I have compiled a set of typical questions that I am asked

1. What is the objectives of making this blog?

Ans: Actually, I just wanted to share my thoughts with everyone, and I wanted to record down my train of thoughts. Over here you will find a few types of articles
             a. Hymn and Music lyrics and singalong (all the songs)
             b. Bible study notes (Heroes of Faith Etc)
             c. Write up on various idealogy (Bushido etc)
             d. Business related articles

The purpose of the hymns and music is just to practice translations.

The purpose of bible study and church related articles is to exhort Christians , share my faith with others and to record my bible study notes. I hope that this could help people to think about their relationship with God and how they conduct themselves in their daily lives

The purpose of Idealogy articles is just to record down difficult concepts into simple words for everyone to understand

I wrote the business Articles lately, because I have been reflecting alot about how companies are run, and now with the economic crisis on the way, and company desparatelyretrenching, I am trying to figure out a way to advise business how to survive the crisis.  Hopfully someone may try to read it and offer me other point of view or follow the advise.


Which articles are the most difficult to write?

Ans: Actually, i find idealogy articles are hardest, because firstly, I do not like philosophy, and digging through their books are really a test of patience.

Christian articles to me are pretty complex, as I need to try to read up the different bible passages, and then illustrate the points. But I do love writing about this, but you would find that my articles are pretty slow.

Business articles are simpler in nature, as business only needs to be concern with profitability. Sometimes I will try to link different effects and theories along the way to see if it can offer a new perspective to businesses

Song and Lyrics are the easiest, the only problems is the translation bit, I can only understand Chinese and English, only if I found a translation then I would post an article

I hope all readers will be able to learn something from this, as well as to share their experience and knowledge with me… And I certainly hope to see you enjoying the site just as how I enjoyed writing these articles.


Why do you called yourself the Hesitant Prize Fighter?

Ans:  Hmm, this is a tough one to answer, ok.. firstly, I like the song “Sometimes when we touch” . But the word hestiant prize fighter has a
significant meaning to me.

1. For a time of my life, I spent changing jobs, some of the horror stories that I encounter in my job were written on the blog. However
many of my church brothers and sisters do not understand why I left
my job. It seems as if I throw God’s blessings away when he blessed me
with a job. Everyone thinks that I am striving for some worldly prize on
earth and decided to throw God away. Some even blame me for being unthankful to God for his bountiful blessings in my life.

Well, do they expect me to tell them one by one the horror stories I encounter in my job? and even if I do explain, would anyone have believed me? I changed 8 jobs in 4 years, thinking that I can find a worthy boss, who values people’s time, and allow me time to serve God, and I found none. Instead, I found myself in deep political situations, and trapped within the organisations inefficiency, and I think fleeing from my employment will take me away from it. But after 4 years, I decided its pointless to run. So instead of running away, I will blog about their silly antics and their silly business decision, hoping to let business realise that they are hiring the wrong people to lead.

My real prize that I am after is, a peaceful life where I can serve God. . To alot of my friends, my prize is vain glory and being statisfied with my life. I have decided to accept their view of me instead of trying to defend myself anymore, but I want to stress that I am hesitant to chase after it. In fact I am chasing after a peaceful life to serve God. Hence I call myself “The Hesitant Prize Figher”.


Feel free to drop me any more questions and I will try to answer them as soon as possible

16 Responses to “Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)”

  1. Kenny Says:

    What’s your secret behind this inspired blog?

    1. tben Says:

      The secret is this Bro,
      1. A heart to re-organised my Bible study notes for further reference
      2. A urge to translate songs from various languages so that it could be understood
      3. A Jovial mind to make fun of the futility and the hypocrisy in the corporate world.

      Hope to see more of your comments bro

  2. Jese Temo Says:

    This goes under the business section.

    One of the biggest crippling factors in business and in this world is the false but accepted economic dogma of “limited resources but unlimited demand”. With this dogma a lot of inefficiencies and wastage is brought about resulting in the destruction of this world. For example there is enough resources in India for everyone there to live well but because the rich are afraid of poverty because they think there is not enough for everyone they store up and keep storing up resources for themselves even if it means cheating so as to place themselves as far away from the state of being poor.

    I am a lecturer at a University. Sometimes when I am passing out notes students will take two or more just incase there is not enough so they take more for a friend who may not receive one. In so doing they create the state they are trying to guard against because I know how many is in the class and always print extra so there is enough for everyone.

    Please email me for more discussion on this jesetemo (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. tben Says:

      Hi Jese

      Thank you for your comments, actually I am thinking that somethingis fundamentally wrong with the current world economy too. Apparently this paradox of staying far from poverty also creates a group of super rich and as wealth is accumalated to that small percentage. the general amount of wealth circulating in the world will be lesser and lesser.

      What makes it worst is when the methods to accquire it is not proper (IE: Phone scams, Nigerian General/Iraqi Sargeant Lotto Scams)

      I will love to read your notes.


  3. mymoss Says:

    I also think there is something going wrong with the global economy. The love of money can lead to greed and concentration of wealth at the top, as you have mentioned.

    The present Conservative Party in Canada has stated that companies need to Go Big or Get Out.

    Deregulation may have re-opened the world to the boom and bust cycle, such as it was in the 1930’s. If rich people are expecting a bust to be inevitable, they may have further incentive to hoard their wealth.

    I think most religions believe that each person is of equal value before God. In society it appears to be the trend that poor people are considered to be of less value than those who are more well off.

    This is human nature and society is subject to the swings of the pendulum. If most of the world becomes too poor to buy even cheap manufactured goods, the bubble can burst. Does that make sense?

    1. tben Says:

      Hi MyMoss

      Actually i think the idea of “Go Big” is pretty bad for business. The problem is, when a organization “Go Big” they usually tend to “Grow fat” with corporate inefficency.

      Corporations have to cough out money paying great amount of overhead to a few individuals who can make decision only base on numbers alone. Resulting to inablity to make quick and decisive Business decisions.

      As we know that wealth does not disappear but flows around the world. These high flying individuals are like money traps that will lock the money in creating a sitaution where there are lesser money to flow around the world.

      On the long run, it does lead to price bubbles and destroy the world on the whole economically speaking. The mordern businesses usually make money by speculating with shares and forex and not from business operations. This is a subtle reminder of how the great depression started with the speculation of shares.

      The world only recovered from the great depression after WW2.. i certain hope that the same cycle will not happen in our present world.

      Just my thoughts as I read your comment. thank you for commenting on my blog.

  4. anonymous Says:

    I saw your two timelines for the bloodline of Christ. You have Shem’s death at 630, it should be 600. Abraham was 58 when Terah was 128 when Serug was 187 when Reu was 219 when Eber was 283 when Salah was 313 when Arphaxad was 348. I researched everything carefully.

    1. tben Says:

      Good Day

      Thank you for pointing, the age of Shem was a typo, I intended it to be 602 base on the the fact that the flood happened to him when he is 100 (Gen 5:22, Gen 7:11) that is why I think he should be 102 (Gen 11:10 says he had the son 2 years after the food) when his son is born. For course some may claim that he was 100.. But i just stick to whatever I can read for reference

      There are some mistakes in calculation because of that. I tried my best to fix them.. hopefully this time the diagram is more accurate. thank you for pointing out the errors, especially about the time of Shem’s Death.

  5. Woz Says:

    There are around 3,200 religions currently practiced around the world. What makes you so sure the one you’ve chosen is the right one, and all the people who believe in the other 3,199 (who are all similarly certain THEIR religion is the right one) are wrong and are going to hell?

    1. tben Says:

      Hi there Woz

      Thank you for your comments,

      I would like to clarify, there was never an attempt to berate any other religions on my blog, nor did I suggest that others are going to hell and are wrong. For only you could make be that assessment on your belief and I will never do that for you.

      I believe that when you said ” the right one” you are referring to going to heaven.

      Not all of the 3200 religions have a concept of heaven and hell, and certainly not all of them had the concept of salvation and a life after death. I am sure most of the religions teaches man to do good. But only a few religion talks about heaven and hell, and there even fewer religions that gives promises that one will be able to enter heaven.

      Personally I believe that the only way to find out if you are in the “right one” is when you finished that walk in life and leave the world. But the sad truth is that by that time we know the answer, it would be too late to make that choice again. My choice is base on my own experience and my own walk with God. Indeed, if at the very end of it all I have indeed made a wrong choice. I only have myself to blame.

      That is why instead of telling others they are going to hell, I would rather be focused on reminding myself of the hope that I have.

      I personally hope you are happy with your own choice. The blog here is only return to remind myself of my choice and my hope. Rest assured I would not be commenting if your choice is the “right one ” or not, for I believe you would realize it in due time yourself too.

      Lastly, may we all make the right choice and never regret it.
      Thank you for visiting my blog. Hope to hear more of your comments.

  6. Vienn Says:

    Hello! Just read your blog on the age of Joshua…
    I am interested, though, about your beliefs as a Christian, which church you go to. I am a Christian, too, and I belong to a Southern Baptist denomination.

    1. tben Says:

      Hi Vienn

      Very glad to hear from you. Thank you for reading the article on Joshua, I hope that it had been informative to you.

      I am a Christian, i am from a non denominational church. One that many often mistook us as cults.

      So i started this blog just to share what we have learnt and I was hoping for people to read it and judge for themselves if
      we are indeed teaching from the scriptures. And so far after many years I realized that when people put their prejudice aside.
      They could see and understand why we understood the scriptures the same way as we do. To date some churches and some bible teachers requested use of my diagrams and explanation to teach their congregation.

      To maintain the purpose of this blog i would not be able to answer to your question directly. But if you do not mind, I can correspond with you via email. You can email me by click on “Contact Prize Fighter” on the left.

  7. Rick Says:

    Hello Benjamin,

    I was at church services yesterday and was talking with a young lady about my bible study and how I would like to make a new testament timeline that would give you a little more details in order to put things a little more in context. A timeline that showed most of the things you have in your timeline. I visualized something very close to what you have put together. I came home and did a search for timelines and there it was, your timeline. I want to complement you on the design and layout. I also read your story about changing jobs and I can relate because I did something very similar when I was young. The only advantage I had was I was a union bricklayer and I knew when the job was over I could leave the company, with no hard feelings, and go to the next one. Jobs would only last 6 weeks at the most so I was off to the next one. I never understood why owners would treat their employees like slaves. I’m retiring in tree months and don’t much about how to use software like you did with the timeline you made. Can I ask you what software you used and if it is possible for you to send me the template for yours? I would just like to change a couple of dates to keep my bible study in line with what our church believes. Keep up the good work and remember, for many are called, but few are chosen and faithful.

    Thank you,

    1. tben Says:

      Hi Rick .

      Mainly I used Visio. That was the tool I was pretty acquainted to during my work as project manager.

  8. Isaiah Bridges Says:

    Dear tben
    I am sure that you are a very busy person, so I must apologize for how long this question is.
    Some time ago, I was invited to join a facebook page called
    “Catholic / Orthodox & Protestant Peaceful Dialogue”
    In the process of these discussions, I discovered 1 Cor 14:26, the “How is it then, brethren? when ye come together…” passage, and suddenly, all kinds of concepts came together! The Church is a wholly spiritual phenomena that was built, not by man, but by God. The Christians of the New Testament had powers, and could do amazing things through God. What I think is that the Church (which I define as the body of believers as opposed to an institution) has forgotten that the Holy Spirit is our guide, and our inheritance, and our teacher. So this idea came to me.
    The idea is to make a series of animations for the purpose of reminding the Church that Christ spoke to God and God sent the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is our power, not the doctrines, and logic, and commentareis.
    How can I do this? The idea is to create a newsroom, and have two reporters talking about how the Holy Spirit was making things in the early Church. The reports will start with the day of pentecost, and stretch through to the first church councils ( I feel that Emporer Constantine appropriated God’s Church, and changed it from a Spirit led institution, to a man led organization).
    I know that this is a huge project, and I hope that I can follow it through to the end. The first step is to create a story board, a graphic (comic book like) outline of the events, from which the 3-D animations will be constructed. To make sense, the news line would have to be chronological, and in researching the chronology, I found your outline of the new testament, and thought
    “Wow! This is exaclty what I was looking for!”
    I am wondering if I can use your outline in my project. “No” is a completely acceptable answer. I will not be offended. In fact, it will simply mean that I have to dig into the scriptures more deeply – which is OK!
    Also, I am wondering what you think about the idea I have. Do you think it would help Christians? Am I taking a wrong path? I can tell from your writings that God is present in your daily life and activities, so you might be the right person to ask.
    Finally, I am deeply moved by the faith that shines out of every line in your various articles. I pray that your faith never waivers, and the God will keep you strong.
    Isaiah Bridges
    P.S. A newborn is a lot of work, but it is worth it.
    as Psalm 127 says:
    ” Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord: and the fruit of the womb is his reward. As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.”
    from one Dad to Another

    1. tben Says:

      HI Isaiah

      Apologies for my slow response. Fatherhood is knocking all the free time off me

      Actually i think the understanding of church history will actually help many Christians see how the faith that we hold on to differs from what Jesus and the apostles taught.

      At the same time I believe it will also led to many to understand
      1. The church in acts do observe sabbath. Though they kept it differently from the Jews

      2. In the early stage of the church there was also confusion the part the Mosaic law played and the debate on whether the non Jewish Christian need to keep them or just follow the instruction of Jesus is indeed a big issue in the church,

      3. Sunday worship, Christmas, valentines day, Easter , Halloween wasn’t practiced by the early Christians

      4. The ancient church do practice foot washing as a sacrament and in some churches in Milan it went on for a few centuries after the practice was outlawed

      5. The ancient church practice baptism and they believe it can forgive sins .

      6. The church practiced Holy Communion on a regular basis

      7. The early church do speak in tongues, and this stopped by the second or third century after the church deviated from the teaching of God

      8. In fact the reformation swing Christianity to the other side of the pendulum and sometimes what is being taught at that side is equally far from what the apostles teach in the first place

      But i am sure it will also lead to many to question if we are indeed following the scriptures or have we been adding our own traditions which may be contrary to what Jesus and the apostles taught.

      Sometimes I feel we are as guilty as the scribes and Pharisees during the time of Christ.

      I will love to see what you have compiled though 🙂 Do share them with me if possible. Of course if my articles help i will be glad to help.

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