Lord loves and an unbeliever.

Those who are loved by the Lord understands that he is cleanse from sin, he will receive the Holy Spirit as a guarantee of his inheritance. He is assured that God had prepared a place for them and he will take him there some day.  That is why they can remain peaceful and joyful always.

But those who do not believe will despair. He may be able to think positively for a while, but if the sickness and pain is prolong, he may despair and give up hope. Even the strongest man may despair at times in the midst of suffering.

That is why Paul remind us

But I do not want you to be ignorant,
  brethren, concerning those who have
  fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others
  who have no hope. For if we believe that
  Jesus died and rose again, even so God
  will bring with Him those who sleep in
  Jesus.”- Paul (1 Thess 4:13-14)

“Then we who are alive and remain shall
   be caught up together with them in the
   clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And
   thus we shall always be with the Lord.
Therefore comfort one another with
  these words.”- Paul (1 thess 4:17-18)

As Christians, will we choose to despair in face of death and difficulties? Or will we choose to believe in the words of Jesus and be filled with peace and joy?

That is something we need to consider and we need to comfort each other often with these words

Jesus Delayed Coming To Lazarus

“So, when He heard that he was 
  sick, He stayed two more days
  in the place where He was. “- John (Jn 11:6)

“Lord, if You had been here, my 
brother would not have died.”- Martha and Mary (Jn 11:21,32)

Jesus heard that Lazarus was sick, he remained 2 more days, he did it so that Lazarus will die, and then he can perform this miracle. But Mary and Martha did not know this, so they murmured against Jesus. They questioned why Jesus chose to delay for 2 more days while they are worried for Lazarus.

As Lazarus’s condition got poorer and poorer still Jesus did not come. When Jesus finally arrived, they were unhappy and they blamed him for Lazarus death. They must be thinking within themselves “What is the point of coming since he is now dead?”

We face similar situations before, even more so when we are in extreme difficulty and danger. We call out to God again and again and it appears as though Jesus did not hear us, nor did he grant us our request.  Finally, our patience is exhausted and we start to murmur against God and blame him for the consequences that happens.

But the story of Lazarus tells us, that while we are entitled to our will, we need to understand that God has his own will as well. If Jesus were to come early, Lazarus will be healed, he will not need to die and it is good. But Jesus had another will, one which he delay in his arrival so that Lazarus will die. Jesus wanted Lazarus to be buried for at least 4 days.

There was a common Jewish superstition that after a person is dead, his spirit will remain in the tomb for 3 days. Only when the body starts to smell, that is when the spirit leaves. Therefore Jesus choose to come late not just for the sake of Mary, Martha and Lazarus. It is also for the multitude as well as the many Christians who will read of this miracles. He came late so tat everyone will know that he is the Lord of Life. Only though Jesus one can be saved.

That is the better will of God, and Christians who have faith will have a different attitude. Yes we may have our own will, our own wishes  and our own timing. But God will have a better will and a better time. Even though God did not answer according to our timing and our desires. But we will not despair nor murmur. Even though we may not understand why God did not grant our wishes, but we believe that God had a will that is far better. We will thank God and trust that God will have a better will and a better time.

Jesus Wept

“Jesus wept.”- John (Jn 11:35)

This is the shortest verse of the bible, and it is also the most touching. For Jesus wept, he wept after seeing the sorrow of the bereaved. He could see their despair and helplessness in face of death. As the result, Jesus is sad and sorrowful.

“Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping,
   and the Jews who came with her weeping,
   He groaned in the spirit and was troubled.”" – John (Jn 11:33)

Here it records that when Jesus saw everyone weeping, he started to groan in Spirit. Some translation indicated that this groaning had a kind of anger and indignation. On one hand, Jesus was weeping, and on the other hand he was anger.

Have we wonder why Jesus is agitated? Jesus wept because he saw their sorrow and agony over death.  He understood our tears, and he can understand our weakness. Jesus had tasted the experience of being human. He is able to understand us. Whenever we encounter suffering and pain, he will weep together with us. He will weep with us even when everyone else is mocking us.

Perhaps others may think that the suffering we have encounter is small and insignificant, but Jesus will weep with us .For he knows our weakness and our suffering.

Jesus is sad because of the people and their unwilling to believe in his words. For those who do not believe in his words, will despair even more  and be in deeper agony, this is true especially when they are facing difficulty or death.

But if one believes in the words of Jesus.”Eve n though he may die, but he will live” Then he will not feel despair and helpless before death.

A Christian feels only sadness during funerals, for we know that it is a temporary separation. This separation is similar to us sending our children off to study. We are sad because we will not be able to see them, but we will never despair and be sorrowful. For we know that those who believe in the words of Christ will meet again. That meeting will be eternal in the kingdom of God. That is why we will not be despair, be helpless and sorrowful.

If one do not believe in the words of Jesus, he will feel the despair and agony of death. That is the reason why Jesus s troubled before the tomb of Lazarus.  He was sad at the hard heartedness of the people and their unbelief.

That is why we need to remember that Jesus wept.  We need to constantly ask ourselves, in all that we do, are we bringing trouble and distress to Jesus? The author of Hebrews reminds us that without faith it is impossible to please God. Those who come before God must believe that he exist. He must believe that all that Jesus promised are true.

 Jesus said, “Take away the stone.”

John 11:39

Jesus : “Take away the stone.”
Martha : “Lord, by this time there
                  is a stench, for he has
                  been dead four days.”

Jesus told the people to roll the stone way. Does Jesus really need people to do this work?  If he were to command angels to do it, they will roll the stone away.  But Jesus chose to ask man to do it, even though people find excuses not to follow the instructions of Jesus.

But Jesus wanted man to do the work.  when Jesus gives us an instruction, it is within the ability of man. He did not want man to command the dead to come forth, he only wanted us to move the stones ourselves.

We need to understand that even when God perform miracles, he expects man to do what they could do, while God will accomplish the things that man cannot do.

“Commit your works to the Lord,
  And your thoughts will be established.”- Solomon (Prov 16:3)

This is a proverb that many knew, but yet the fact is, there are times when we commit our works to the Lord, and God did not establish it. It makes us wonder why.

“he preparations of the heart belong to man,
But the answer of the tongue is from the Lord.”- Solomon (Prov 16:1)

Here it tell us that man can make as much plans as they like, but it is God’s who can decide whether to establish a plan or not. So do we know when God accepts a plan and when he rejects it? When you ask your Christians friends, some may say that if everything goes smoothly, that means that it is the will of God, but if you face opposition it is not. But is this a good way to judge ?

Let us consider Prov 16:2

“All the ways of a man are pure in his own eyes,
  But the Lord weighs the spirits.”- Solomon (Prov 16:2)

Here it reminds us, that man will always think that their plans are good. But God does not look at the surface, he looks deeper into our hearts. God wanted to know our true intention, our true motivation behind our actions. If they are aligned to the will of God, God will grant it.

“Did I not say to you that if 
  you would believe you would
  see the glory of God?”- Jesus (Jn 11:40)

Today there are many who claim that they will believe only when they see something. For as humans we have a tendency to trust our eyes for facts. But Jesus reminds us that only by believing can we see the glory of God.  Today if we want to see the glory of God, if we want to see something that is impossible made possible, then we need to follow the word of Jesus.

We need to remove the stones within our hearts, we need to be willing to believe and follow the words of Jesus, then we can see the glory of God. That is the faith we ought to have. We need to first roll away the stone. That is something within our ability, then we need to believe that Jesus can do what we cannot do.

If we roll away the stone with no faith, then we will doubt if Jesus can raise Lazarus. Those who rolled away the stones must have smell the stench of the dead body in the tomb. But sometimes we need to smell the stench in order to see the dead being raised. The smell from the tomb must have made many around doubtful. But if we choose to stop believing after removing the stones, then we will never see the glory of God. Then we will not see Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. Then all our work will be in vain and it will come to nothing.

But if we believe that Jesus can raise a man from the dead, and yet we choose not to roll the stone away, then our faith will be in vain for it lack action. That is why faith must be accompanied by actions. Then we can see the glory of God

 Jesus said, “Loose him, and let him go.”

“Loose him, and let him go.”- Jesus (Jn 11:44)

When Lazarus was raised and he walk out of the tomb, he must be wrapped up in his grave clothes. If he remains like this what sort of resurrection is this? That is why Jesus told them to loose him and let him go. If they did not loose him, he will continue to look like a dead man. Only by removing the grave clothes can he be a true living person and be able to move freely.

Today all of us is like Lazarus, we have received the blood of Jesus and we are reborn. But sometimes we still look like our old person. It looks as if we are still dressed in grave clothes.

That is why Paul remind us

“But you have not so learned Christ,
  if indeed you have heard Him and
  have been taught by Him, as the truth
  is in Jesus: 
   that you put off, concerning your
  former conduct, the old man which
  grows corrupt according to the deceitful
   lusts,  and be renewed in the spirit of your
  mind, and that you put on the new man
  which was created according to God, in
  true righteousness and holiness.” Paul (Eph 4:20-24)

If we have truly learnt from Christ and become his disciples, we need to let go of our former conduct. That is just like Jesus calling the people to take the grave clothes of Lazarus. For we have all received a new life through the precious blood of Jesus.

That is why we need to listen to the words of Jesus, to put off our old man. For when God create the new heaven and new earth. Our old sinful self will not be allowed to enter. Only those who are reborn built according to the image of God can enter this kingdom.

We need to follow the words of Jesus, put off our old self and put on the new man. We need to be a real person that is raised by Jesus.

WE have finish this series concerning the 7 miracles of Jesus. May we all learn the lessons from this even miracles and believe that Jesus is Lord.


4. May God help all of us to apply this to our lives


In our previous discussion we talking about this verse

“However, when He, the Spirit of truth,
  has come, He will guide you into all truth;
  for He will not speak on His own authority,
  but whatever He hears He will speak; and
  He will tell you things to come.

We shared that there are 2 aspects about guiding us into all truth.

In the first aspect, we have explored that the Holy Spirit is here to help individuals create a relationship with the truth. That relationship can allow us to enter into the truth of Christ, to change ourselves to take on his image. Then we will be truly connected to Christ, and we will not depart of Christ. Then the Holy Spirit will continue to guide, leading us into salvation.

Before we look at the second aspect. Let us consider the notion, “Entering into the Truth

What Does It Means To Enter Into Truth?

Entering into truth is not about achieving academic knowledge. One can always study the bible academically and build an understanding regarding it. But that will only remain as a basic understanding, a superficial relationship with the text.

The Holy Spirit wants to lead us into all truth, which surpasses a superficial understanding. It is here to lead us to create a practical and a deep relationship with the truth. For Truth is more than just an intellectual understanding of Gods word.

Differentiating The Word Of God From The Words Of Man

The word of God is different from the word of man . The word of man is derived from the thinking of man. It is from philosophy. Great man like Confucius and Socrates all have different understandings and they wrote books about what is in their mind. Therefore their perspective differs. The Truth they talk about is different from the truth of the bible.

What is the difference? Their words are a result of their thinking. But the word of God is not just a concept or a thinking. The Word Of God is God and it is living. 

“In the beginning was the Word,
  and the Word was with God, and
  the Word was God.
  And the Word became flesh and
  dwelt among us, and we beheld His
  glory, the glory as of the only
  begotten of the Father, full of grace
  and truth.”- John (Jn 1:1& 14)

This word is not a mere thought or a concept. He is something we can experience and see for ourselves. That is why John said “we beheld his glory”. This truth is a person, and it is someone we can build a relationship with. This word is Jesus, and he tell us that he is the way the truth and the light.

None on earth can dare claim to be the truth. Man can only seek the truth. He can discover and understand the truth but he is not the truth. He is a mere seeker. But those who found the truth cannot become the truth. But Jesus said that he is the truth. Those who believe in him have everlasting life, and his truth is life.

Those who entered into the truth, have an intimate relationship with God, the truth will allow them to have a deep communion and connection to God.

A Practical Illustration By Jesus

I am the vine, you are the branches.
  He who abides in Me, and I in him,
  bears much fruit; for without Me you
  can do nothing.
If anyone does not abide in Me, he is
  cast out as a branch and is withered;
  and they gather them and throw them
  into the fire, and they are burned.” –Jesus (Jn 15:5-6)

Branches need to be connected to the tree to have life. If it was cut off from the tree, it may be able to live for a while, but it’s life will eventually wither way. It may be able to bloom and to bear fruit. But it will de because branches are not the source of life. Its source of life come from the tree. branches that not joined to the tree, will die eventually.

But how can we be joined to Christ and receive this spiritual life?     

“If you abide in Me, and My words
  abide in you, you will ask what you
  desire, and it shall be done for you.”- Jesus (Jn 15:7)

We tend to focus only on the latter portion of the verse about asking. When we believe in Christ, we have a faith that is joined to Christ. When we pray, we experience God listening to us.  Many of us experience the grace of God as far as prayer is concern.

Experiencing Grace Is Different From Entering Into Truth

But the main purpose of Christ coming to earth is not to perform miracles or to grant worldly blessing. But many came to him seek for such grace. Initially they appeared to be full of faith and wanted to be joined to Christ. But they failed to enter into the truth, for they do not have the truth in them. That is why soon after they receive what they ask for, they leave Jesus.

These people are slightly better than unbelievers as they indeed had a relationship with God. But sadly that relationship only lasted for the duration where they came before him to ask for help. Their faith remain at that superficial level. When they received what they ask for and there is no more need for Jesus. They stop praying, they no longer wanted Jesus.

The Holy Spirit is always there, he is willing to lead us into all truth so that we can have a relationship with God. The word of God is spirit and it life, he is able to give us eternal life.

An Example In The Bible : Lydia

Let us examine an example of how the Holy Spirit can lead one into the truth.

“And on the Sabbath day we went
  out of the city to the riverside,
  where prayer was customarily
  made; and we sat down and spoke
  to the women who met there. 
  Now a certain woman named Lydia
   heard us. She was a seller of purple
  from the city of Thyatira, who 
  worshiped God. The Lord opened her
  heart to heed the things spoken by Paul.”- Luke ((Acts 15:13-14)

Here is the record of the first believer in Philippi which is Lydia. Lydia was lead into the truth. Verse 14 told us that God opened her heart to pay attention to the words of Paul. She understood and entered into the truth. She had a relationship with Christ. She was willing to be baptised. That resulted to her salvation.

Misconception 2 : It Is the Holy Spirit Fault If One Does Not Believe

While we examined the story of Lydia, some  may think , “Today if we are unable to receive the truth, that is because the Holy Spirit did not open our heart. That is also the reason why we are uninterested in the truth. Therefore it is the Holy Spirits fault”

But that is a misconception, for the Holy Spirit is willing to lead everyone to the truth. But the question is are we willing to be lead by the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit will not force himself on us. If one is unwilling to open his heart, the Holy Spirit will not pry his heart open and control him.

This is seen clearly in the conversation of Lydia. how did we know that she opened her heart?

Lydia is a business woman, her clients are likely nobles. For she is a seller of purple cloth. In those days purples are reserved for the nobles. She must be busy working for the higher echelons of society in her days. But in the midst of her job she did not lose her direction in life. Instead she saw the vanity of life, which makes her realise what is the true value of life. That is why she seek what is eternal and valuable. That is also the reason why she will go to the riverside on the Sabbath.

Learning From Lydia

Lydia did not go to the riverside at the spur of the moment, she was doing that on a regular basis. This is something we ought to learn.

Today we see some Christians choosing to go to church only when their favourite speakers are speaking. But Lydia was different, she had the heart to worship God. She was one of the women who will gather at the riverside to worship God. (Verse 14). It is her habit to come on the regular basis. She willingly seek God, that is why the Holy Spirit was able to lead her to the truth.

Conclusion Of Entering Into The Truth

In Revelations, Jesus is knocking on the door of our hearts. He is asking us to open our hearts. He wanted to come in and live in our hearts. That message is not written for unbelievers. He is talking to believers, and that vision is telling us something.

Today there are many believers who had closed their hearts to Jesus, they no longer seek Christ. If one does not desire and thirst for Christ, how can one seek Christ?  How can we experience the Joy of the Holy Spirit leading us into truth? How can we develop this personal relationship with Jesus?

We need to pray for the Holy Spirit to open our hearts so we can receive the words of God. But firstly we need to esteem the word of God. So are we willing to find time for God in the midst of our busy schedule? The Word of God is no ordinary word, he is God himself.  

With this understanding, let us proceed to study the second aspect of being lead into the truth. In the next post we will study how does the Holy Spirit  lead the church into the truth


Pneumatology is the Doctrine of the Holy Spirit. It is an important doctrine in Christianity. Many in Christendom wrote about it. But most of them would explain the Holy Spirit base on their own understanding. That is why today there are so many tongues speaking denominations. These denominations are build base on different understanding of the Holy Spirit.

But Jesus should be the person who is most familiar with the Holy Spirit. Therefore the Pneumatology of Christ is the one that is most accurate. For only Christ can explain how the Holy Spirit works the best.

Therefore Christians ought to check our understanding against the what Jesus taught. But in order to do so, we need to understand what Jesus said about the Holy Spirit. The teaching of Christ regarding the Holy Spirit is found in the bible. If we want to understand it, we need to examine all the verse that was spoken about it.

that is the only way to achieve a complete understanding.

The truth is, there are not many verses but yet these verse are far reaching and deep. That is why many in Christendom can write volumes and volumes of books regarding it.  But does the thickness of their book guarantee complete understanding? That may not be so, for the ability of man is limited. That is why the Holy Spirit is sent to help us understand the word of God.

PT 1: The Holy Spirit Is Here To Guide And Lead Us Into All Truth

One of the most important work of the Holy Spirit is to help us understand the words of Jesus. If we want to understand the truth in Christ, we need to ask the Holy Spirit to lead us to understand. As Jesus once said to his disciples

“I still have many things to say to you,
  but you cannot bear them now.
  However, when He, the Spirit of truth,
  has come, He will guide you into all truth;
  for He will not speak on His own authority,
  but whatever He hears He will speak; and
  He will tell you things to come.”- Jesus (Jn 16:12-13 )

While many understand that the Holy Spirit is a seal and guarantee of our inheritance (Eph 1:13-14)  and the Holy Spirit is the proof that we are the sons of the heavenly father. (Rom 8:14-17).. This understanding is correct, but incomplete, for it is one of his many works.  These verses refers to our life to come in the kingdom of heaven.

But What happens between now till the end of the world? What is the role of the Holy Spirit now? From here we know he is here to lead and guide us into all truth. That is why we need to seek for the infilling of the Holy Spirit. Infilling is not about how loud your tongue speaking is, but rather it is about how well we understand the truth and the scriptures.

One may be speaking in tongues, but the truth they hold on to may be incorrect. Some of their actions may even go against the truth in the bible.  They are unaware that their actions and thinking grieve the Holy Spirit.  For they no longer seek to understand the truth, but they want to hold on to what they think is right.

PT 1.1: How Does The Holy Spirit Help Us To Understand The Truth?

As Christian, we need to understand that only the truth from God can grant us salvation. That truth lies in the words of Jesus and we need to listen to him. The Holy Spirit primary purpose is to allow us to understand the words of Jesus.

It is not about just hearing the words of Christ, but we need to understand what he is talking about. While the function of the Holy Spirit is to help us understand and comprehend the words of God. Why is it that there are people who cannot understand even after listening to the scriptures?

In fact the bible is not mysterious writing, it is written plainly and are easy to read. The words spoken by Jesus and the stories in the gospel are easiest to understand. Some may find the Old Testament and the Torah difficult. Perhaps they can understand Genesis, Exodus but as they proceed to Leviticus they find it hard to follow. That is why many feel the new testament easy to read and the old testament too deep.  Now there are many scholars who publish lengthy exposition of the old testament. And swamps of people hero-worship their understanding.

But is the words of Jesus indeed so shallow?

Perhaps on the surface it is very easy to understand literally. but the Holy Spirit is here to lead us to understand the truth. It is not just a portion of it, but he is here to lead us deeper into all truth. So what does it mean to enter into all truth? How can one enter into truth?

Let us examine what it means to enter into the Truth. There are 2 aspects I can think of. But for this article we will look into one of these aspect.

To Allow One to Have A Direct Relationship with the Truth.

The Holy Spirit is here to lead us into all truth, and that means to allow us to have a direct relation with the truth. This is not a mere superficial relationship where one merely listen to the words of God.

He is here to help us enter into the truth and achieve a deeper understanding. A deeper understanding is not about a mere academic or linguistic appreciation of the bible. But it refers to a deeper understanding. Whenever you read the passage again you will gain new perspective, new details. As the result you again new understanding, and that understanding will work in your heart. Exhorting you and strengthening your faith.

It will lead you in your resolve, and your heart to seek and follow the lesson you learn. There will be a change in you where others can see that you have entered into the truth.

Have you ever wonder why the same sermon produces different result?  There are some who are bored stiff while others are moved to tears. Some remain indifferent to the message while some repented and turn to the Lord. That is the result of the Holy Spirit moving within you, bringing you closer to God.

That is why the same message may be treated as pearls by some while other treat it like garbage.

The same observation can be seen when it comes to the understanding of the truth. The word of God can appear like dry grass to people. The more they hear it, the more frustrated they became. But to those who entered into the truth, they find it precious. The more they went deeper, the more treasure they found, they will say that the word of God is sweeter than honey.

It is at that point of time the truth had an impact and created a relationship between that man and God. As a result, that man will receive eternal life in the future. The truth will continue to cleanse his life of sin, give him strength to renew himself. It will bring him comfort and strength so that he can continue walking on that path to heaven. 

An Example From The Gospel

Why is it that the same words from a sermon when heard by 2 groups of people produces different result? There is one example in the gospel that fully illustrate this..

It is recorded in John 6:60-63

Jesus spoke a sermon where shared the truth with his followers. There are 2 different reaction that came from that sermon. Today we re able to know that when Jesus talks about eating his flesh and drinking his blood he is referring to the Holy communion which we now participate . By receiving the Holy Communion, we have eaten his flesh and drank his blood. As the result Christ will abide in us and we in him, and we will be raised in the last days.

We know that those who heard this teaching are not unbelievers, but disciples of Christ. They believed and followed him because they saw the authority and the power of Christ. But at this point of time, Jesus is no longer preforming his miracles but he is sharing a truth with them. Jesus wanted to lead them into the truth so they will have a relationship with him.

This relationship is not physical or superficial, but a spiritual relationship that is deep with God.  Jesus was sharing with them how to be joined to the life of Christ. Yet the disciples told Jesus

“This is a hard saying; who can understand it?”- Disciples (Jn 6:60)

What is the result of that sermon? They left Jesus. They followed him no more. (Jn 6:66)

Today if you follow Jesus for the sake of miracles, if you believe in him only because you see his power and miracles. Will you be able to follow Christ when he talk about the truth in the word of God? Will we be able to accept it, will we regard it as necessary and important?  Will we choose to leave Christ because we find it a hard saying?

But yet on the other hand we see another group, a minority. They took the effort to hear it, they ponder over the words of Christ. Even though they have not heard it before, but they understand that it concern eternal life. They open their hearts to it.

That is the point when the Holy Spirit moves them, and lead them into the truth. Even though they cannot fully or logically accept this truth. They are willing to obey and be moved by the Spirit of God.

When Jesus asked “Do you want to go away?”. What did they say?

“Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the 
  words of eternal life.  Also we have come to
  believe and know that You are the Christ,
  the Son of the living God.”- Peter (Jn 6:68-69)

Peter represented that minority who believed, who put in effort to listen to Christ. They paid attention to the truth and made a resolve to follow Christ.

Here is the difference between one guided by the Holy Spirit from one who is not lead by the Holy Spirit. The same sermon demonstrate these two different consequences.

Misconception #1: Is It The Holy Spirit Fault If we Fail To Enter Into Truth?

But this idea brings about a difficulty. Some will say they are unable to enter the truth for the Holy Spirit did not guide them. Does that mean that is is the Holy Spirit preventing them from understanding? So today if the words of God appear dry and boring, is it the Holy Spirit’s fault? 

If the Holy Spirit is not here, he cannot lead us into the truth. But now when he is here with us, why is it that not everyone understand the Truth?

The Holy Spirit may come and move you, but one can choose to close their heart to the Lord. It is not that the Holy Spirit is unwilling to lead, but our hearts are closed. We are unwilling to allow the Holy Spirit to guide us.

That is why we need to open our hearts , to draw near and communicate with God. If we are unwilling to open our hearts, how can the Holy Spirit move you?

In my church we have a habit of praying in silence before the service In it, though none of us ever tell each other what we pray about, but I would often ask God to guide us in this service, for hearts to be open to the truth.  I will pray that everyone can understand the truth of God.

For speakers can only explain the words of the bible to their best ability. They can try to present their points logically and clearly. But they cannot open our hearts. Only the Holy Spirit can open the hearts of the listeners and he will not force his way into your heart.

Unless one is willing to open his heart to pursue and learn the truth, than the Holy Spirit will guide. That is also why we often hear that Jesus is knocking at the door of our hearts. On the sermon of the mount he said, “Blessed are those who thirst and are poor in spirit” . But are we poor in Spirit? Do we long for God like the deer pants for water?

The Importance Of Desiring The Truth

There are many things that we want, but do we desire the truth of God? If we only listen to the word of God, then our relationship with God will only be superficial. It will be difficult to enter into truth if we only use our ears and not our heart.

At best that understanding will only remain as an superficial academic knowledge. That is the reason why the word of God is unable to move our hearts. The Holy Spirit wanted to move us in our hearts, to lead us to think about the word of God and most importantly to enter into truth.

If we enter into the truth, our lives will be renewed and our faith will grow. Then we can understand the truth and enter into salvation. That is the important work of the Holy Spirit, and it is the aspect that we tend to neglect.

Christians often neglect the importance of entering into truth and being renewed in Spirit. Even though we serve in various ministry, and are zealous in our work. Even though we offered much to the church, but the truth of Christ did not change us in anyway.

We remain that same old self before we know Christ. We remain greedy, bad tempered, full of pride and the wrong concepts of God. We did not bear the fruit of the spirit nor did we change to be like Christ. If Christ were to come again, can our old unrepentant self be saved?

Perhaps we have served in many ministries within the church, but we failed in the most important duty, that is to allow the Holy Spirit to lead us into the truth.  That is what Jesus really wants us to do

“This is the work of God, that
  you believe in Him whom He
  sent.” – Jesus (Jn 6:29)

We often define divine work as serving in the ministry, helping the poor, and preaching the gospel. But when the people asked Jesus “What shall we do, that we may work the works of God?”

Jesus simply said that it is to believe in Jesus. If you truly believe in Christ, you will submit and follow Christ, you will emulate him. If we are able to do that, we have did the most basic of the will of God.

For God wants to save us, he want us to work with him to lead others to repentance. If we are able to do so, we have indeed done the work of God. 

Working Out Our Salvation

Paul once said

“Therefore, my beloved, as you have
  always obeyed, not as in my presence only,
  but now much more in my absence, work out
   your own salvation with fear and trembling; 1
for it is God who works in you both to will
  and to do for His good pleasure. “- Paul (Php 2:12-13)

Paul wanted us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling. We need to resolve to work out our salvation. Then God will work with us to do his good pleasure. The Holy Spirit is here to lead us into all truth.

It is not just to give us a mere understanding of the truth, but it can allow us to have a direct relationship with God through it. We need to obey the truth and allow it to sanctify our lives. Then we will slowly change and Christ will be form in us.

What It Means To Enter Into Truth?

The Holy Spirit is a guaranty and an evidence of our salvation This is seem clearly in Eph 1:13-14. But such knowledge is only superficial and mere touching the surface. We may have understood this, but have we entered into the truth of salvation?

When Paul wrote the book of Ephesians they have not fully entered into the truth. They have their spiritual life reborn, they have began their life of faith, but there was no change in their lives. Even though they spoke in tongues and preach the the truth of Christ, though they serve in various ministries but they are negligent in Spiritual Nurture. They have not entered into the truth, nor did they have a relationship with the truth.

That is why Paul reminded them
“But you have not so learned Christ,  if
  indeed you have heard Him and have
  been taught by Him, as the truth is in Jesus:
that you put off, concerning your former
  conduct, the old man which grows corrupt
  according to the deceitful lusts,”” –Paul (Eph 4:20-22)

Paul told them that they have no so learned Christ. If they truly hear the truth, they must enter and obey the truth. Allow it to change their life. They must no longer continue to do the things they used to do. If one truly enter the truth, people will see the change in us. We will become a new man, reflect the image of God.

To give us a practical example, Paul continue to give practical examples in Eph 4:25-29. And he gave us an important reminder.

“And do not grieve the Holy Spirit
  of God, by whom you were sealed
  for the day of redemption. “ – Paul (Eph 4:30)


The Holy Spirit is here to help us obey God, if we continue to remain in our old ways, we will grieve the Holy Spirit.  Eventually he will depart from us, and we will not be saved. That is why we must work out our salvation, believe in the truth, entered into truth and establish a relationship with it.

The truth is Christ, let us keep the Jesus and his teachings into our heart.  We must emulate him and follow him. This is the most important work. IT is one of the primary duty of the Holy Spirit from now till the end of times.

May God help all of us to understand this truth, may he continue to lead us. So that we will follow the truth and love it.


In our pervious part of the series, we have looked into Sabbath from the Old Testament. Our topic is about Sabbath as described in the Mosaic Law. We understand that there are sabbaths from Festivals, sabbath year where planting is not allowed and the year of Jubilee that happen every 50 years (7 sabbatical cycle). These sabbaths are different from the Sabbath of the ten commandment

The Sabbath of the ten commandment is referring to the 7th day of the week. This is an institution that preceded the Mosaic Covenant and is given by God to his creation.

We went into the Torah and examine every verse about the Sabbath as mention in the Torah. The following is summary of what we learn

1. No work to be done on Sabbath (Men, animals, foreigner)
           a. But Priest must bake showbread, light the Lampstand in temple
           b. Soldiers can do their duty
           c. No burden is to be carried (most people carry burden to work)
2. Hold a holy convocation (gathering)
3. Do not light a fire
4. Offer an additional 2 lambs on top of the daily sacrifice
5. Remember that once you used to be slaves in Egypt and God saved you
6. Keep it Holy
          a. Refrain from doing your pleasure 
          b. Treat it as a delight and not a burden 
          c. Keep it out of reverence for God

Brief Lesson From History

But we know that Israel failed to keep it. As the result, the Kingdom of Israel and Judah were destroyed. Babylonian captivity came for 70 years.   When Israel return to rebuild Jerusalem, leaders like Nehemiah took active steps to set up rules to prevent Israel from breaking the Sabbath.

But by the time of Christ, the rules are piled up by generations and generations of Jews.  These rules started to be more and more ridiculous and impossible to follow. Here are some examples as listed in the gospel.
1. you can help a animal in the ditch but not save a human being (Matt 12:11)
2. You are not allowed to carry your bed  (Jn 5:10)
3. Not allowed to pluck head of grain to eat (Matt 12:1)
4. Not allowed to heal (Luke 14:3)
5. Not allowed to handle dead body (Lk 23:54-56)
6. Not allowed to walk a certain distance (Acts 1:12)

All these traditions are part of an Oral traditions kept by the Jews. These oral traditions are claimed to have descended from Moses. But yet these information are only known by the Pharisees. Strangely their Talmud get thicker and thicker over the years and today they even covered light blubs in fridges. Something that I am pretty sure Moses had no idea about.

The fact is, the Talmud is created by the Pharisees, the Pharisees was a group of Community Leaders that rose up during the Persian and Greek period after the Jews had return from Babylonian captivity.

They started as a innocent group of Jews who wanted to prevent themselves from breaking God commandments. But over time, their good intention lead them to create more and more rules and in each iteration, it got more and more ridiculous. These traditions are recorded and eventually codified into the Mishnah (1st and 2nd century CE) which evolves to the Jerusalem Talmud and the Babylonian Talmud.

The Babylonian Talmud is often singled out by by anti Rabbanic Judaism practitioners for condemnation in all their studies. 

The Problem Of Traditions

Perhaps by now you may ask. “So what’s so wrong about taking precautions not to break the Law of God? Is it not my personal freedom to enact my personal rule to prevent myself from sinning? If my traditions manage to keep me close to God, what’s your problem with it?”

To be honest, I have no problems with your personal traditions and if it brings you closer to God. You are free to do whatever you want, whatever you like. .But to those who are very passionate about enacting your own traditions.  Allow me to bring you one caution from Moses, the angel (Messenger)  who brought your beloved Torah to you.

“Now, O Israel, listen to the statutes and
  the judgments which I teach you to observe,
  that you may live, and go in and possess the
  land which the Lord God of your fathers is
  giving you. 
   You shall not add to the word which I command
  you, nor take from it, that you may keep the
  commandments of the Lord your God which
  I command you” – Moses (Deut 4:1-2)

While today many people are careful not to subtract from the Mosaic Law. But many of those who desperately wanted to keep the Mosaic Law, keep it on their own term. But doing so they are guilty of adding their own tradition on top of the Law of God. Just like the Pharisees who created their tradition.

While it is bad to subtract from the Law of God, it is equally bad to add traditions on top of the words of Moses. To create Oral traditions and claiming that they came together with the Law o God spoken to Moses is in fact going against the law of God.

We need to remember that the traditions we create are only useful at one particular point in history. The time will come where the tradition will outlive its usefulness and lose its relevance. Then it will turn into a burden that future generation will have to bear without gaining its benefits.

A Tradition that had outlived its usefulness at best would become an inconvenience that serve no benefits. But in its worst form a tradition that is held on too tightly can supersede the actual commandment of God.

Let us study an example in the bible. 

An Example To Share

Mark 7 contains an example of  a tradition that clashes with the commandments of God. Let us examine this dispute. 

“For the Pharisees and all the Jews
  do not eat unless they wash their
  hands in a special way, holding the
  tradition of the elders.
  When they come from the marketplace,
  they do not eat unless they wash.
  And there are many other things
  which they have received and hold,
  like the washing of cups, pitchers,
  copper vessels, and couches.” – Mark (Mk 7:3-4)

So the Pharisees and scribes confronted Jesus asking.

“Why do Your disciples not walk according to
  the tradition of the elders, but eat bread
  with unwashed hands?”- Pharisees and Scribes (Mk 7:5)

Jesus replied quoting from the book of Isaiah

“‘This people honors Me with their lips,
   But their heart is far from Me.
   And in vain they worship Me,
  Teaching as doctrines the commandments
  of men”” – Jesus (Mk 7:6-7)

He went on to quote another example. Within the ten commandments God said, 

“‘Honor your father and your mother’;
and, ‘He who curses father or mother,
  let him be put to death.”

But yet these people enacted a tradition saying
“If a man says to his father or mother,
  “Whatever profit you might have
  received from me is Corban”—’
  (that is, a gift to God),”

And now the man who said this had no longer the need to to take care of his parents.

Jesus concluded saying

“making the word of God of no effect
  through your tradition which you
  have handed down. And many such
  things you do.” – Jesus (Mk 7:13)

The traditions we create today may have the risk of going against the commandments of God. Perhaps in the very beginning it was not enacted against Gods commandments. But what will happen after many generations of implementation? What if our future generation took these tradition to the extreme and went against the word of God? 

Instead of forming traditions and correcting them later. Why not do away with them and choose to follow the Words of God directly?

Jesus The Lord Of The Sabbath

Today there are many within Christendom that advocate that Sabbath is invention of the Mosaic Covenant. Those who advocate it say that Jesus had nailed the Sabbath to the cross and do away with it.  If this is so then do Christians had to keep the Sabbath?

Was the Sabbath indeed nailed on the cross?

Jesus once declared

“The Sabbath was made for man,
  and not man for the Sabbath.
  Therefore the Son of Man is also
  Lord of the Sabbath.” – Jesus (Mk 2:7)

If Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath, how can the Sabbath be abolished?

The sacrifice of the Lord takes away the curse of the Law. Jesus had nailed the punishments for sin in the Mosaic Covenant to the cross. He had fulfilled the requirements of all feast and sacrifices.

Keeping The Spirit Of The Mosaic Covenant. 

When he died, he became the Passover lamb that was killed. His body was sinless. That is why he is the bread of life to Christians. That is why we as Christians need to keep the institutions that he had commanded us. For our Covenant is with Christ and that Covenant is not the same as the Covenant of Moses.

At baptism we received the blood of Christ, that is when sins are forgiven. That is why we keep the institution of Christ, instituted on that Last Passover in the world. We take the Holy Communion , eating the unleavened bread which is his body, and drinking the grape juice that is his blood. That is why we wash our feet after baptism to have a part with Christ. 

For Christ was the the first fruits of those who resurrect. When he died, the veil in the temple was torn to two. Under the Mosaic Covenant, the glory of God is separated and hidden away from man behind the veil. Men were not to pass the veil except on the day of atonement.

But now with the sacrifice of Christ the veil was torn into two ,for man can now come to God directly to ask for forgiveness instead of using the blood of animals to atone for their sin.

At the same time, those who are faithful to him under the Mosaic covenant were resurrected at the death of Christ. (Matt 27:51-53). It is these Old testament believers who are the Omers that ought to be counted. For they are redeemed by Christ. all the sacrifices they made in the feast, all the sins that are atone by the blood of animals are fulfilled by Christ.

Under the mosaic covenant, God could only dwell with Israel through the taberacle confined in the Holies of Holies which is cleanse yearly though the blood of animals. God had wanted to dwell with man but because of sin, man cannot draw near to God. That is why they could only appear before the Lord in 3 pilgrim festival. (AKA Feast of the Lord).

But now under the covenant of Christ, sins are forgiven and man are justified. As the result the Spirit of God can now dwell in the hearts of man, helping man to remember the words and commandments of God. Giving them comfort and strength to keep his commandments. That is why the spirit of God came to the people on Pentecost when the counting of Omer is completed and those who are part of the first harvest are complete.

The remaining work in a Christian perspective are all found in the fall feast. We no longer blow the trumpet to signal the start of the day of atonement. For the sacrifice of Christ is once and for all, Christ had entered into the Holies of Holies with his blood.   From then on, the presence of God is no longer confined in the Holies of Holies, he is dwelling the in hearts of every believer who are washed by the blood of Christ,  Jews and gentiles alike, they are all to be saved by the covenant of Jesus.

Today, as Christians, we ought to live a life of a sojourner dwelling in booths. This is no longer a 7 day affair, but a lifetime affair. For we are called out from the world just like how God called Israel out of Egypt. We are to dwell in tents, reminding ourselves that our final destination is the Kingdom of God.


Signing that Covenant with Christ  does not change the fact that God blessed the seventh day and hallowed the Sabbath. It does not change the fact that God had established the Sabbath at creation.

Christ had fulfilled the requirement of the Law of Moses, he had saved us from the curse of the Law nailing the writing that was against us to the cross. That is why  Christians are not stoned to death of failing to keep the Sabbath. Why we are no longer judged for lighting a fire. There is no longer the requirement to burn additional animal as offering on the Sabbath.

However as Christians we must keep the Spirit Of The Law as well as the ten commandments. We have need to observe the Sabbath. But our keeping of the Sabbath differs from the Jews in many ways.

Today Christian who keep the Sabbath in the following way.

1. No work to be done on Sabbath 
2. Hold a holy convocation (gathering for worship) 
3. Remember that there is an eternal rest for us in the Kingdom of Heaven  
4. Keep it Holy
          a. Refrain from doing your pleasure 
          b. Treat it as a delight and not a burden 
          c. To keep it out of a love for God

Besides that we are to observe  what Jesus taught us about keeping the Sabbath. What are they? We will read them together in the last blog entry of this series.

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