Acamabooks delivered the book I ordered earlier in the week. The book I am currently reading is “Bushido The Soul Of Japan” by Inazo Nitobe

 I was expecting a thicker book, but to my surprise, it is only 80 Pages total. And he left out 2 of the Filial Piety and Loyalty in this book.

My initial understanding of Bushido after reading the book thus far

1. Bushido is an ethical system, not a religion. It is heavily influenced by the prevalent Asian culture that was surrounding Japan.It is the code of moral principles which the samurai were required or instructed to observe… More frequently it is a code unspoken and unwritten… It was an organic growth of decades and centuries of military career.

2. Bushido main sources of influence are,
       a. Buddhism (which discusses about danger and death, thus making the samurais unafraid of dying)
       b. Zen (  A school of Buddhism which emphasis on practice and experimental wisdom, to understand oneself, which allow samurais to drive out fear and unsteadiness)
       c. Shintoism (Which emphasis on Loyalty  and patriotism)
       d. Confucianism (which discuss moral behavior, human to human relationship)

3. Bushido evolves slowly from history, as feudalism evolves, Classes of soldiers emerges, and then it became a profession. Bushido started out as the rules and regulation of how the members in the profession behaves.
EG. Doctors limit competitions among themselves by professional courteously. Fellow magicians will not reveal how the other magicians perform their tricks.  This slowly became a way for Samurais to settle their disputes in a fair and honourable level.

That’s all for the time being, I am still digesting the book