Today, I will continue sharing regarding the Biblical examples of Faith written in Heb 11. The next few verses talks about Issac, Jacob and Joseph (Heb 11:20-22)

As talked about in the previous post regarding Abraham sacrificing Issac, we already have some idea of Issacs faith. Issac would have a very clear idea of Gods plan and promise. However Rebekah was barren. Issacs first sign of faith is when prayed to God for his wife Rebekah (Gen 25:21). That was when Esau and Jacob was concieved.

That was when God revealed to Rebekah the future of the children. (Gen 25:23). Issac and Rebekah both have their own favourite child.

The incidents written by the Author of Hebrews is found in (Gen 27) Where Rebekah convinced Jacob to take away the blessings of Esau. Although in Issacs heart, we all knew that Issac loved Esau more then Jacob (Gen 25:27-28).  But I am very sure that Rebekah must have told Issac regardings God’s talking to her in (Gen 25:23).

Issac wanted to bless Esau, and instructed him to hunt for game. At that time, Jacob came in disguised as Esau. As Issac is hard of seeing, he can only identify his sons through their voice, smell and feel (Gen 27:17-29). Issac had his doubts whether the child is indeed Esau because of his voice, but he just tested to his best ability (By feel and smell) and proceed to bless the child (Believing that God will allow the right child to be blessed regardless)

When I was a kid, I always wonder whether did Issac did this knowingly or unknowingly. Why is it that Issac did not know that hairy skin, clothing can all be added while the voice can never be changed. But after reading what the author of Hebrews said, perheps he does it knowingly, understanding Gods will that the older will serve the younger. Although he wanted to bless Esau, but he still proceed holding the belief that Gods will come to pass by itself. Therefore the conclusion that Issac blessed his sons by faith.

To most of my friends who reads the life of Jacob, we would all realised Jacob spent many parts of his life grabbing for worldly processions, and God is never a focus of his life until he met Brother Esau. that was when God wrestled with him and name him Israel and he erected his first altar called El Elohe Israel (Gen 33:20). All along, Jacob only address God as Lord (and not his God) (CF: Gen 28:16-17, Gen 31:42) He said he would only view God as his God if he return to Bethel safely (Gen 28:20-22). So onwards in his life, he was cheated by Laban, but God protected him. 

We see a dramatic change in Jacob’s life, on how he viewed his lifetime (Gen 47:7-9) , and how he acknowledges God protected him all his life (Gen 48:15-16)

Like most of us, he was busy chasing and grabbing after many prizes that we all hold dear to, but the Author of Hebrew only commended on one thing that he has grabbed correctly, which is God. He grab hold of the last opportunity to worship God as well as to bless his descendants. (Gen 47:31). Jacobs faith is best backed by the fact that he know Gods love for him, and his backed his faith by worshipping God till the last possible moment in his life.

In Hebrews, the author talks about the instructions given concerning his bones. The faith of Joseph can be seen in his belief in what God told Abraham many years ago that his descendants will be slaves in Egypt for 400 years (Gen 15:13-15). And Joseph is aware of his part, that God has planned for him (To bring the family to Egypt and to save the lives of the chosen people (Gen 50:19-21).

As a prime minister of Egypt, I am very sure that Joseph can have his share of a grand funeral just like the one he gave Jacob (Gen 50:7-11). But strangely, he did not, and he gave a strange instruction, to ask the brethren to carry his bones out of Egypt only when God is ready to take them out of Egypt (Gen 50:24).

Joseph is indeed a man a wisdom, I remember once I heard in the sermon that this instruction is good, because Joesph must have understood
1. 400 years ia a long time, and you would never know what the people of God would become
2. After 4 generations have passed, perhaps the hope that God will take them out of Egypt will be
3. Perhaps the people may have grown too comfortable and refuse to leave Egypt.

To ensure Gods will be done, Joseph has backed this faith with a instruction, to only carry his bones, after God has taken the people out of Eygpt. So whenever the Israelites sees his coffin, they will remember their oath and remember God. It serves as a good reminder to the people of the plan of God

We can see that the effect of this act of faith is active even in Moses time, as when the Exodus began, the first thing Moses did was to recover the bones of Joseph and bring it with them (Ex 13:19)

With these in mind, I would be talking about a few more characters to conclude the studies on the Heroes of Faith. The remaining characters are Moses parents and Moses