I did a recap of my previous plan, now i found a 3rd direction of the blog, which may be easier to fulfill.

1. Les miserables: My crusade to find a easy to read version of les miserables to begin my study of the types of christians found in the story ends up in a failure, its seems i can only find a loosely translated french version which is extremely hard to read. The only English version i can find is 1200+ pages long, i do not have that many man hours to spend on this

2. Bible study on characters in the bible: Maybe i will begin with a smaller characters first, as my first attempted character has too many stories and i have not found a way to classify them in a meaningful way yet.

3. Bushido: Lately i found a book on Bushido which i purchase off acmabooks.com. i think i can make an article out of it pretty soon. I wonder how big  is the book man… lets hope its shorter then les miserables