I decided not to upload pictures… But just a list of the places i have been to.

So far I have been to

Brunei ( 2007 )
Bali, Indonesia ( Aug 2008 )
Chibodas, Indonesia ( Sept 2008 )
Jakarta, Indonesia ( Sept 2008 )
Bandung, Indonesia ( Oct 2008 )
Banjarmarsin, Indonesia ( Oct 2008 )
Jakarta, Indonesia ( Oct 2008 )
Batam , Indonesia(Dec 2008 )
Nanning, China (Oct 2009)
Miri, East Malaysia (Oct 2010)
Limbang, East Malaysia (July 2011)
Batu Niah Caves, East Malaysia (Sept 2012)
Dalat , Vietnam (Mar 2013)
Saigon, Veitnam (Mar 2013)

2 Responses to “Places I have been to”

  1. David Wasmundt Says:

    Your website came up on a Google search when I was looking for the author to the lyrics of “The Heart of Worship”. What a beautiful song which also expresses my heart – and my desire to worship my God. I have not taken the time to research your site thoroughly yet but what I am sensing at this point is that you also are a searching heart – to know and to serve God with all your heart. Outside of this I know nothing about you.

    About a year and a half ago I made a ‘pact’ with God that if He would draw me closer to Him – then I would write my own Psalms as directed by the Holy Spirit. And to this date I have written 148 of them. If you would like I will share one with you – if you don’t like it then you can feel free to discard it. If it is a blessing to your life then you may share it with others. I will leave you with Psalm 142 (which is a fairly recent one).

    Psalm by David Wasmundt

    Psalm 142

    1. The truth of the Almighty marches on – through darkness and light – it is not shackled by desperation nor impeded by walls of brick – neither is it hampered by gates of iron.
    2. It marches on in the hearts of man and travels from here to yon – it is shared through the light of actions and deeds – at times not even needing spoken words.
    3. Teach me to listen – so that I can hear Your voice – slow the rushing of my words and the multitude of my petitions.
    4. Today in the quietness I give You such as I have – my heart – my life – my soul.
    5. I will let my spirit speak to You of the visions of my heart – the unformulated depths of my soul – the jumbled chaos of my mind – the reserved thoughts of my intellect.
    6. Then I will speak unto You with truth and honesty – all that lies hidden from my view – those hidden thoughts and secrets of my heart – let them heap blessings upon You my God.
    7. Lead me this day my Heavenly Father – show me Your precious truth – Your deeds have crusaded across the universe with precision.
    8. The way of greatness has been Your path for all of eternity – You have known no other – You do not walk as a man so that Your steps might stumble.
    9. All who have peered through the eye of a telescope have seen Your wonder displayed on the other side of the galaxies – they have caught a glimpse of Your paths into other worlds.
    10. When I look out at the galaxies that abound – even the universe is not a big enough canvas on which to display Your true greatness.
    11. The extent of the works of Your hands has left us in starry eyed wonder – how can we ever contemplate even a fraction of Your enormousness?
    12. The telltale signs of Your greatness have been enlarged each time we view the vastness of Your creations – my soul can scarcely take it all in.
    13. My mind was not prepared for the revelation of Your majesty – so You allowed my soul to dwell upon its awesomeness – surely I was humbled and brought low by it all.
    14. Even my mind’s eye was not made privy to all of Your glories – these earthly eyes have not even skimmed the surface of all Your creations – Your glories scattered abroad.
    15. You have filled our world to capacity with evidences of Your immenseness – Your far reaching grandeurs have dazzled our eyes giving only a taste of what is to come.
    16. What camera is able to capture that true heavenly ‘Kodak’ moment – do they not all fall short at portraying Gods greatness?
    17. I will lift my soul in joyous delight knowing that no earthly rapture can convey Your glories – nor adequately reveal Your true worth.
    18. How I praise You my God and magnify Your name – You have blessed my soul beyond description – my spirit dances before You with lightness of step.
    19. My faith has reached high towards the stars in the heavens of my soul – some glimmer dimly while others shine out so brightly.
    20. You oh Lord – have placed them there to be markers unto my journey – they are the shining authority of Your will and purpose – a guiding light that shows forth Your truth.
    21. Truth has been a testament of Your Word and will govern and rule in the lives of all who yield themselves unto it.

    David Wasmundt

    1. tben Says:

      Hi David.. Thanks for sharing your Psalm and thank you for commenting on my blog.. I am happy to publish your psalm here..

      Hope to hear more from you soon

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