Recently i receive a message from a friend whom i have not been able to see for a long time. He is currently stationed in Su Zhou to finish off some remaining projects from my company. He saw my msn status that i set (“Haaaaaiz, I have broken my vow again.”) and gave me a courteously call.

To my horror, I discovered that my friend did not have any more medication with him. My memory of this friend is that he had not been feeling well, there are occasions where he can just faint suddenly.  Not having any medication is a bad idea.

 I remember this friend has his own prize that he is after, although i cannot fully agree with him. But i guess every man has the right to choose his prize.

This incident makes me wonder, what is important? Is it the prize which we are fighting for? or is it our well-being that is more important? Well think about this, over time, our prize may change, we may have new objectives and new directions in life, but if we were to lose our health and well being, we would lose everything, not even the chance to claim the prize. Therefore, I urge my friend to take this advice seriously and hope to see him back.