Just in case if any of my readers is curious

1. Why is the hesitant prize fighter writing business related post? Where are the christian post or lyrics?

ANS: My interest for writing christian articles, hymns and songs have not dwindled.. just that lately I am having a lot of reflections. Especially about my past work life. I was trying to link up what is happening and see if I can draw any conclusion from it.

I am having a lot of hymns, and christian articles unfinished, but due to my work, I have been running out of luxury of time to write. Even now I am writing this while waiting for an old friend to meet me.

Well, I think write now all of us cannot deny that we are in the midst of economic crisis, some fothe people feels that this crisis is almost as bad as the great depression in the 1930s. Hence this is creating so much panic in the business world, and left many companies to cut staff in order to cut cost.

Many businesses are busy predicting their revenue, and almost everyone is splashing bad news over the Internet. everywhere is as gloomy as ever. Even among my friends we are talking about retrenchment and many things.

This leads me to ponder over a particular question. Is really making profit so difficult? if not, why is a lot of organisations facing so much problems? I came from a technical background, and I feel that the fact of the matter is, that the business arena is just as mystical to me just like how IT looks like to the rest of the world.

So, I decided to undertake a very crazy task, seems a lot of my peers and I were all people who knows IT, now instead of always wearing comments like “I am not a technical person, I only understand the business aspect of it.” I decided to try venture into the world of money making and business. Hopefully that can demystify the “Business development and sales” part of a organisation.

I got myself involved as a project manager in a non IT Related business which really depends on technology to maintain profitability. And after having countless of meetings with the business aspect and hearing how they explain the terms such as “Business impact”, “Profitability”, “Productivity”, “Revenue Projection”, “Mission and Vision”, “Take ownership of problem” and most of all “Profit”. I came to understand the following facts about businesses

1. Generally, business is made up of Processes, People, Consumables, operations costs and turnover.
2. For a business to remain profitable, take the turnover amount, minus the people, consumables, operation cost. It must have a positive value.
3. Operations, are profit generating processes, and its mainly run by people (Don’t laugh, I can tell you a lot of business managers do not understand this)

Generally, as long as a business can have a positive number, using the formula

Turnover-manpower cost-operation cost-consumables=answer

For a long period of time, will be able to survive as a business, even in the midst of any crisis, can be term as sustainable business.

A huge company with many sustainable business, will be able to make profit without any retrenchment.

Generally, it is easier to have many small sustainable business then having a huge company.

Therefore in order to get buy this crisis. All business have to break themselves up into small sustainable businesses.

If a company is willing to change all the department into small and sustainable business. this could very well just make it through the crisis safely… Look out for some failing businesses.. find a way to make it profitable.. and take it over.