September 2007

I was wondering what to do for the coming few weeks, mainly, I would like to write a bit of character studies. I am planning either the following

1. Take a more detailed study to the story of Les Miserables. I just realised the character portrayed in the Musical is actually very developed in Victor Hugo’s actual novel. So I am actively looking into a more accurate translation of the novel. I tried looking at the on-line translation., and I realise its a bit hard for normal reading due to grammatical differences between French and English language. Does anyone has a spare translation to spare?

2. Take a study of a few biblical characters and see what can we learn from them with regards to our daily lives.

 Meanwhile stay tuned.


Recently i receive a message from a friend whom i have not been able to see for a long time. He is currently stationed in Su Zhou to finish off some remaining projects from my company. He saw my msn status that i set (“Haaaaaiz, I have broken my vow again.”) and gave me a courteously call.

To my horror, I discovered that my friend did not have any more medication with him. My memory of this friend is that he had not been feeling well, there are occasions where he can just faint suddenly.  Not having any medication is a bad idea.

 I remember this friend has his own prize that he is after, although i cannot fully agree with him. But i guess every man has the right to choose his prize.

This incident makes me wonder, what is important? Is it the prize which we are fighting for? or is it our well-being that is more important? Well think about this, over time, our prize may change, we may have new objectives and new directions in life, but if we were to lose our health and well being, we would lose everything, not even the chance to claim the prize. Therefore, I urge my friend to take this advice seriously and hope to see him back.

Yesterday after sabbath service, I was asked to interpret for the steadfast fellowship in church. It was a testimony session from 2 of our china brethren. Bro Tao shared about his life before conversion to Christianity, the world he grew up in and his post in the communist party. Then he talked about how did he came to know God, and his post conversion life. Bro Zheng shared about the resolution he made prior to arrival to Singapore. as well as how he grew weak and Gods chastisement to him. He also shared how he re-establish his faith and the church’s care and concern to him.

Interpreting gave me a chance to serve God once again. I started to recall the time i used to serve God more often. It seems to me that as I am busy being the hesitant prize fighter, I seems to have lost many chances to serve him. Sometimes i pray to God for forgiveness, and to move me to a place so that I can continue to serve him.

I was thinking to myself, what have we been busy chasing after? Have we forgotten what is the most important prize in our life? Are you very clear about what you really want in life? Or are we too busy fighting for the unnecessary things that only has a small impact that takes out too much of our time?

Lk12:19-21 reads
19 And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry.”’ 20 But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul will be required of you; then whose will those things be which you have provided?’
21 “So is he who lays up treasure for himself, and is not rich toward God.”

Lately I got a friend that told me the lyrics of this songs is pretty meaningful, however, Due to my poor ability to translate the hard to understand chinese lyrics and to produce a  nice poetic english translation. Any nice friends would like to interpret this lyrics?

歌曲:菊花台 歌手:周杰伦 专辑:依然范特西  (I have included the hanyu pinyin for any with problems reading the chinese words)

ni de lei guang rou ruo zhong dai shang

can bai de yue wan wan gou zhu guo wang

ye tai man chang ning jie cheng le shuang

shi shui zai ge lou shang bing leng de jue wang 

yu qing qing tan zhu hong se de chuang

wo yi sheng zai zhi shang bei feng chui luan

meng zai yuan fang hua cheng yi lv* xiang
sui feng piao shan ni de mo yang
* represent the 6th vowel in pinyin

菊花残满地伤 你的笑容已泛黄

ju hua chan man di shang ni de xiao rong yi fan huang
hua luo ren duan chang wo xin shi jin jin tang

bei feng luan ye wei yang ni de ying zi jian bu duan
tu liu wo gu dan zai hu mian cheng shuang

hua yi xiang wan piao luo le can lan

diao xie de shi dao shang ming yun bu kan

chou muo du jiang qiu xin chai liang ban

pa ni shang bu liao an yi bei zi yao huang

shui de jiang shan ma ti sheng guang luan

wo yi shen de rong zhuang hu xiao cang sang

tian wei wei liang ni qing sheng de tan

yi ye chou chang ru ci wei wan

 Repeat chorus twice

Hmmm I got this term of the song “Sometimes when we touch”.  I think that song has a very interesting lyrics.

Most people associate the young guys as people who are eager to win. But over here is a hesitant prize fighter who is merely looking for a quiet life. Yet living in a place where quiet life is a luxury that is far away from people.

Have you ever wondered what is the prize you are after? What is this that is very important in your life? Maybe when this hesitant prize fighter found the right prize to have, he will charge forward to fight all the way.

 Nonetheless, just giving a shot at blogging when i have time, hence, my entries should be infrequent 🙂

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