Recently there was a comment on the blog that got me curious about the name list of the Descendents of Israel. Hence I decided to list the names in a table and do a calculation of the people listed in Genesis chapter 46. The counting of the children born from each of Jacobs 4 wives could be verified easily. But I think the difficulty lies in the following verses

“All the persons of the house of Jacob
who went to Egypt were seventy.” – Moses (Gen 46:27)

12 Sons + 1 Daughter +  53 Grand Children + 4 Great Grandchildren = 70

Interestingly, I believe that when all the house of Jacob was used. Even the children who had passed away in Canaan are included in the number.

“All the persons who went with Jacob to Egypt,
who came from his body, besides Jacob’s sons’
wives, were sixty-six persons in all” – Moses  (Gen 46:26).

I believed the numbers are derived as follows
70 – Er (Died in Canaan ) – Onan(Died in Canaan)- Ephraim (Living In Egypt)-Manasseh (Living In Egypt)

Just to share the chart since it was already completed

A Summary of all the names and the numbers in Gen 46

A Summary of all the names and the numbers in Gen 46

A PDF version can be downloaded here: Gen 46 Numbers